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  1. edgar333

    Low RPM miss (under 1k RPM)

    I've been trying to figure out this low RPM miss I've had on my 89 245. Here's what I've replaced so far. In tank fuel pump, fuel filter. No change Plugs, wires,cap,rotor,and coil. Car revs and runs alot smoother but the miss is still there under 1000 RPM. I made a short video to show how it...
  2. edgar333

    My 245's new stance.

    let me know what you guys think. the suspension setup is as follows. Front: shorted stock strut tubes. kyb gr2 inserts/made for 88 fwd Oldsmobile cutlass QA1 10" 325lb springs using kaplhenke sleeves,perches and tops Rear : Landrom 5"X8" 250lb spings kyb gr2...
  3. edgar333

    Fitting 17x8 et20 bmw style 5s

    ive decided theses are the wheels i want to go with on my 245. id like to here some recomendations on wheel adapeter size and tire size.btw my car is kinda low tucks 14's
  4. edgar333

    10 mpg!? Wtf?

    has anyone one run into this problem and know how to deal with it? it a 89 245 bone stock.just lowered a bit. it starts and idles semi fine, its alittle shaky when cold but nothing too crazy. runs fine doesnt stumble or spudder. Also no strong smell from the exhaust or signs of a fuel leak...
  5. edgar333

    240 Starter wont engage and shifter wont move out of park

    this moring when i tried to leave to work, my 91 wouldnt turn over and i couldnt move the shifter out of park. heres what i do know. battery is new and fully charged. the starter works fine when i remotely start it. any ideas?
  6. edgar333

    My coolant went missing,and now i found it!

    It went looking for oil..! grrrrrrrr i gotta pull the head on this one right?
  7. edgar333

    Springs pop out of the upper seats

    so after agreeing with self i was gonna leave the ride height alone. as i was replacing most of the front end suspension. i said well since the springs are out (replaced the strut carts.) i decided to cut the S.O.Bs! :zeeall: after i was all buttoned up i made sure the springs where seats at...
  8. edgar333

    i need a new tranny for my 89

    I need a functioning tranny for my 89 245(automatic), quick question I'm heading to the junkyard this weekend, is there better choice other than a replacement for a exact same car? I'm keeping it automatic btw.
  9. edgar333

    240 tie rod ends??

    on my recent purchase (89 245) i get this clanking noise over bumps on the road to today i jacked it up for under the control arms, and it has about a half inch of play the left side and bout a 1/4" on the right side. it seems to be within the inner tie rod ends, i dont see any movement in the...
  10. edgar333

    Lowest drop on a 240 wagon??

    ive just found lowering springs that only lower 1.75" front n 1.5" from ipd. is there any with a bigger drop? say 2"- 2.5"? what im trying to get at is the lowest possible drop without hating the ride quality.:)
  11. edgar333

    Lets get this thing fixed..

    i just bought a 89 wagon. it has 2 problems i need help figuring out, one is the transmission, it automatic. it dosent shift right. it lags lot to shift into 2nd gear, you actually have to ease off the gas a bit for it to kick in then i kicks in HARD, i got it to shift in to 3rd and 4th when i...
  12. edgar333

    What should i start with 240 or 740?

    i recently found a new love for volvos, im looking to buy one for daliy driving, theres tons here in SO cal for under $1500 bucks, i love the look of the early/mid 80's 240's but i see the early 90's 740's turbo (sedans/wagons) go for around the same price, of course i want to build it up with a...