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  1. tryingbe

    Intercooler at 50% off

    https://www.treadstoneperformance.com/view.phtml?f_cat=Intercoolers%3A+Complete+Intercoolers Cheap intercooler prices! I have a TR82 on my car, very good intercoolers.
  2. tryingbe

    850: DIY front coilover with custom camber plates

    Koni for 850 After my K-sport coilover are dead after 60k, I thought I build my own coilover with Koni struts. No, it wasn't cheap, parts added up to be over $900, plus my labor of putting it together. But I have no more rubber spring seats. :D $60 Afco Adj. nut lower seat - AFCO20133...
  3. tryingbe

    Roadkill event in Tucson

    Who's going? I know I am. https://www.raceit.com/Register/?event=39094
  4. tryingbe

    p80 302mm brake bracket avaliable again!

    https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-caliper-bracket-302mm-rotors-8602456 Get it while you can, I have a feeling they will again disappear soon.
  5. tryingbe

    I bought a worn out 98 S70, aka, how these cars can be so expensive

    I came across a 98 S70 for sale, 254k miles, turbo with manual transmission. I went to check it out and it has non-torn front seats!!! The car was sold with an engine with dead cylinders and I have a working engine at home, so that is not big deal to me. I was told the car have its clutch...
  6. tryingbe

    P80 SMF/DMF flywheel clutch pressure plate weight

    Since I am doing a dual mass flywheel (DMF) to single mass flywheel (SMF) conversion, I thought I'd share what I found about the weights of the clutch parts. Weights are going to be a little off due to wear and machining. 98 DMF setup (well used, disc worn to the rivets) 95 SMF setup...
  7. tryingbe

    p80 302 mm brake bracket

    Get them while you still can! https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-caliper-bracket-302mm-rotors-8602456
  8. tryingbe

    M56H, what preload to set the differential bearings!?

    Putting a quaife LSD into a M56H, what is the spec for the pre-load to set the differential bearings? Are there shims available? Thanks.
  9. tryingbe

    Stay away from MotoRad oil cap and coolant surge tank cap

    I bought couple of MotorRad parts, and found out they are junk. The MotoRad oil cap leaked in the first week, took the seal out, put it in a well used Volvo oil cap, leak stopped. The coolant surge cap was used for about 1 month in Arizona 110F summer, and it started to deform and leaking...
  10. tryingbe

    Whiteblock head/block question

    I have a 2001 T5 2.3 shortblock. I have a 94 turbo and 97 T5 2.3 cylinder head. Will the either head work with the block? Any information I need to know? Thanks.
  11. tryingbe

    How I tested my fuel flow and get exact liter per hour.

    With the plan of eventally running E85, I need a way to know what my fuel system can support. So, I came up with the below plan. I disconnected the return hose (hose that connects the regulator and the metal line), put an extension hose to reach to a container (used 1 gal oil bottle works...
  12. tryingbe

    MPG in 24 hours of Lemons

    Anyone done 24 hours of Lemons and figured out their average MPG?
  13. tryingbe

    Drag Race Oct 13 at SpeedWorld

    Drag Race Oct 13 at SpeedWorld Will be taking this.
  14. tryingbe

    AZ SOLO SCCA Autocross Feb 4th

    http://www.azsolo.com/events-info/2012-phoenix-schedule Anybody interested?
  15. tryingbe

    240 Leaky fuel hose

    89 245DL I tried to look for replacement feedline on napa, and rockauto, nothing. I assume this is a volvo only part, anybody have the part number handy?
  16. tryingbe

    K1 Go Kcart, Sep 19 AZ meet

    Go Kcart on Sep 21th, 5pm, Wednesday. I have buy one get one coupons. :)
  17. tryingbe

    9/10 AZ drag race at speedworld (military charity)

    There is a drag race at Speedworld, Surprise on 9/10 (This Sat). There will be a charity event for military family as well. $25 to race, $15 to watch. A few Turbo Dodge is suppose to race. Race starts at 6pm.
  18. tryingbe

    AZ K1 Go Kart Meet, Sat Aug 13 5pm

    I'm going to the K1 Go Kart, with my brother and sister. You can show up, or not. Here are the coupons, I think they're good. http://coupons.phoenixnewtimes.com/publishers/73/offers?offer_id=17145 http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/K1.Speed.Phoenix.6022755278/picture/view/2964385
  19. tryingbe

    850 US spec car turned Canadian? (MPG to L/km)

    1994 850 turbo. The battery cable was lose. Tighten it, and then I notice my MPG gauge didn't' read correctly, it is now reading L/km instead. Read thru the owner manual, I couldn't find how to switch it back to MPG. Found the instruction for 12hr to 24hr and C to F, but not MPG to L/km. Any...
  20. tryingbe

    240 Which clip do I need?

    I need to fix this. Which clip do I need to order? http://www.ipdusa.com/products/4716/1372059-exterior-side-trim-clips http://www.ipdusa.com/products/4704/1304520-rocker-moulding-retaining-clip Thanks.