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  1. bjorny

    240 I'm not dead, but my 240 seems to be

    So yeah, after 3 years i decided to post something here again because quite frankly i'm a bit at a loss. I've been dailying my T-5R for some years now without any problems. Previously i drove my '89 240 GLT B230F daily. Since i hardly drove it anymore it has been in storage for about 2 years...
  2. bjorny

    850 seat recline cable repair

    okay so the (electric) passenger seat of my 850 won't get back up and i kind of know how to repair it, i just wanted to know if that is something that can be done in like an hour at my work during lunch break. anyone already tried this repair? i found some very decent step by step tutorials and...
  3. bjorny

    TB stickers

    i was wondering: i ordered some TB stickers from the homepage, but does anyone know if these are actually still for sale? the whole paypal thing registered to Dana worked out with no problems. i probably should have asked first before ordering :-P
  4. bjorny

    240 Bosch or Beru

    so i probably need a new ignition coil for the 240 GLT (b230f). been scouting around online to see what would be the best deals. i have come across a Beru coil for significantly less than a Bosch coil. i'm not a total cheapskate when it comes to maintenance, but if the quality is equal why pay...
  5. bjorny

    240 Remote control central locking problems

    hey guys n gals. i have a factory volvo alarm system with remote control thingy in my 1989 240 GLT. recently i repaired my remote control battery housing because that has been broken for a long time. all the time i just used my key, without activating the alarm. no problems there, but it felt a...
  6. bjorny

    Volvo Klassieker Beurs, 28th & 29th of September, Rosmalen, The Netherlands

    http://www.volvobeurs.nl/vkb/index.php/en oh come ye all and watch carlo schmidt charge 15000 euros (20k dollar) for a 240 DL! :-D seriously, i'll be there. come and say hi to the 6"5' creep with the nazi haircut. location is back to where it all started, which is much, much better.
  7. bjorny

    240 trouble starting in hot weather

    so my '89 240 GLT has trouble starting in hot weather. it occurs when its around 25 ?C to 35 ?C (77 - 95 F) and i drive it somewhere far enough for the engine to properly warm up and then go, lets say, shopping or something and when i come back it wont start. takes about 15 minutes with the hood...
  8. bjorny

    240 cruise control doesn't work anymore. now what?

    over the last few weeks my cruise control was increasingly difficult to activate. as of a few days, it doesnt work anymore. i checked the bellows, but they seem leak-free. cable and attachments are fine too. checked the vacuumpump and it seems fine (although i havent actuall seen it running...
  9. bjorny

    240 my trusty brick left me standing

    okay so first of all, i did try the search function but found nothing similar. that might be because i suck at using the search function, so bear with me. anyway my '89 240 GLT (B230F) had some trouble firing up at the first turn of the key lately. i thought it might have to do with it being...
  10. bjorny

    240 cd player in my '89 240

    quick question: im trying to find a period correct ('86 - '93) cd player to install in my 240. cd changer hooked to a normal deck is fine too, but a front loader (or equivalent) would be best. did volvo make/install those in that period?? doesnt have to be for a 240 per s?. 7/9 is fine too if...
  11. bjorny

    240 insane whining noise

    so its getting colder over here and for about a week now theres this horrid whining noise coming from somewhere at the rear of my '89 GLT. seriously, its like some sci-fi spaceship taking off and while the pitch of the noise is speed related it changes pitch when i maintain a constant speed as...
  12. bjorny

    240 Digital ambient temp gauge

    so i was looking for a digital ambient temp gauge on the VKB last weekend. a lot of folks were really charging a LOT of money but i found one that was pretty cheap. however the actual sensor was missing because it came from a front-end wrecked 240. does anyone know what kind of sensor it is? i...
  13. bjorny

    240 tie rod ends

    gonna replace the tie rod ends on my '89 240 GLT this weekend. well, thats what i hope to do. never did something like this before. did some research and it shouldnt be THAT hard to do, but any tips or tricks y'all can give me will be much appreciated. i've only got a 'basic' toolkit so if i...
  14. bjorny

    VKB Utrecht, The Netherlands, 13 & 14 October

    so who's going?
  15. bjorny

    some pics from the VKB in the netherlands, posted retardedly late

    and yes, they are crappy. blame nokia. sweeeet 164E sweeeet 264 mine in a row of other 200 series absolutely the best 244 ive ever seen. that thing was gorgeous. sweeet 760 GLE these should be familiar to tbrickers another one of mine in a row loadsa 200 series crappy pic of...
  16. bjorny

    VKB in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, 15 & 16th October

    anyone going? i'll be around on sunday, look for the '89 240 GLT in beige metallic with the Hydras... http://www.volvobeurs.nl/vkb/
  17. bjorny

    Feeler thread: unofficial belgian/dutch TB hang-around-meeting-get-together

    hey maybe some of you folks read in the carlisle thread about how cool that meeting looked and how it might be a good idea to have an informal get-together with TB members/supporters with the dutchies and belgians and how Yellow240 said 'do it'. so im just checking now to see if that would be...
  18. bjorny

    searching for rims i stumbled across this..

    i was on the search for rims in the belgian/dutch regions and found a guy not too far away that is selling a 760 and 940 in parts. the 940 had hydras but the ones on this 760 seem interesting too. what are they and are these rare in any way...
  19. bjorny

    eggcrate in a post-'86 240

    okay so i know eggcrate grilles wont fit on post-'86 240 (i've tried) but i'm thinking now to remove the eggcrate part of the grille and fit in my grille support. would that work? probably with some modifications? what would be the best donor grille i should use? thanks also if this is a...
  20. bjorny

    Volvo Klassieker Beurs 30+31/10/10, Utrecht, The netherlands

    okay i dont know if this is the appropriate place to post this.. its an event, so i guess it is. most dutchies and belgians already know this but if someone for some reason on the european mainland didnt: 30th and 31st of october Volvo Klassiekerbeurs in the Veemarkthallen in Utrecht...