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  1. nibroc

    K-jet problem?

    enjoyed that long post
  2. nibroc

    Jimbo's Amazon: 1964.5 220S Project

  3. nibroc

    Did 1994 960 Sedan have Independent Rear Suspension and Nivomat Shocks?

    my 87 bertone has solid axles and nivomats---88 was 1st year for irs
  4. nibroc

    Water Leak From Wiper Arm Support Bracket Need Help Resealing 240

    backordered-----imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. nibroc

    How much on a 780 Bertone is interchangable with a 740?

    Britton----ya have a lot to learn
  6. nibroc

    Glass 960 Sunroof seal source?

    billy780---- hard to find anything on this forum concerning a 780 or a 262c
  7. nibroc

    Penta/Volvo parts & seals

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^AGREE with John^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. nibroc

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    good pics Mike Jr
  9. nibroc

    3D Printed Parts Thread

    link does not work
  10. nibroc

    Nets Silver 245

    good luck and thanks for the pics
  11. nibroc

    1994 945t door chime never stops

    pull the fuse............
  12. nibroc

    Crapwagon!!!! 1975 245 wagoon project!

    GOOD POST-----thanks