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    240 Key Woes

    A friend-of-a-friend did some body work on my 240. It included changing the trunk lid. Along the way he lost the key I gave him and he also didn’t re-key the trunk lid for my existing keys. Now I’ve got 2 questions… 1. Where can I get a new key for my 240? I’m living dangerously by using just a...
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    Anyone flock the dash in their 240?

    I?m getting tired of my carpet dash cover, so I?m thinking of repairing the cracks in the dash and flocking it. I feel like this is a look I usually see embraced in the JDM scene, but less in the land of the brick. Anyone here done it? Got pics of the results?
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    240 Plug for O2 Sensor Hole in Manifold

    Car: ?91 244 w/ B230F, NA Replacing my exhaust manifold with one from the junkyard. New one?s got a hole for an O2 sensor, but I was planning on running the sensor down by the cat. What should I plug the hole in the manifold with? Is a regular bung plug capable of withstanding that heat, or...
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    240 Aftermarket Horns: Living my cycling team car dream

    Hey TB, I?ve got a 240 project car that?s beginning to take shape, and I?m getting into the fun parts. Part of that is installing this obnoxious horn that?s typically used in cycling team cars. I haven?t found any english instructions for this. Anyone else installed a ?fun? horn in their 240...
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    240 Warning lights and belt sounds/smells after new water pump

    Edit: Car’s a ‘91 NA 244. B230F. Autotragic. Put in a new water pump and radiator for the first time tonight. All went according to plan until I was getting ready to start the car and check for leaks. First: My alternator tension screw crumbled during removal of the V belts. I didn’t think...
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    240 Removing a trashed rear spring retaining plate

    This bolt/plate has met an untimely demise in my 1991 244. The bolt just spins freely in the plate, and the nut is seized to the bolt. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s felt this pain. Also seems like a tough place to fit an angle grinder. Regardless, I’ve got a replacement one and I’m going...
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    240 Rear Differential Whine

    I?ve got a ?91 244 that has a steady whine from the rear end that seems to increase as speed increases. I asked the go-to old Volvo mechanic in this neck of the woods and he was fairly certain it?s the rear diff. He also said he doesn?t often see issues with the rear diff on 240s, so I?m...
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    Center caps for (gulp) Coronas

    Alright TB. I know how much y?all love Coronas but... I just got a cheap set that I?m looking to use for winter wheels. Of course they don?t come with center caps. I?m not looking to pay a premium for the ?correct? caps. I just want something to keep out the salt and other NYC winter detritus...