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  1. drj434343

    Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 wagon black headliner?

    I looked for pics in your build threads but most everything seems to have been lost in the photo bucket ether. Thermal lining is a good idea white or black!
  2. drj434343

    Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 wagon black headliner?

    VP Autoparts sells a black vinyl headliner for 240 wagons: https://vp-autoparts.com/en/artiklar/headliner-245-75-93-vinyl-black.html Google search doesn't turn up any installed images. I'm tempted to put this in my wagon with a black cloth interior. I don't think I've ever seen a non-white...
  3. drj434343

    240 Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 steering rack?

    I finally have my rack installed, car alignment done, and have begun putting miles on the unit. Installation was fairly straight forward, though I did have to notch my cross member slightly to allow the passenger side hard line to clear. I've seen the similar vintage CAM racks installed...
  4. drj434343

    240 Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 steering rack?

    I ordered a rack from CVI and it arrived today. Packing was sub-par (a tie rod end was through the box when I got it), but I think everything survived. This rack definitely looks and feels completely new. There are some differences I'm seeing from the stock 240 racks, especially in the cast...
  5. drj434343

    240 Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 steering rack?

    Anyone try the VP Autoparts NEW 240 CAM steering rack? Like many here, I've been searching for a steering rack option now that rebuilt units have dried up. One mention in 2021 on this forum said VP Autoparts was coming with a R&P offering in 2022, and it does appear their website has this...
  6. drj434343

    OK to pinch off heater core hoses in a 240?

    I've got a leaking heater valve in my 1993 240, and am waiting for parts to come in. The valve leaks externally a bit, but also internally, so heat is partially on all the time. I would like to just pinch off the heater core hoses in the engine bay just before they connect to the firewall. Is...
  7. drj434343

    240 Flickering interior lights/gauges/engine after driving; 93' 240

    I'm troubleshooting an electrical issue on my 1993 240 wagon. With the engine running, I see fast voltage drops in the cabin on my VDO volt gage, my interior lights (dimming), and a separate voltmeter hooked up to confirm the issue. The drops are fast and recover fast, like a flicker. The...
  8. drj434343

    240 M47 rebuild options?

    I'm looking for any updated information or recent experiences with rebuilding M47's. In calling around to local Volvo mechanics and transmission rebuilders in Portland, OR I'm getting a lot of hemming and hawing about the lack of parts, which I knew going in. So far, I haven't found someone...
  9. drj434343

    240 Keyless entry installation questions, 1993 240

    I went to install a keyless entry system on my wife's 1993 240 wagon and learned some interesting things. First, it appears a past owner at least partially had the same idea, as there was already an actuator installed complete with wires going back into the dash somewhere, but no linkage was...
  10. drj434343

    240 1993 240 rear bumper compatible years?

    I'm looking for a replacement rear bumper for my 1993 240 wagon (non-classic). Does anyone know what years will fit? I only know of the commando change in 83-ish. Are there differences in the later years plastic clad versions?
  11. drj434343

    Coolant sensor options on an early B21 Megasquirt conversion?

    I'm looking for a MS friendly coolant sensor option to fit the M14 thread hole size in the head of my 1980 B21. This position is where the K-jet thermal timer used to be. There's lots of discussion on what sensors to use in B230 conversions where the coolant sensor is M12 threads. I haven't...
  12. drj434343

    IPD replacement front 240 springs to large in diameter?

    After overhauling the suspension on my 1993 240 wagon, including replacing the sagging front springs with stock ride height IPD replacement springs https://www.ipdusa.com/products/4923/106759-stock-height-coil-spring-front I began to experience spring pop sounds from the front right strut when...
  13. drj434343

    Looking to raise the ride height of a 245 by 1"

    My 1993 245 has original springs (sagging) and old Konis in the front, and old IPD overload springs and totally blown Bilstein HD's in the rear. This car travels on forest roads often, and I would love another 1" of ride height. I don't necessarily want stiffer suspension. I plan to purchase...
  14. drj434343

    240 Alternative 86-93 240 bumper trim options?

    My 93 240 wagon has the chrome/rubber bumper trim, some missing, some dented and falling apart. Everything else on the exterior is blacked out. Piecing together replacement pieces is either expensive if I buy, or proving laborious as I comb the yards but can't find anything decent. Has anyone...
  15. drj434343

    Is a 3:31 diff too much for an AW71 B230 240?

    Is a 3:31 diff too much for an AW70 B230 240? RSI is helping finish a rebuild project on my 1993 245. Stock rebuild B230 NA with a bit more squish, nothing fancy. AW70 transmission. I opted to leave in the 3:31 G80 rear end. I've had someone warn me that 3:31 is way too low for the AW70 in...
  16. drj434343

    MS3 w/ DSM CAS and LS2 Coils - Weird Timing Issue

    Everyone, So I am working on getting my motor running with on MS3 and I am seeing some weird timing issues. My setup is below, but the main highlights is that it is a MS3 system w/ a DSM CAS for RPM/CAM sensing and 4 LS2 coils for spark. I have been able to get the CAS installed and I am...
  17. drj434343

    240 Need some K-Jet help, high HC on smog test

    I recently failed smog testing in Oregon. These are state run test centers that only test CO2 and HC at idle. The car: 1980 Volvo 242. Rebuilt B21F with 20K miles, shaved head and deck with estimated ~10.5 CR. Stock K-jet; new harness, vacuum lines. O2 sensor and 1 level colder plugs with...
  18. drj434343

    One tooth shorter timing belt, how tight is too tight?

    I've got a shaved head and block, as well as a thin HG on my B21F, and my OEM timing belt was so long I was right at the end of travel on my tensioner. The belt was pretty loose, but I never jumped teeth and ran it for 7000 miles. Someone here advised ordering a belt 1 tooth shorter, which I...
  19. drj434343

    My shot at computing "interference" point for a more aggressive cam

    I have a rebuilt B21F, 0.024" off the head, 0.027" Cometic, piston TDC zeroed with the deck. My best guess is ~10.5:1 CR. I'm currently running a B cam with stock K-jet. To try and better utilize my higher CR, I've obtained a 017 dizzy from a B23E and a K cam. I wanted to see if the K cam...
  20. drj434343

    Dynamic/static compression adjustment on 11:1 CR B21F, cam choices?

    I have a newly rebuilt B21F that has nearly 11:1 CR due to head shaving + cometic/quench/etc. I'm determined to keep K-Jet now that I have a better understanding of the system. A member here and I have been discussing what can be done to tame such a high CR engine on stock K-Jet. I'm running...