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    Editing thread titles

    I posted a for sale thread titled "MS stuff" and realized that was a crappy title, but can't edit it. Am i being stupid or is it just stuck that way?
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    Picture of AC delete brackets for a 240.

    Hey guys, been a while and i dont wanna get my brackets mixed up and have someone get the wrong one, but no car or PS pump to test fit with. Anyone have the brackets and all the needed parts in a picture or two? I think i know what the cast alu piece looks like with the three bushings, but its...
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    Benefits of adjustable shocks/struts

    I know some shocks are adjustable for rebound and compression and even fancier ones for high/low speed rebound and high/low speed compression. I hear guys saying that for the best ride you want to valve your shocks for your springs. If this is the case then why would want an adjustable shock...
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    240 84 244 wont shut off

    So i went to turn my car off the other day and it wouldnt shut off. key was out, but engine was running just fine. Pulled both fuel pump fuses and engine control fuse, none of them helped. had to pulled signal wire for coil finally to kill it. Any thoughts? i'm very lost. any help is appreciated.
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    no start 86 240

    cars been running rough, yesterday i checked the plugs and checked a few other things, after everything was returned to normal the car wouldnt start on the first crank, more like the fourth. and it would catch after i let the key go back to run, not while the starter was engaged. today it wont...
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    Waterfest 2008 July 19th and 20th

    Thought i would see if anyone is planning on going to Waterfest this year? I get lucky and have an uncle who is gonna put me up about an hour and a half away. Its held at Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. So yea, gonna be out there probably for 4-5 days just wanted to see who else i might run into.
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    Re-covering seats?

    I have a Momo seat that is worn pretty bad on the left bolster around the hip area. I want to have it re-covered, possibly with some black suede. Who has had a seat re-covered before? What materials did you use? What price will i be looking at? Hopefully its not terribly expensive.
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    clutch sizes

    I am going to be replacing the clutch on my 86 240 and pending i go with a m46, can i use the turbo clutch on the NA flywheel? What are the differences between the NA and turbo clutches? I can get a turbo flywheel as well, and the price difference is only 20 or so bucks for the clutch kit, which...
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    Cam Round-ness?

    Well I took apart my engine last night and it seems that my cam had seized in the head, for whatever reason. It overheated then died, so my assumption is the head warped slowly and seized the cam and then the timing belt shredded itself. The cam bearing journals don?t appear to be scored or...
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    Cranking RPM

    today i went to go out and play with the car a bit, see if i could get it to start. no luck, but i did notice my cranking rpm that is displayed on the main screen of megatune is like 2200 rpm. since i know the starter isnt actually turning the engine that fast, what gives?
  11. C

    Rear 240 spring height adjusters.

    so i cant seem to find rear spring mounts for 5" coilover springs that people use to make the height adjustable in the rear. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be cool.
  12. C

    greasy ebrake

    so i finally got around to swapping all my brakes (new rotors and pads all around) and when i popped off the drivers side rear caliper the ebrake shoes and basicly everything on that side behind the rotor was covered in grease.... What does this mean, and how do i fix it?
  13. C

    windshield wiper delay issues

    The top selection on my wiper stalk stopped working the other day, only the normal wiper speed and the super fast one works now. is this just a problem with my selector stalk or something else?
  14. C

    Techedge problems

    so i have the techedge WB from the group buy, havnt had any issues with it since i bought it, and i love it, except until recently. i just finished swapping engines and the sensor has been sitting in the exhaust for 2 months or so with not activity, probably not great for it. so i got the car...
  15. C

    driveshaft bolts

    can anyone tell me the diameter of the driveshaft bolt right below the head of the bolt? im missing a bolt, but planning on putting the car back together as much as possible and dont want to leave a bolt out to get it matched up. on a related note, i really really wish i had a set of calipers...
  16. C

    tranny crossmember spacers (aw71)

    so it apears i have two spacers that go between the transmission crossmember and the body of the car. i somehow lost one in the engine swap and for some reason my torn apart 86 wagon doesnt have them. can i just leave them out? this would raise the tranny ~.5" in relation to the car. thoughts?
  17. C

    weird compression numbers

    ok, so i was testing the boost controller code for MS and the car seemed to be pulling pretty good at about 10 lbs, then died, and proceded to run like as for a good while, and then die and refuse to start. i did a compression test and i get 110, 145, 148,110 thoughts? bent rods perhaps? i...
  18. C

    smoke on idle

    ok, so my idle is really low (like 600-800) and when i come to a stop while driving around, the car will start puffing tons of blueish/whitish smoke. pcv system should be fine....any other thoughts? btw, its a ms'ed 82 244 with stock t3 running 15 psi on average
  19. C

    heater pipe removal

    hey i managed to screw up my heater pipe seal, it ripped in half, and now need to remove the heater pipe. i dont really want to take take the water pump off again, and it looks simple if i could just move the heat pipe back 2 inches...
  20. C

    no spark after headgasket change...

    ok, so i chnaged my headgasket and i have fuel and all (megasquirt) but im still running k-jet spark beacause at the time, it worked. problem is, car woulnt start, so i checked spark by taking the coil wire and holding it 1/8" away from a ground to see if i had spark. no spark ignition module...