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    8v cam VT

    Cleaning out stuff, I have a good cam stamped VT, actually TV, what is this? Regrind? I can post pics later if need be.
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    T04e 50 trim comp housing, wheel, backing plate

    Been searching for a "kit" or chinabay t04e to take the cold side for my t3/t4 build. Using my good shape t3 chra .48 ar turbine with ATP ultimate wg. All I keep finding are t04b "50 trim", which don't match the 50 trim measures. Looking at the maps would rather have the t04e. Any...
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    740 bumper plastic box?

    Question, can't find a schematic or pic of this thing. On my '88 740 there is a plastic box in the bumper in the middle, probably the width of the radiator I guess. What is this thing for??
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    740 Can't reset 1988 740 SRS light

    I've got a '88 740 Turbo with the SRS light stuck on. Turned on after I pulled the dash cluster to install some gauges (Boost/AFR) and put it back together. Have since pulled the cluster again to check the connections, everything seems fine. I've tried the reset procedure multiple times...
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    V70R Pegasus 18" on 740 14mm vs 12mm stud

    I have a set of original Pegasus wheels was going to mount on my recently acquired '88 740t. Have 25/32mm spacers, but the studs are orig size 12/1.5. Has anyone run them like this? Doesn't seem right, wondering if I should swap out the spacer studs for 14/1.5 Thoughts? thanks!
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    Test Only Smog - Failing Visual

    Could anyone please point me to a friendly test only station in the bay area? The guys here in town are telling me I don't have a legal cat, which I think is BS, but nonetheless two places say no. It's got a 3" magnaflow cat, which is probably the issue, but what the hell I've got one on...
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    240 radiator overall height and width?

    Anyone have a 240 radiator handy they can measure for me? I am wondering if it will fit in my 142 project. Needs to fit in a 20.5" wide x 18" tall space. Can't find definitive spec anywhere. thanks!
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    850 intermittent ac function

    The AC in my '96 850 turbo works intermittently. The compressor kicks off, or sometimes won't engage at all. If AC is working, blowing cold, if I get on the gas too much, it kicks off and won't come back for miles. Blows nice and cold when it works. Ideas?
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    Livermoron's 1968 142 Build

    So I recently joined the board, and I'd thought I'd share my plans and progress on my latest project. I was searching for a long time for a 142 because I just think they have so much potential to be an awesome little sleeper car. I picked up the car from a guy on CL in San Francisco, was his...
  10. L


    Hey all, just joined, sayin hi! Have a few Volvos, like to mess with them a bit, really enjoy all the info and data here, so I'll try to contribute back as well. Never been too good at that! Used to build rockcrawlers, got sick of that hobbie, sold all that and moved back to cars. Anyhow...