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  1. MrSam


    Well, with the 242 having its issues and what not. I figured why not treat myself to a new DD. I was going to have a 1994 940, but my Mom loved it, so I gave it to her in return for a 1987 244 GL with a bad trans. When I went to my friends shop to see if I could buy the parts to manual swap the...
  2. MrSam

    But a mere flesh wound

    Well well well, the day after SE and look what happens... Was going to eat with Jess and a friend of mine when the guy in front of the guy in front of me decided to lock up his brakes in the middle of a green intersection to pick up a guy who was standing on the side of the road. Guy in...
  3. MrSam

    MrSam's 1982 242 Turbo ''ole red''

    So, I finally have decided to make a thread for this car. The others have gotten threads, so this one should too. I just never really think to do it. I bought this car about 2 months ago from the original owner for $1200. It had just rolled over to 150k miles when I got it, is now at around...
  4. MrSam

    240 1982 240 Turbo no start

    Specs: 1982 242 Turbo b21ft m46 stock as a rock yadda yadda yadda, now you know what we are dealing with. :lol: Heres the skinny. Took it for a drive yesterday and all was good, on the way home it felt like it was running out of gas then just stopped. Would crank, possibly idle, but die the...
  5. MrSam

    Wait, what?! MrSam doesn't have a 740!?!?

    Yes ladies, gentlemen and creatures of all kind. I no longer have a 740. Now that the initial lack of shock has soaked in, we shall move along. To get me to actually get a 240, takes something special. Not any old DL will be accepted, so here she is in all her glory. One owner, rust free 1982...
  6. MrSam

    Cookout, Knoxville TN

    Hey guys, I know its kind of short notice, but we are having a cookout tomorrow. This isn't completely a TB meet, but I thought I would extend the invitation. I'd love to be able to put some names with faces, and talk a little Volvo with some good ass burgers. :-D If you'd like to make it out...
  7. MrSam

    740 Bad shudder between 15-30 mph

    Like the title says. I have a bad shudder that will occur anywhere between 15-30mph when I am taking off from a stop and give a little too much throttle. If I take off grandma style, its fine, but give any more and the whole car shakes REALLY violently. I have heard the tail shaft can be an...
  8. MrSam

    MrSams Pussy Wagon

    You read right, and I have the keychain to back it up. :lol: In all seriousness, this is my project thread thing. Seems to be what the cool cats round these parts do. The car: a 1989 740 Turbo Wagon. Bone stockety stock stock stock, with 168k miles on the clock. Needs a new exhaust, and the...
  9. MrSam

    740 Changing from a manual to an automatic

    Now, I know you probably made this face when you read the title :wtf:, but heres the skinny. I just bought a 1989 745 Turbo. It has the aw71. I also have a 1986 744 GLE with an m46. I'd like to put the m46 into the Turbo (I know this is a documented swap, but any links to good threads on it...
  10. MrSam

    The board clock

    Am I just going more crazy, or is it off again? Its 10:23AM, TB says its 1:23AM in some parts. My post here has the correct time. Weird. I have it set to Central time.
  11. MrSam

    740 Do you have a manual trans 7 series? if so get in here

    Mine is a 1986 GLE, and has the m46. I just had a quick question. Was the 7 series offered with a hydraulic clutch? I was told they all had them until I got my car, it has a cable. Is it just the Turbo's? Or have I been lied to. I just wanted to know the answer to this for if I ever had to do...