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    Lag on 15g... is a 13g that much better than a 13c?

    So I found out my CHRA is wrecked ... full of rust from me letting it sit for ages. This is going on my b230ft L block. Anyway, I may need to buy a replacement core for the CHRA, and I'm seeing some TD04HL-13G turbos with the same flat flange the TD04HL-15G has. I had a conical flange...
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    off-car mail-in injector services?

    I'm just about ready to start putting on the outer engine parts like manifolds. I posted a little bit ago about injector sizing and whatnot. I figure that with wear and tear, I probably have about 5% variance (or maybe like 0%) variance in dynamic flow rates on these injectors. Rather than buy...
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    Running a 10% bigger injector for #3

    Hey, turbobrickers. I'm finishing my full rebuild on my L-block b230ft. I'm just using LH2.4. The #3 cylinder always goes bad, and someone told me that the volvo race team once upon a time ran an injector that was 10% bigger on #3 to keep it cooler. I'd like to copy that, and I've found one...
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    b230ft oil pump seals - 3 of them?

    I was sure there was some guidance saying people should double up oil supply tube (pump to block) with 2 o-rings plus one on the end in the oil pump. Now I can't find it anywhere. I had 1 OEM seal from FCP (must have ordered wrong) and 2 black rubber ones from somewhere else (I think IPD). I...
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    94 b230ft - Con Rod numbers - which way?

    I'm moving stupid-slow through a rebuild for my 89 formerly GLE wagon. Everything has been machined, and I want to be sure before I put the oil pump in - new Mahle FT pistons .010 oversize. Piston crown arrow points towards water pump. The greenbook 30871/1 shows that "the stamp" goes on a...
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    Stock squirters - official torque spec?

    I'm assembling a rebuilt engine, and the squirterizational thread doesn't have an official torque spec for the squirters. They were very tight (like 50ft-lbs to remove), and had no thread lock. The greenbook for b230 rebuilds tp30871/1 doesn't list a torque spec for it. Anybody know what it is...
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    Turbo hose clamps? - sizes for all of them?

    I am trying to gather most all of the parts I need for my rebuilt b230ft install into my GLE chassis. One thing I haven't found in the forum is a list of the sizes of the clamps needed for the turbo hoses. I was able to get radiator clamp sizes and numbers from IPD, but I'm ordering some deluxe...
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    Putting a b230ft into a GLE wagon - radiators are different?

    Hey, turdbo folks. I'm assembling my L-block after getting it back from the machine shop, and looking ahead. The car it's going into is an 89 GLE, and the radiator is only about 18", along with the fan shroud. I know I'm going to need some parts, and I saved a lot from my totaled car, but not...
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    B230FT - Oil pump clearances? Best brands?

    Hey hey. Still working on the rebuild. Went with Mahle +.30mm OS pistons and an overbore to deal with the eggy bores. Anyway, I found clearances for the oil pumps listed in some FAQs, but they all look like they're copied from another FAQ. I've seen lots of comments on oil pumps and which...
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    Bore Wear - Do I really need to overbore?

    Similar post is over on Brickboard. 94 b230ft squirter block with 175k miles. Crank, mains, and rod bearings all original and looking good after a basic polish (not oversize, still under 2 thousandths of gap on all of them). I bought it used and good with 145k miles on it. The machine shop is...
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    Relationship between head warp and cam journal warp - b230ft

    Hey, folks. I finally have time (thanks, SARS2.0) to get my engine in to the machine shop. I think these guys were kind of knuckleheads because they said they thought the valves must be bent because they could see daylight through 3 of the valves with the buckets removed. But that was just...
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    S/V/C 2001 v70 T5 b5234t3 CVVT - question not answered in VIDA

    So I'm doing this lovely timing belt, seals, pcv, lower engine mount, etc. job for a friend... I have a copy of VIDA working, and in the CVVT setup it says over and over "Turn the timing gear pulley so that the screws at the oval holes are in the limit position." Great.... sure thing. But...
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    Staggered wheel size on a 740 - anyone done it?

    I want wider, taller wheels on the rear of my 740. It's an 89 GLE wagon (wrecked 16-valve garbage is coming out and getting an L-block w/15g soon). Before I start driving it as my DD, I want wider and taller tires in the rear. I sold my Hydras, but even with them, they are only 6.5" wide and...
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    TCS/TRACS in the 80s? Someone hitting the pipe when they wrote that?

    So I came across a wikipedia article that says Volvo introduced a TRACS/Traction Control System on a 760 in 1985... :omg::omg: Seems wrong. Really wrong. But after spinning a tire combined with a road seam on an undermaintained overpass resulted in me totaling my 740, I've been trying to figure...
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    Could this HG rust expplain low compression leaking to crankcase?

    Yo. So I pulled my L-block engine from my wrecked 744 to put it in my 89 gle 745 (POS timing belt broke in 240 miles). Anyway, I did a compression test, found low compression on one cylinder, and have it on a stand with the head off. The compression readings were 120,120, 60, 120 from water pump...
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    Any real-world mpg increase from NA pistons in a turbo block?

    Hey. Soo I'm doing an engine swap and have space to go through the engine. I have low compression on #3 (water pump is #0), and will be tearing the engine apart after a leakdown test. Anyway, if I have to pull it mostly apart, I figure I might as well try my first full engine rebuild and pull...
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    New Turbo

    All right fellers. So, I cooked my TD04-13c, and bought another cooked (oops, neither of us knew) TD04H-13c turbo. The compressor wheel is toast on both turbos, and the housing is scraped. So I need at least a new 13c wheel and housing, a rebuild kit, and balancing. Grand total for that is...
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    Website selling brand new td04-13g units for $90....???

    I came across this site. I don't know what's going on, but it looks like it's selling complete units for $90 if you buy 10 at a time. Surely, there are people who would go in on a group buy...
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    Nuked turbo. Now what?

    Yo people. Some dumbass (me) ran his car low on oil while obsessing over what might be a bad ECU shutting off injector pulses.... and destroyed the turbo's bearings. The scraping of a compressor wheel on a housing is a horrifying sound. And today, the oil seals went too, so now it's totally...
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    NA Pistons in a turbo engine? Deets?

    Hey. What are the details on doing a turbo (dished) to NA (flat) piston swap? Can you use the same rods? Does it improve mpg and power? I searched, but got a bunch of unrelated posts. I've got a 94 L-block, so I don't want to just put in a NA engine and slap a turbo on it.