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    OMG Wagon

    This is my wagon. Roar! Boo... Bleh, selling it I think...:roll:
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    Beige Volvo Autocross Video: 38.55

    Hey, As some of you might know, I have been desperatly trying to beat the STi's in my SM class in our local autocross class. It wasn't happening N/A, so... I +T'd my car. After sorting out the issues, today was the first autocross. (Technically yesterday was, but I had to work..) I'm proud...
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    Pat's old car, My New(ish) Car

    Hey, Well, this is my 240DL. I bought it from Tuff240; he was going to use it for ITB class racing. I ended up deciding to make it a autocrosser in SM class. So far this season (N/A) it has faired extremely well. I am at fifth in class; the four cars in front of me are all STi's.:rofl...
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    Thermostat Replacement Leak

    Hey, 1984 240; B23; 215k. Car was over heating in the hills, so I decided it would be a good time to replace the Water Pump and thermostat. Water Pump replacement was a cinch, no problems at all. Thermostat should have been as well; however, this was not the case in the least. The replacement...
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    B23F+T, Last Issues to Sort Out

    Hello, Don't post a whole lot, mostly because I can usually just seach and find what I'm after in the wealth of information on here. I'm sure the answers to these questions are on here too, but I can't seem to find them, and I'd also like some input on solutions. I have an 83 B23F that I...
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    83 242 +92 B230ft

    Hey, I Don't post much but I thoguht I would ask for advice/help on my project. Car: 83 242 Turbo Motor: 92 B230FT Motor/Tranny is in the car (dizzy and everything done, with seals ect), now for the wiring. I don't like wiring at all. I have searched plenty of times, but I coudln't find...