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    M46 won't go into gear

    that's right at the stamp cut corner so possibly a bit too sharp of a cut angle there and it just weakened quickly. Did both sides crack or just one?
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    240 Turbo Air Filter replacement - access

    even with the rubber top thingy connected? It might be that my rubber is older and doesn't feel like it has the flex, but when I just popped the top off to check the quality of the filter I had a very hard time lifting the top enough to look, let alone even considering replacing.
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    240 Turbo Air Filter replacement - access

    Getting the replacement part (#1276825) is easy: https://www.ipdusa.com/products/16450/Engine-Air-Filter-240-Turbo-Genuine-Volvo-1276825-125728 But what's the best method to actually replace it? At least on my B21FT there's the whole venturi / distributor on top. In theory if you disconnect...
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    K-jet problem?

    shot mounts won't cause stalling, but can exacerbate shake (and shake of all the other components). excessively bad shake can easily come from misfire (combustion torque imbalanced). Have you checked that your timing marks all align with distributor positioning? If the components aren't...
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    Volvo 240 struggling to turn off

    get your wiring schematic and look at what's connected downstream of the ignition switch (and what changes based on state). Combustion needs fuel, air, spark. No spark = no bang, no fuel = no bang, no air = no bang. Check what feeds the system and what isn't stopping.
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    Custom Distance/Direction Gauge

    I do like that old school oscilloscope green scheme. I'll see if I can do that coloring (also makes it hurt your eyes less at night). Any clue if anyone ever made a drawing of the wheels and driveline for 240 series or whether just making/taking a generic one will do? A quick google search...
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    Custom Distance/Direction Gauge

    Ok, a lot of fundamentals progress has been made since last post. I now know what I am doing with the graphics, how to update a shape and plot without artifacts again. (Bodmer's TFT_eSPI library, viewports and multiple sprites). So.... rather than having an entirely blank background (or my...
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    How to watch timing without removing belt cover

    Aaaannd.... that's what my brain kept jumping over. Camshaft spins 1:2 with crankshaft, not 1:1 (since 4 stroke), and the crankshaft has that protruding marker to help with alignment judgement. That part is always visible (albeit buried down near my shins) When I replaced the timing belt I...
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    How to watch timing without removing belt cover

    B21FT. A timing light requires looking at the white stripe on the belt which is covered by the cover, hence its name. Without removing the cover, where do you point the stroboscopic light to glean useful information? Or is this the reason that my cover is warped at the top, someone pried it...
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    How to watch timing without removing belt cover

    When I replaced the timing belt I had to take off the radiator shroud, radiator fan, some belts and pulleys, all just to be able to take the timing cover off. I have a small misfire when cold so I would like to take a look at timing (as well as all the fuel side stuff, but that's irrelevant for...
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    1988 240 idle issues

    Specific engine? If you toggle the throttle microswitch does anything change? Does idle change when warm vs cold engine?
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    1981 244 Idle Issue

    could the distributor sometimes be bumping timing in a way that makes a bit more torque than needed so idle runs away, even with IAC fighting it? Pop out spark plug #1 and check where the timing mark is sitting when at TDC (base alignment correct) and then I guess run a timing light to see if...
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    CR-814 radio front speakers mystery

    I haven't taken one of these apart so I'm not 100% on how the connection pattern would work, BUT, are you saying that the RL, RR, FL, FR wires that come out and go to the speakers all come off the brown connector in the middle there? A quick test would be to swap RL/RR with FL/FR (your...
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    CR-814 radio front speakers mystery

    Found more of cleanflametrap's photos, not much more in the thread though: https://turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/stock-radio-problems.351731/ It seems like the circuits that drive the two sides of the fader circuit may be independent and one of them is failing. See if you can follow the...
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    CR-814 radio front speakers mystery

    Can you get at the front speakers, disconnect leads and plug in a separate audio source (or even swap to the rear speaker wires) to see if the speakers themselves are the issue or the supply to them? I know you can get in behind the door card, probably also a connector at the central stereo...
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    M46 5th gear (Overdrive)

    https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/m46-overdrive-relay-pinout-wiring-diagram.202693/ This thread has some helpful wiring diagrams and discussion.
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    M46 5th gear (Overdrive)

    If the solenoid is failed you should still be able to hear the click of the relay. Key on your vehicle but leave engine off. Press in clutch, move shifter to 4th gear position. Press the OD button. Relay should cycle. If it doesn't, you have a relay/wiring problem. If it does cycle, then...
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    88 240 no idle

    How does it run at the lightest of pedal applies? (1-5% breathe on pedal. Or start from WOT and slowly back off till it struggles. Roughly what percent of travel does it fail at?) Specific engine type?
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    Putting Windshield Wipers in high position blowing a fuse every time (1989 Volvo 240 Sedan)

    I assume you have the correct size fuse put in. Are the fuse contacts cleaned fully? Check resistance on wiring from fuse to motor. Check the grounding resistance too. Might also be worth taking cover off the motor and checking internals, seeing their condition. Does the wiper speed...
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    Custom Distance/Direction Gauge

    Well... after a long time not working on it, I picked it back up. Changed display driver and finally got it to run properly. Here's it displaying a basic arrow (need to work on how it looks) and distance to target (all -,---,--- now since hadn't initialized anything). Aim is to have a two...