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  1. Coupid

    Just Can't Stay Away 1972 142S

    Man I miss that car
  2. Coupid

    I think it?s Time for a Wagon 1988 740 Turbo

    My wife, daughter and I are departing for Monterey tomorrow to pick up this gem: I’ve been looking on and off for a Volvo project since I sold Buttercup my 142s a few years ago. Since we have a 1 year old it seemed like time to get a wagon. The car was owned by the same family since 1991...
  3. Coupid

    1985 Volvo 740 Diesel B230FT Swap??

    I miss you Volvo guys and there is a 1985 Volvo 740 TD on my local craigslist. It looks a lot like my first Volvo and since it is a pre-1997 Diesel it is smog exempt in California. Does anyone have any information about converting one of these cars to gasoline and putting a B230FT into it? For...
  4. Coupid

    Meet in The Middle Nojoqui Falls (Solvang, CA)

    My wife and I are planning to drive Buttercup up to the Meet in the Middle this Sunday. The show is from 11-2pm. It is a Volkswagen show but seems very casual. https://www.facebook.com/events/496503484078006/ Nojoqui Falls 3250 Alisal Rd., Goleta, California 93117 I think some SloRollers...
  5. Coupid

    Just Can't Stay Away 1972 142S

    After a year or so since I sold my 780, I could no longer stand to be without a Volvo. A few months ago I decided that if I got another it would have to be smog exempt (pre 75) so that I didn't have to deal with the one major drawback to being a car guy in California. I figured buying a...
  6. Coupid

    Well Why Not? 1979 244DL

    I just purchased a 1979 244DL to use as a backup vehicle while I work on my 780. I now have to commute 80 miles each day for work and I want to have some cheap insurance if the 780 develops any problems. I found this 1979 on Craigslist and worked the price down quite a bit from the $1,100 he...
  7. Coupid

    Bored today and painted and modified a bertone part

    I got bored this afternoon and decided to hack up an extra grill I g Had lying around for my 780. What do you guys think? Part of me misses the slash but I also kinda like the look. Here's a closer angle, still need to finish it up a little bit:
  8. Coupid

    Back in a Volvo! (780 content inside)

    After a few years away from Volvo since I sold my 744T I am finally back in the Volvo game. http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?p=3842885#post3842885 I had been emailing with the PO of the 1991 780 Coupe since I first saw the car for sale back in the beginning of July (see for sale...
  9. Coupid

    G80 Tricks

    So, firstly we forgot to take pictures but sometimes its hard to remember when you're being extremely innovative and ground breaking. Basically Tony and I installed a G80 locker in my 86 740 last night. We pulled the covers off both units and looked at them to try to figure out how to keep my...
  10. Coupid

    New Aero Kit Photoshoot

    A few weeks ago I went to the junkyard with my infiniti g20 driving friend. As I was pulling part of an alternator belt tensioner thingy, he asked me what this "ugly" trunk spoiler was doing on this 760. It sounded strange so I dropped my tools and came over to where he was standing. The car he...
  11. Coupid

    I have a large intercooler

    Almost a month ago robertclark and I installed a Powerstroke intercooler in my 740. We did it over two days and I also switched to a three row radiator at the same time because my old one had a slight mishap with a sawzall (not taking your radiator out of the car before cutting into your frame...
  12. Coupid

    740t goes autoXing

    I haven't made a post about my car since I was asking a lot of questions about my engine swap 2 years ago Here it is late this summer on a drive with my friend. (who since bought a 242t) Last week I put on new front rotors and pads. I also got my hyrdas shod in fresh BFG gsports. I took it to...
  13. Coupid

    B230ft into my 740GLE now wierd noises

    B230ft into my 740GLE now weird noises After a few hard days of work I finally got my b230ft into my non-turbo 740. When I went to hook up the battery, if both pos and neg are connected the engine makes a loud noise like it wants to crank. Is this a bad ground somewhere or something else. Any...
  14. Coupid

    B230ft into 740gle

    So I have the suspension pretty much squared away on my 1986 740gle. (IPD sways, Chassis bracing, and cut springs.) Now I want to start in on the power deptartment because anyone who has driven a 740gle knows its pretty lacking. I bought a B230ft out of a 92 740. It only has 98k on it so I'm...
  15. Coupid

    What to do about car/ New Aluminum Hood

    Hey, I picked up an aluminum hood for my 740 at the ipd garage sale for 10 dollars. When i got it, it was painted white. I sanded it down and painted it flat black. Here are some pictures: http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/343312/3 I also blacked out the slash on the grill and the chrome...
  16. Coupid

    What to do about an oil leak

    Okay so heres the deal, I have a 1986 740gle with the 4 speed auto (ZF?). When i got the car the mechanic said it has a small leak in the rear main seal. It wasnt really a problem back then but 10,000 miles later its getting worse. So here are some options i thought of. I buy the seal and try to...
  17. Coupid

    New rice rocket spoiler

    So a few months ago I came across a used spoiler for sale on the internet for 50 dollars. It took me about a month and a half to bid him down 20 dollars, and I finally bought the thing on the weekend. For the sum of thirty dollars I got the double decker spoiler as well as all the unused...
  18. Coupid

    Rim Options

    I've kinda looked into getting new rims put on my 744. It looks a little out of my price range. I got to thinking about maybe just changing the stock ones (dracos). Can I just knock out a few of the spokes with a hammer for a more custom three spoke look :e-shrug: ? J/k by changing I think I...