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  1. Z

    Return for rebuild core rather than scrap?

    Is there anyone taking old parts as rebuild cores? As I scrap cars, I pull power steering pumps, starters, alternators, AC compressors, etc. I hate to scrap them if it's possible to have them live on. If some of these things are no longer being made, I'd like to see the OEM ones saved. Seems...
  2. Z

    940 Correct A/C Receiver Drier / Accumulator for 1993 945T?

    I ordered a Nissens drier for my 1993 945 turbo. It looked great until right before I went to install it. I discovered that the little nipple on the side, where the low pressure switch screws on, is wrong. It should be a male thread, but the one I got from Rock Auto is a female thread with a...
  3. Z

    Volvo 240 / 740 / 940 tow bar and adapters (my solution)

    I've been using my '93 945 to flat tow 2/7/9 series cars with great success. I made adapters to bolt in place of the front bumpers, so I can walk up to a car and in about 15 minutes be ready to go with no alterations to the car. I'm posting the details here for VolvoEmpire and anyone else who...
  4. Z

    240 245 wagon window leak

    I assume others have encountered this problem, but I can't find anything. I'm working on my 1978 245 rear/side windows (luggage windows?). I pulled both rear windows to clean up and repair the surface rust and corrosion under the rubber. I carefully cleaned all of the dirt and dried sealant out...
  5. Z

    K-jet.org website down - collecting info to move to alternate web address.

    Hopefully it's just a temporary issue, but http://www.k-jet.org/ is down. If anyone knows who runs it, please let them know. My research has hit a wall until they get it back up! Thanks, Jason
  6. Z

    240 SEM color for 1978 240 red interior?

    Does anyone have personal experience with a SEM Color Coat red for an early 240 interior match? I'm looking for personal experience, not just your opinion after looking at the photos. I'm looking at 15113 Firethorn and 15363 Portola as the most likely options. It may not matter that much, since...
  7. Z

    240 1978 245 B21 no start diagnosis help needed

    I bought a 1978 245 with a B21 that had a minor engine fire and then sat and got damaged by a pack rat. The details: The battery cables shorted out and melted/burned through. Nothing else was visibly damaged. I replaced both cables. The starter solenoid was hanging loose, so I removed the...
  8. Z

    Fred the 444: a 1958-ish jalopy project

    I love all my Volvo bricks, and I try to take very good care of them, but a couple years ago I started dreaming of an old beater that I could take a looser and more creative approach to. I wanted an old jalopy to drive slowly on Kansas back roads. After many months of off-and-on multistate...
  9. Z

    Vintage PV 444 / 544 Year and ID Puzzle

    I bought what was listed as a 1957 444 today. It's a split window, and it has a B16 with twin carbs. The title lists the car as a 1959, but has no model number. The seller and I both assumed that the car was a 1957 (seems to fit all the other facts) that was sold or somehow titled in 1959. But...
  10. Z

    240 1975 240 door on a 1978 240?

    I'm sure this is covered somewhere on TB or elsewhere, but I can't find it. This is all my searching has yielded: Can anyone give me more details? I have a 1978 245 with a bashed up drivers door. I have a 1975 245 parts car in the same color with a good drivers door. I can see that the '75...
  11. Z

    240 1978 245 K-jet B21 - 200k mi tune-up/refresh, what should I put on the list?

    (Feel free to point me to existing threads. I've searched, but haven't found what I'm looking for.) I have several B230s, and have refreshed about half a dozen now around the 200k mile mark. I want to do the same thing to my new '78 245 with a B21 (center, below). This is my first B21 and...
  12. Z

    240 1978 245 B21 K-jet: where do I find replacement injector hose?

    I'm new to the early 240s, and I recently got a 1978 245 that I'm trying to get running. The engine compartment was home to a packrat who stuffed it full of sticks and leaves while also chewing off random wires and hoses. :-( The #4 injector line is nibbled just enough so there's a pinhole in...
  13. Z

    Vintage Wanted: PV 544 front bumper specs (for towing bar set up)

    I have a cheap tow bar that I've used to tow a handful of old Volvos now. I made adapters for 240 and 7/900 models so I can just pull the bumper shocks, install my adapters and tow bar, and hook up to my 945T. You can see the 240 adapters in the picture below. I'm interested in a 544 about 4...
  14. Z

    late 145 vs early 245 body differences?

    I picked up a 1975 245 (flathood) and a 1978 245 (coffin hood) yesterday. First time I've looked at the early 240 body style up close. Then I was looking at the 1974 145 that was in the Orphan thread, and it got me thinking. Can the 140 front clip be put on early 240s the way that the flathood...
  15. Z

    240 Fuses 15 & 16 blowing on 1992 240 if headlight switch is on (key off)

    1992 Volvo 240 sedan. Daughter calls and says she got pulled over because the tail lights aren't working. I find that the dash illumination and license plate lights also aren't working. Everything else seems to work--headlights, turn signals, brake lights, etc. I discover that fuses 15 & 16 are...
  16. Z

    940 No oil pressure: help me guess ('93 944 Turbo)

    I'm thinking of buying this car: http://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/5784212638.html. I have the exact same car as a wagon. I could either use it as a parts car, or more likely try to fix it because I'm familiar with the model. I wouldn't mind have a sedan to play with or let one of my kids drive. I...
  17. Z

    Custom Volvo 740/940 wagon heavy duty roof rack

    My friend and I are both carpenters, and we like Volvos. He uses a '91 745 as his work vehicle, and I recently picked up a '93 945 Turbo. He has been using a cheap roof rack to haul small loads, but it wasn't doing the job. I wanted to find a heavy duty roof rack that could haul ladders, sheets...
  18. Z

    940 940 Turbo fuel pump part number?

    I'm trying to figure out which main fuel pump my 945T uses. Is there a difference between Volvo pumps 9142044 and 9142045? These correspond to Bosch 69593 and 69594. Some places list the first one for NA cars and the second one for turbo cars. Other places say they are interchangeable. Prices...
  19. Z

    940 Electrical Gremlin - Radio mutes when doors are locked

    When I bought the '93 945, the seller told me it had "electrical issues." Most of those were solved by replacing fuses. Duh! The electric seat not moving was solved by cleaning the pile of coins and nastiness out of the seat track. But I seem to have a weird short or some other issue between...
  20. Z

    940 fast odometer

    Just bought Volvo #5 tonight: 1993 945 Turbo. Lots of fun little puzzles to work on. First, the speedometer (Yazaki) is not working, and although the odometer is working, it's running about 3-4 times too fast. My wife was following me in her 855R and I had her count the tenths as they turned...