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    940 T splash shield under radiator/intercooler

    That's it! Thanks for the link.
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    940 T splash shield under radiator/intercooler

    I've had no luck googling this- does anyone have a pic or source for the splash shield thing that goes from the engine belly pan to under the radiator/intercooler and connects to the tabs on the front bumper cover? I have the belly pan that goes under the engine, but my 94 940t hasn't had this...
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    I am the person that was interested in the CD player. If you've pulled it and ready to sell, let...

    I am the person that was interested in the CD player. If you've pulled it and ready to sell, let me know. I'm pretty sure it can be separated from the head unit. Thanks.
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    940T started running rich- fuel pressure regulator?

    After many months of running really great, I get in the 'ole 94 940T to run an errand and it has the shakey idle and when I get into boost, I see a puff of black smoke from the tailpipe. Has relatively new plugs and all related ignition components. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator? I...
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    940 940T heat soak causes running issues

    I solved this finally- go to the last post to see what was the culprit. My 94 940T w/ 15G, mbc set at 12 lbs, and thelostartof chips runs beautifully EXCEPT when it has been driven at least 1 5 minutes or so and then turned off and left to heat soak for 30 minutes to an hour or so. Then it runs...
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    940 infernal 'cracking' door stops on 7/9-how to fix?

    I would guess that anyone who has ever owned a 7 or 9 series has dealt with the infamous cracking or popping noise (from the door stop) when you open or close your door...I surely have. Usually you can resolve it by various methods and type of lubrication, but my 940T driver's door refuses to...
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    940 940T runs rough, low power when hot- Ok after cool down

    My 94 940T has been so reliable for so long, my diagnostic and repair skills have gotten really rusty, so hoping for some guidance here. Car has about 185K miles, relatively stock except for a 15G and mbc. After driving 10-15 minutes, car seems down on power and idle becomes low/shaky. If...
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    FWD struts-difference between L and R?

    I just recently replaced the front struts on my 2005 XC90 2.5T FWD. I noticed the old, original struts had stickers marked 'left side' and 'right side'. The replacements didn't and in looking up the parts, I see none that say specifically 'left side' or 'right side'. After many years of RWD...
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    Quick 13c to 15G question

    I'm having a bitch of a time getting the water/oil line banjo bolts started on my 15G swap (940T was a 13c). The 15G I'm using did not come with banjo bolts and I assumed the ones from the 13c would work so i did not try them on the bench. Now that the 15G is on the car and it is awkward to...
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    Judging Nivomat condition

    I rarely drive my wife's 960 wagon, but I drove it yesterday and noticed it seemed quite a bit more 'bouncy' than I remember. I did the bounce test on the rear and the car continues to bounce up and down a few times after I give it a good push on the rear bumper. I was under the impression that...
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    940 turbo intercooler better than oldstyle top 'in/out'?

    I hope that question makes sense...let me elaborate. I have a new to me 94 940 turbo with the intercooler that has mid mounted inlet/outlet as opposed to what I have experience with-the older style with the inlet/outlet at the top. Is there a performance gain with the newer style? I know they...
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    960 oil leak driving me insane

    Sorry-non turbo question, but I'm looking for enlightenment anywhere I can find it. My wife's 965 runs beautifully but has had a nagging oil leak for years. I traced it to the rear exhaust cam seal and replaced the seal a couple of months ago. Still leaks, maybe worse. I was careful putting it...
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    need help w/ shift lock diagnosis

    94 940 turbo w/ intermittent problems shifting out of park without using manual override button. I've got the shifter out (partway) and am doing some checks. No power is going to the microswitch w/ key on and brake depressed, but brake lights work. Of the two wires on the microswitch, one should...
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    how do you get the squirrel cage fan off?

    Bought a new blower motor for the 960. It came without the cage fan, so I need to swap the one from the old motor onto the new one...without destroying it. I've tried unscrewing and just pulling hard with no luck. There is a screw type sharp tip protruding from the shaft, so it looks like it is...
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    940 940 w/ strange electrical problem

    I just picked up a 95 940 for a friend and am going thru it fixing little things and changing fluids. it has one problem which baffles me-about every 5th or 6th time you open the driver's door, instead of releasing the door latch and letting you open the door, it will lock ALL the doors, locking...
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    Glass headlight lenses

    My 92 965 has a couple of star type cracks in it that is letting some condensation get in. I did a quick search for replacement lenses and all I find are plastic, these are glass. Anyone know where I can find a glass replacement lens? These are US lights w/ fogs, not Euro lights. Thanks.
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    Strut mounts at 200K miles

    I just replaced the front strut inserts and strut mounts on my wife's 92 960 wagon. Chassis has about 200k miles and I knew the fronts were original. I had replaced the rear Nivos a couple of years ago, so, by comparison the front felt a little soft to me. Got a good deal on new Sachs OEM struts...
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    pretty cool Volvo rod

    http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/3083698009.html Not mine.
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    dimmer switch bypass

    Anyone have any idea which wires to connect to give full dash/console illumination on a 960, in other words-bypass the dimmer?
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    960 dimmer wiring help

    Wondering if anyone knows how to bypass the panel lights dimmer on a 92 960. The dimmer is part of the headlight switch. I have no lights in the console or cluster. I have power on both sides of the blubs- one side should be ground for the bulbs to light up. I have a green book wiring manual for...