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    Steering wheel re-upholstering

    First. let's get it out of the way. That's a gorgeous 240. Oh my... What a beautiful ride. I get what you mean, but I don't want to peel the old one off because these covers are precut and so my wheel would have exposed parts without leather, like the picture bellow. What do you mean lumpy if I...
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    Steering wheel re-upholstering

    Hello ladies & gents. Has anyone ever re-upholstered a wheel with this sort of pre-cut/pre-sewn covers? What's your take and how do you see it after some use? My 940T wagon's wheel is a disaster and I'm sick of driving the car like this but I dislike regular covers, I don't want to send the...
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    My 940 is making a weird noise when reversing

    My car is a 940 Turbo Wagon, B230FK, M90 Transmission. It has been making this noise while reversing. It seems to only make the noise at clutch point. I don't know if it's becuase the noise is transmission or clutch related, or simply becuase when the car picks up speed, the noise stops. Need...