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  1. Tfrasca

    KL Racing 16v intake on upright engine

    I've been searching the internet for a photo of this intake manifold mounted on an upright 16v B230, to no avail. It could be in any car, but I'm trying to figure out if it would fit in my 142 without a brake booster in the way. Does anyone remember seeing that setup? Also, how is ordering...
  2. Tfrasca

    4" DP on a 16v?

    I am building a 16v B230 with a BW s252 (I have a 1.00 twinscroll housing, but may want to use a .85 instead). My thought is that I want it to flow enough to make decent power at around 8k rpm. Not super concerned with peak power, but I'm assuming the 350 whp range. I realize that a 3" down...
  3. Tfrasca

    Lower radiator support - structural?

    I cut the lower radiator support (and the square tubing that connects the fronts of my frame rails) out of my 142. I was planning on using a 1" square tube (1/16th wall) to tie them back together. Should I be using some thicker 2" tubing to strengthen this area up? It doesn't seem like a...
  4. Tfrasca

    140 master cylinder "upgrade"

    So I'm looking for a master cylinder that I can use with the universal 7" booster I got. It's got bolt spacing of 3 3/8". My stock cast iron 142 MC has 3 1/4" spacing, and I'd rather just replace it with a smaller aluminum one than bore out the holes. Are there any newer Volvo MCs with a 7/8"...
  5. Tfrasca

    B230 water pump pulley alignment

    Can someone tell me if there's supposed to be a spacer behind the water pump pulley on a 240 B230? I have one here and the pump pulley is about 8-10mm further inboard than the crank pulley. It's got an aftermarket crank pulley/damper, so I guess that could be the issue, but I thought I heard...
  6. Tfrasca

    Help me design motor mounts

    Hey. I have functioning motor mounts that I made for my 142/OHC setup. They used the stock mounts and brackets on the subframe. Stock mounts allow for way too much movement, and since I'm putting a 16v in such a tight space, I can't have all that. So, I'm making mounts out of torque rods. My...
  7. Tfrasca

    16v Twinscroll - worth it?

    I'll be slowly building a 16v engine for my 140. My original plan was to use the stock NA manifold with a twinscroll j-pipe for my Borg Warner s252. I know this has been done successfully before. T3 twinscroll housings are available in sizes from .75 to 1.25 A/R. That said, it would be quite a...
  8. Tfrasca

    Motor mount points, B23 vs. B230

    Can anyone confirm that the mounting points on the block for the motor mount plates are the same between a B23 and a B230? I'm talking about the three M8 threaded bosses on either side of the block. I just want to template some new B230 mounts using the existing B23 block I have.
  9. Tfrasca

    140 headlight bucket compatibility

    Simple question: are early (1968) headlight buckets the same as late (1973) ones? From photos, they look identical. I'm swapping a later grill onto my '68 and I'm not sure if I need to get the headlight buckets. I'm looking at you, Redwood Chair, Planetman, etc...
  10. Tfrasca

    RX-7 brake measurement

    Can someone with RX-7 brakes on a 240 please tell me where the outer edge of the caliper sits relative to the wheel mounting face on the rotor? I hear that the caliper can interfere with some wheels, and I want to see if they'll fit behind my Crown Vic wheels. My stock 140 caliper is about 10mm...
  11. Tfrasca

    Shopping for V70 wagon

    My 2000 Subaru Outback needs to be repaired or replaced. I barely like the car, so I'm looking at replacing it with another wagon. After some CL searching, it looks like the going rate for a decent circa 2004 V70 wagon is about $2500. What am I getting into with these cars? Any model-specific...
  12. Tfrasca

    Diagnose these exhaust ports

    Pulled my manifold off my B23FT just now and I have some weirdly inconsistent coloration on the exhaust ports. It doesn't loose any coolant, and there's no gas/exhaust smell in the reservoir (first thought was coolant steam cleaning the ports). Cylinders 1 and 2: Cylinders 3 and 4: My...
  13. Tfrasca

    Stranded with no spark - LH 2.4

    Just drove my 142 (with b23 and LH 2.4) for the first time in a few weeks, and it had a dead battery. Jumped it and it seemed to be running fine. I was at a light and as soon as I flipped the turn signal on, it died and wouldn't start. I got another jump and it idled for a few minutes with...
  14. Tfrasca

    225/50r15 options?

    I want more grip than my 205/50r16 Kumho Ecstas can offer. I want to get a set of 15x7 wheels and run 225/50r15. I always thought that Falken Azenis were available in that size, but I guess the only 15 the make now is 205. The only other option (besides 40-60 tread wear track tires) I see on...
  15. Tfrasca

    External wastegate on housing options

    So, I know that putting an external wastegate directly on the turbine works, but I am trying to figure out exactly where to put it. This would be my first choice, for packaging and downpipe making: My gut tells me this is less than ideal, since it leaves 180 degrees of the turbine with a full...
  16. Tfrasca

    Ideal steering ratio, 140

    I love the way my 140 drives, but I hate the sloppy steering. I got an email back from EZ Electric Power Steering and they actually make a kit for a 140, AND can do one with an integrated steering ratio quickener (either 2:1 or 1.5:1). The ratio in the 140 steering box is 17.5:1, so a 1.5...
  17. Tfrasca

    Electric fuel pressure gauge too slow?

    I keep getting a 231 code (too rich or lean at part throttle) from my LH 2.4, and my AFRs are going way lean. I want to rule out the fuel system, and I'd like to just wire an electrical gauge in the dash permanently. My concern is that the electric oil pressure gauges I've had seem slow to...
  18. Tfrasca

    140 Pinion Angle

    My brand new T5z has all the same vibrations at cruise and decel that my old WC T5 did. The transmission is angled 5 degrees downward, and the differential is at 0 degrees. I have the stock 2 piece drive shaft. Am I oversimplifying things to say that if I adjust my diff to point up 5 degrees...
  19. Tfrasca

    235mm clutch issue

    I just put a Yoshi billet flywheel and 235mm Clutch Masters clutch/pressure plate in my car. The engagement point is RIGHT at the floor. If I tighten the cable to move that engagement point off the floor, it ends up putting a bunch of preload on the fork when the clutch is at rest (instead of...
  20. Tfrasca

    B23/LH 2.4 Rough Idle?

    I don't have a frame of reference for this. The idle on my 142 seems rougher than it should be. IPD cam advanced 2 degrees with Dale's gear, 60 lb Dekas, 3" AMM, Mike's chips. It currently has stock (not diesel) motor mounts. In the video, it doesn't look like much, but it shakes the car and I...