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  1. Venlonaer

    Kristian's '98 940 moneypit

    Hello people, some may be more acquainted with me (as Kristian Vobla) from the TB facebook group since I'm very active there but I don't post a lot here, mostly just lurk for info. I own a 242, a p220 amazon wagon and a 940 and like to document my progress/upgrades and so on so here goes. 11...
  2. Venlonaer

    Kristians '98 Volvo 940 daily/moneypit

    Kristian's '98 Volvo 940 daily/moneypit something went wrong oops mods plz delet this
  3. Venlonaer

    940 to 740 front end swap

    I want to swap the front end of my 1997 940 estate (to be) to an old style 740 front end. I'm already hoarding the hood, fenders, bumper, airdam, lights... Will the fenders bolt on like that, or are there any modifications required? Expecting the radiator support also to be transferred for...
  4. Venlonaer

    Most beautifullestest Volvo 245 1975 ever

    Hello, I already own a 740 GLE (ex-daily) and a 242 DL (project car) but I wanted a 245. Bought this pos 1975 245 because it's 40 years old and has autogas. 40 years old means tax free riding in the Netherlands and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is cheap as hell. So cheapest daily...
  5. Venlonaer

    240 (not) interchangeable parts 242 and 244

    Hello I was wondering, which parts are (not) interchangeable between a 242 and a 244. A lot is, but what is not? I know for certain pretty everything considering the doors(except for power windows and speakers obviously), the front seats and the side panels near the rear seat. What else...
  6. Venlonaer

    Volvo 242 turbo project

    Hi. Let me introduce myself. I'm Kristi?n, 19 years old, Dutch, I study mechanical engineering and I'm a fan of ''bricks'' since summer 2013. My first car (ever) was a 1989 Volvo 360 GLT with 190k km on the gauge. Had lots of fun with it and never gave up on me the six months and 10000km I...
  7. Venlonaer

    Volvo 242 turbo project

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