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  1. sim

    Rebuilding a Mustang BW T5 with different ratios

    So, now that I've finally got around to installing my new(er) engine, my clutch is slipping. I have a world class T5 from a 1988 Mustang V8. It needs a refresh. Tag number is 13-52-169 I have a Kaplhenke adapter and bellhousing, and a spare propshaft front half. What I really want is the...
  2. sim

    240 Stuck carrier bearing, G80 swap

    I'm doing a G80 swap on my step-son's M47 '89 245. He is taking it tree-planting in northern Alberta next week and we are trying to make it bush capable. Both the half-shafts and the differental carrier popped out easily from the axle. When I put a G80 into our '82 a few years ago, I had to tap...
  3. sim

    MLS head gasket choice, measuring poke

    I was lucky enough to find a low mile 1995 B230FD. I have it on a stand with the head off, and I'm trying to determine the piston deck height so that I can order a Cometic MLS head gasket of an appropriate thickness for tight squish. This motor will get a 15g turbo from an 850 and will have a...
  4. sim

    240 242 Needs front and rear windshields - glass shop advice?

    Today our '82 242 lost its rear windshield with a bang. While driving normally, apparently it made a sound like a gunshot and broke into thousands of little cubes. The glass is still together, but it is impossible to see through, and obviously needs to be replaced. This past winter, we picked...
  5. sim

    Fuel tank repair - I didn't blow up!

    Our teenage daughter apparently backed over something and damaged the fuel tank on our '75 245. I say apparently as the damage is quite apparent, but she has no idea what happened. The tank suffered a pretty serious dent, with a crack at the vertex of the worst wrinkle. The crack leaked just...
  6. sim

    1041 Grinder stand

    I harvested a 1041 axle from the 945 I scrapped recently. The low mile G80 will be going into my 245. The 4.10:1 ring and pinion are wrapped up for storage for now. I came up with a good use for the leftovers: Grinder stand. I just cut out the pumpkin and welded the two halves together...
  7. sim

    Will a larger exhaust affect K-jet AFRs?

    Our 1982 B23E powered 242 spent a winter in Thunder Bay, and the exhaust is all rusted out. I'm wondering if replacing the crush-bent 2" system on the 242 with a mandrel bent 2.5" system will throw k-jet off? The car has the high compression B23E, with a K cam (the cam has a fair bit of valve...
  8. sim

    240 Pinion seal replacement

    I did the G80 swap last fall in our 242 and it made the snow so much better last winter. I measured the backlash and took a pattern when I swapped the carriers to ensure the gears did not have a short life. Everything worked out with no messing about with shims, I simply swapped them over from...
  9. sim

    240 M47 into a 1982 242?

    We have a Canadian market 242GLT, with the B23E engine (non-turbo). The transmission (M46) sucks, it is getting hard to get it into first gear, and shifts in general suck. The tranny and clutch are original to the car. The car has 320,000km (about 200,000 miles). I managed to pull a M47...
  10. sim

    FreeEMS powered 245

    Hi Folks, I've just got my car running on a FreeEMS EMS that I built myself. It is the seventh car to run on the code, and the second RWD Volvo. The car is a 1979 Canadian market 245DL with a B21A. It is the carburetted version of the redblock, with a single sidedraft SU. The original ignition...