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    240 Subaru seats in a 240

    So, I have access to a pair of front seats from a bugeye WRX. The foam in my current driver seat is collapsed. Has anybody adapted a Subaru seat into a 240? Thanks!
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    240 suspension parts supplier

    I recently did my suspension on my 240 with IPD sways and Bilstein HD shocks and struts to replace the stock sways and the Monroe Sensatracs that PO had installed. After an alignment, I found out that my front right strut tube is slightly bent, giving me more positive camber than I need...
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    Oil pressure sender and 52mm gauge lights

    I just recently bought a factory gauge set from eBay. It's a 82mm tach, 52mm voltmeter, and 52mm oil press with the sender that are apparently from a 242. I replaced the factory clock, Equus tach and Equus voltmeter in my 1990 244. I have yet to install the oil press sender until my next oil...
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    Tire pressure

    I would like to know what tire pressure to use for my tires. My 240 originally came from the factory with 14" steelies and the recommend tire pressure for it is 36PSI front and rear, as indicated from the label on the passenger side door. When the car was bought, it came with 15" Virgos with...
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    what wax?

    I am going to wash my car soon, once it is sunny in Vancouver. I don't know what wax to use. I prefer to get some liquid wax as I don't want to do so much work to apply the wax. What brands do you guys prefer to use? //Edit: My dad told me to use Nu Finish liquid polish. Is that stuff any good...