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    Anyone have access to 240 Parking Brake Parts?

    This is a long shot... The parts diagrams I can find for a Volvo 240 show an adjustable star-wheel device (called adjuster link) at the end of the pads that is opposite the expander. But my 1984 240 Turbo came with a flat piece of bar stock to keep the separation at this end. It is about 5mm...
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    Skinner's Grandpa series

    Only show I watch on TV is the Simpsons. Couldn't find any images on the web but on tonight's show there is a close-up of the front of Principal Skinner's car: clearly a grandpa series. But it is a V-8 conversion. When it won't start he opens the hood. Bart has pranked him and attached...
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    Cap'n Kenny: MAP log

    Cappy, Continuing the discussion we had when I jacked your thread about the adequacy of my small vacuum/boost reservoir box. Here is a log I made today of about 25 seconds of MAP signal at idle and blipping the throttle. Obviously this shows only a vacuum signal and not boost but I assume if...
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    Troubleshooting turn signal/flasher relay

    My 240: Flashers and turn signals work normally. However, when both the flashers and turn signals are turned off, the relay fires (clicks) randomly. Sometimes fairly rapidly, sometimes more slowly, and sometimes it doesn't click. (When it clicks, none of the lights blink). I put a meter on...
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    Rewiring 240 main (chassis) fuel pump

    Finally got around to mounting a relay in back (by the battery) and running larger gauge wires to both the in-tank and main fuel pumps from the relay. All finished except for the connection to the main pump. The fitting is an unusual round push-on fitting with external clips, something like a...
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    Hard to disguise a 245

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    Sick 850

    Anybody have any suggestions of the best place to check next. This car was referred to me (for no particular reason other than I own a Volvo) and it has been looked at by both a dealer and an independent mechanic with no improvement. Here is the description as provided by the owner: "Here's...
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    Red block dipstick tube gasket?

    Not the dipstick, but the tube that holds it. The dipstick tube which I transfered from my B21FT block to my B230FT block had, at the bottom where it fit into the block opening, a "gasket" of sorts. It was a rubber tube that surrounded the upper section of the dipstick housing that goes into...
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    How do you test a voltage regulator.

    Because of an installation problem with my GT Gauge cluster, I have reason to suspect that the voltage regulator on back is bad. How do you test it? If I apply +12v to the input side and properly ground the negative side, what should be the output on the regulated pin? And if I get that...
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    240 Door pocket plastic type?

    Does anyone know what type of plastic the 240 door pockets are made of; i.e. PVC, ABS, styrene, etc. (mine's 1984)? I have a few cracks that should be repairable with CA superglue but I know it doesn't adhere to all types of plastic
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    Fuel mapping strategy

    In addition to the basic fuel map (with RPM on one axis and % throttle opening on the other?), does MS (or Motronic or whatever) also use a main 'fueling factor'? The one I am familiar with is a Mbit/sec factor on a main Start screen. Obviously there are several degrees of freedom in general...
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    Metal T3 gasket re-useable?

    The metal gasket that goes between the exhaust manifold and the turbine on a T3-type turbo: can it be reused (as long as it appears in good shape)? I wasn't sure if it was somehow compressed when mounting bolts were tightened and therefore not able to be reused.
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    Third seat install help please - '94 940

    A friend of mine just bought a third seat to put into his 1994 945. He brought all the pieces over to my house to look at the install in my 1998 V90 and they're all the same except for the bottom anchor point for the belts. We got the rachets mounted under the side trim piece and the high...
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    1984 245T mLPT B274FT Project

    I decided to go ahead and make this post even though the car is not running yet. I don't know exactly when that will be, but since the Carlisle post and Ben's post have already made the car public, I might as well show you most of the rest of the work. The car is a work in progress that I have...
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    TBricks in new RWD ipd catalog

    Plow and a number of other TBricks' members' cars are nicely featured in the new ipd RWD catalog. Plow's picture is one of the first and largest.
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    Internal plumbing of a dual-input FPR?

    Does anyone know how a dual-input FPR (Aeromotive, Malpassi, etc.) is internally plumbed? These things have an input port on each side and the return outlet on the bottom. If you are only using one input, can you use the other input port for a fuel pressure gauge fitting (i.e. does it see...
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    The scoop on airflow transition theory?

    Looking at a cross section of two scoop designs, similar to ones used for brake ducts, inlets, etc. So, for some reason, I'm thinking that the curved ramp is superior to the flat ramp, but I don't know why. The flat presents a more gradual slope for more of the air since the the top 75% of...
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    Help: What does this wire do?

    Volvo 240 Turbo: Blue wire that attaches to Fuse eleven. It comes to fuse eleven from the ballast resistor and before that the coil. Need to know which way current was flowing. According to the wiring diagram, the input of fuse 11 is bridged in common with 12 and 13, and power is already...
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    More publicity for TBricks and 240 Turbos

    March 2007 issue of Sports Car International magazine. I have been a long-time subscriber of this quality mag that comes out six times a year. Every issue has a one page feature at the back called "Affordable Sports" that features a decent sports/performance car that can be found used as a...
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    CONGRATS: Michael Towery - WDCR Playmate for November 2007!

    Err, I mean Playdude. An action shot of Michael was selected for the month of November in the newly released SCCA Washington DC Region 2007 calendar. Caption of picture says "Michael Towery proves a car does not have to be pretty to be fast. He won the DC Region Solo 2 championship in F...