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  1. adomz

    SeanHodgins 1981 242 GLT

    Lovely. The longer you got it, the lighter it gets :D Soon it will be a complete Flintstone conversion going on! :) Be well!
  2. adomz

    1990 740 B234 Revival!

    Oh yesh! Let's see how this polishes out! Great find!
  3. adomz

    1990 245 (millennial falcon)

    Nice work!
  4. adomz

    SeanHodgins 1981 242 GLT

    Great work! I ran out of gas for the welder, so i can't finish the rail replacement...
  5. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

  6. adomz

    Andrewhans 240 LS Swap, Going for 8's

    That looks great!
  7. adomz

    1979 242DL - Analog Motoring

    Oh it sounds good! :)
  8. adomz

    SeanHodgins 1981 242 GLT

    Nice work! I wonder how hard it would be to replicate the jacking points from scratch... I'll need to stock up on some panels myself soon. Be well!
  9. adomz

    1983 242 AKA Wallie

    Hey! Love the progress! I got a similar situation going on, but a bit deeper. Be well!
  10. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

  11. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

    So after a few measurement failures and readjusting i am in the process of gluing it all back together. It's not pretty, but it's all good and straight! Yes! Adam
  12. adomz

    Pannulahti?s 740 T-Gul & daily S60R

    Love this! Nice!
  13. adomz

    West Coast Jimbo’s Amazon: 1966 220S Project

    Oh my, that's a great little piece of swedish steel! Love it! ADam
  14. adomz

    No direction - the build saga of an 82 242 DL

    Great work! My case is alot more of a digging adventure tho, so i need to cut way more and so on. Ended up completely deleting the rail under the battery and now in the process of replacing it all... Crapola! :D Adam
  15. adomz

    77 244 Going for Junkyard TB Glory

    That looks cool. What's that manifold like?
  16. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

    So... More stuff happened yesterday...
  17. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

    So yesterday i finally got round to start removing the rusty patches from the battery tray rail section. It's not that bad as i thought and hasn't gone very far into the rail. Should not take that much to replace it all and weld it up. Video incoming soon! But here's some pictures!
  18. adomz

    1/2Donkey Garage - 1978 242 GT Rescue and Restoration

    Hey! Great story and writeup! Congratulations on acquiring it and greetings to Gio for making it all happen in your head! I am in a similar boat, but my 242 is a bit deaderer :D But i am trying my best resurrecting it! Be well and happy fixings! Adam
  19. adomz

    ETA 4 years

    Ohhh that beige! YES!
  20. adomz

    My 1981 242 DL

    Cheers. The battery tray will be completely removed and dispatched to the bin as the battery is going to the boot, so i am bothered about it, so yeah, we'll see when we get there. ADam