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  1. Captain Bondo

    960 oil pan on T6/RN block; What to do for oil filter spigot?

    I remember this nasty surprise. I think the earliest blocks were threaded but Volvo stopped bothering at some point. I indeed tapped mine. The biggest challenge is getting it square. When I did mine, I was a dumb kid and expediency often trumped... doing things properly. The right way to do...
  2. Captain Bondo

    What I do with mine besides Daily Drive it!

    Must be having a laugh at our expense. I simultaneously **** myself with both laughter and fear when I got to this part:
  3. Captain Bondo

    Key Programming for 2000 V70

    Well I lost my only key for the V70R.:doh: At this point it looks like I have to get it towed to the dealer to get a key programmed. Ick. My question is about the programming process- if I took the immobilizer ECU to the dealer, could they program it? In other words, do they plug their unit...
  4. Captain Bondo

    S/V/C "AW50-52 Shift Solenoid C Stuck On"

    Hey guys, Can anyone describe to me where this solenoid is located on the tranny? The V70R throws this code and the trans goes into limp mode. If I clear it, it will re-trip almost immediately (It drives until it need to use that solenoid, shofts strangely, then goes into limp). My...
  5. Captain Bondo

    A Farewell Photoshoot

    My Wife took some pics of my car to remember it by (She haz substantially better photo taking skillz than I :lol:), since it's now coming apart forever. Anyways I thought I'd share. I'll miss this car and we've been through a lot, but in the end it feels right to move on. Cheers guys. In...
  6. Captain Bondo

    Borg Warner 83-75 vs Holset HX40 Pro pics and dyno comparisons

    I thought this would be a neat thread. It's not often you get to see 2 turbos compared on the same setup on the same dyno with no other changes. Holset and Borg Warner are both often touted by various parties as being well ahead of Garrett in technology, especially in terms of power potential...
  7. Captain Bondo

    Vancouver BC Dyno Day?

    Anyone interested? This would be at SpeedPro's dynojet in Surrey. They do dyno days on saturdays, $40 for 2 solid pulls, so a few of us could just go. They do a Barbeque and stuff, super cool guys. If there's enough interest, we could do our own day. Or, if a few people want to tune, we...
  8. Captain Bondo

    How many internets do I win? (Dyno inside)

    So here is my test of the Borg Warner 83/75 (60mm) turbo. Car had some major cooling issues and I am still running out of fuel flow for some reason I need to investigate (I suspect pump voltage). Final result was 541whp/467ftlb on very conservative (heck the car was overheating constantly!)...
  9. Captain Bondo

    Radiator for 500+hp

    What is everyone doing for radiators? Lately it seems my radiator is not up to snuff. It could be ducted a little better so I will try that and some water wetter, also I am using a V70 fan but only using the low speed setting, so I will try the high instead (IPD HD Nissens 3 row rad). But...
  10. Captain Bondo

    245 owners - show me your rear kill switches!

    Need to mount a kill switch somewhere. Not many good options. Any thoughts/examples?
  11. Captain Bondo

    Is this aweful?

  12. Captain Bondo

    Yet another Walbro Alternative - 300LPH!

    Deatschwerks is selling a new turbine impeller based intank pump that is apparently rated at 300lph. Projected retail price is around $169, it's around the same size as a walbro, and it is apparently a lot quieter as well. I am tempted to get this to run in-tank to replace my 044, then run...
  13. Captain Bondo

    Damped/Automatic Timing belt tensioners vs. Solid

    Bit of an obscure topic but anyone know anything about this? The whiteblocks used an automatic, hydraulic tensioner up to 2000, and then a manual (but dampened) tensioner after that. Various damping weights etc were added to the exhaust cam gear at various points as well. Basically volvo...
  14. Captain Bondo

    What's the best shell for ~500hp worth of T6?

    Assuming I don't break it, I have the feeling I am going to have the T6 motor/driveline in my 245 pretty much functioning the way I want this year. With that in mind - 1) It has a wierd leaky heavy sunroof I don't really like 2) It has some rust in the floors that needs fixed 3) I never fully...
  15. Captain Bondo

    S/V/C Front end clunk - goes away after a couple miles?

    The V70R has developed a nasty front end clunk when going over bumps - sounds almost scary, like something is going to fall off. But after driving for a while, it goes away. Jacked it up (with the car cold/undriven) and saw nothing obvious, control arm/ball joint on that side is fairly new...
  16. Captain Bondo

    Has anyone cut a 16v head in half?

    If so - any pics? If not - if you have a junk one and a bandsaw, could you do it? If not - will someone donate one to me in the name of science? :)
  17. Captain Bondo

    Tooth logger shows up as 57-3?

    Polarity backwards? Basically I get for example, 57 "tooth times" of 1000us, then 1 tooth time of 3000us. So it adds up to 60, but it seems like I should get one more 1000us tooth. I can't recall if it's always been this way. If someone with a 60-2 could make a tooth log and double check for...
  18. Captain Bondo

    Spontaneous Loss of compression

    Well this is pretty much a cut and paste of an email I sent to Stealth. Figured I'd throw it up here to see if there are any thoughts. So the car is amazing after tuning with the new 0.70 hotside. 395whp at 16psi on a conservative tune. At 4500rpm is has 70ftlb more than the old hotside...
  19. Captain Bondo

    This bends my mind a bit - Supra w/ 750whp on a 0.58 divided T4

    Check this out: Thread is here: http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=591453 A divided 0.58 T4 is TINY. This was done on E85 on a Supra stroked to 3.4L with a twinscroll manifold on about 28psi. Yeah it's E85, but still. I have always heard that the 0.70 is restrictive at...
  20. Captain Bondo

    Apex-I AVC-R and boost-by-gear

    I know some folks are running these - has anyone set up the boost by gear stuff? I am looking at buying one but the manual is cryptic as hell so I'm looking for any thoughts anyone might have. I believe my car would be an excellent candidate for boost by gear.:nod: Thanks! :cheers: