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  1. 740Weapon

    Don't Forget to Replace Your Flame Trap Regularly

    I don't remember when I changed this last, but its been a while. God damn: The hint that something was wrong was when every seal started leaking oil simultaneously. I thought maybe I didn't have to pay attention to this thing because I use only Mobil 1 at 5k intervals. Hopefully the seals...
  2. 740Weapon

    240 Celebrating the Big Two-O with a Beauty Treatment

    aka, yes I still own a Volvo. In celebration of reaching 20 years and 215,000 miles of service, I properly cleaned my wife's 240 and took some pics.
  3. 740Weapon

    940 Intermittent Rough Running on Start-up.

    Hello everyone, I am having a long-time issue with my 940 that I am having trouble sorting out. A board member is very interested in the car so I would like to get the communities advice on fixing a long-standing annoyance. Sometimes (very intermittent) on start-up I have a dead cylinder (#3 I...
  4. 740Weapon

    240 Removable Seat Covers

    Hello everyone, My girlfriend has an incurable habit of eating chocolate in her 1992 240. I am sick of sitting on rags and using carpet cleaners. Anyone find any universal seat covers that are machine washable and fit reasonably? Thanks, -Dana
  5. 740Weapon

    most turbo power on an n/a fuel pump?

    Hey guys, As it turns out, the Bosch turbo fuel pump for B230FT is becoming hard to come by. FCP (and others I'm sure) have started shipping the n/a fuel pump for turbo and n/a applications because its the only pump they can get their hands on. Plus both official and unofficial channels...
  6. 740Weapon

    Thelostartof 3" Exhaust Review(s)

    Background: Went from stock DP, stock cat, TME exhaust and 19t turbo with conical turbine housing to turbo-to-tail 3" TLAO system including a straight-flanged turbo outlet with two dynomax ultraflows and a cat. I was able to quite scientifically swap the turbine housing without taking any other...
  7. 740Weapon

    940 exhaust hanger brand that doesn't fail?

    hey everyone. whats the exhaust hanger brand thats actually oem for a 940 turbo. i.e. what brand doesn't fail after a year or so. I would hate to dealership such a simple part. -Dana
  8. 740Weapon

    240 ABS fuse pic request

    Hello gang, after taking out the glovebox underside liner and both seats out of my 1992 240 I have yet to locate anything resembling the abs relay with fuse. can someone please post a pic of where this F***ing thing is. thanks, -Dana
  9. 740Weapon

    Vintage D-Jet Surging

    Hello Brickers. An aquaintance of mine has a p1800 with early d-jet and under light load it surges pretty bad at a rate of a little over 1/sec. Has new vacuum hoses. New TPS. I haven't really checked anything because I'm no d-jet guru and its not my car. but i was wondering if anyone has any...
  10. 740Weapon

    ~6700 RPM 8-valve motor resonance?

    Hello everyone. I am now running thelostartof 6800 RPM chips (which BTW kick ass) in my B230FT. But at around 6700 RPM i hear this incredibly loud buzzing and my knocksense light goes on and stays on. The wideband AFR is fine. I haven't tried these RPM at light throttle yet to see what happens...
  11. 740Weapon

    Temperature Dependent Base Boost Level. Help!

    Help! I'm Stumped. 19t or 15g turbo, 15g wastegate actuator (Very solidly attached) B230FT, Greddy profec-B. I have had a nagging problem for YEARS where on the street i can obtain up to 20 psi of boost controllably but at the strip i cant muster more than about 15 psi even with the EBC set to...
  12. 740Weapon

    940 940 audio compromises: Audio Gurus Please Help.

    replacing the head unit in my 940 with an aftermarket unit with 4 20 Watt RMS outputs designed for 4 Ohms of impedence ("8 Ohms allowable"). my 940 has eight factory 4 Ohm speakers. 2 Dash 2 Front Door 2 Rear door 2 Deck lid I would like to power all 8 of them so what option makes most sense...
  13. 740Weapon

    Mechanical Cooling Fan Clutch Free-Wheel Failure Mode

    Anyone else ever had a 240 or 740 mechanical cooling fan fail in the off position? I always thought these things failed in lock-up mode. but alas, my 240 was just really quite obviously hotter than it should be and the fan spun freely.
  14. 740Weapon


    Thats right. Swapped in a 19t compressor today into my conical 15g exhaust housing. Compared to the full 15g run the same day, the additional power is astonishing... i mean astonishing. IMO this is THE turbo anyone with a stockish long block should be running. Quick spool+devastating top...
  15. 740Weapon

    Outdoor Car Storage Brake Rotor Protection

    Hello all, I put away my 940 every winter outside under a Wolf car cover. Take out battery, new fluids, etc. and every spring my brake rotors need to be turned because of the corrosion everywhere except under the pad. So I'm interested in some experiances/opinions on how i should prevent...
  16. 740Weapon

    Intermittant cold running issue: 4000 RPM wall

    Hi, My B234F has a very confusing itermittant cold weather issue. Last year, in the extreme cold of maine in a snow storm my car had a strange issue where it could barely get past idle without coughing and fluttering like it was running out of fuel or something. During this entire issue the...
  17. 740Weapon

    740 heat sub-par

    Hi, my 740's heat is not as hot as it should be. i have not dug into this at all really... i will probably start diagnosing tomorow. has anyone else had this problem and what were your solutions?
  18. 740Weapon

    19t Turbo and 90+ manifold - quick Q

    I need a quick sanity check. the angled-outlet exhaust housing from a 19t will fit the 90+ right? and if not, what is the issue? thanks guys, -Dana
  19. 740Weapon

    in-line transmission filter help.

    hello all. I am trying to install one of these in-line somewhere in my 940 turbo's transmission cooler lines. so three questions: 1. anyone else using this sort of filter and where did you put it? 2. what are the directions of flow for the transmission cooler lines? 3. should i not do...
  20. 740Weapon

    240 blinkers dont work (buzzing sound instead)

    hello all, my 240 blinkers dont work but the hazards do. whenever i try to use the blinker i just hear a buzzing sound and the lights dont go on. i assume this is the turn signal relay crapping out. am i right in this assumption or is there something else going on? thanks, -Dana