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    B230 question, does anyone know the size of this oil feed

    thanks, 1/4 npt seems correct. Im using it as oil feed to the turbo
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    MAF combination with LH2.4

    Hi, im sorting out an old 242 that had some kind of aftermarket ecu, reverting it back to a LH2.4 standard sytem with ECU 0280000954. It does not seem to be running right, which could be all kinds of things atm. But i heard some time ago that not all MAF meters work with all ECU's. I tried...
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    Turbo ecu/ezk question

    Hi guys, im working on a 242, 2.1 has now a 93 wire harness and a turbo etc. It runs on a normal ecu and ezk but it needs those for a turbo car obviously. I have a couple of ecu and ezk boxes that came with the car and im trying to see if i can update the chip on them. Am i right in assuming...