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    Do you recognize this A.R.E. 3 piece wheel?

    Looks like an AR-205 to me. I bought a 940 with a set of these a few years ago. They are fake 3 piece, the little bolt head things are just plastic.

    Texas 240 sugmotor cooling system

    I have a couple on the shelf, so I grabbed one down and measured it for you. Overall height including the ears on the bottom and the little bit of e-fan shroud over top is 19 in.

    Texas 240 sugmotor cooling system

    2mm shaved 530, old RSI Stg 1 NA cam, factory manifold into 2 inch secondaries into 2.5 inch with a big glasspack. Rev limit is a meager 6750 because I'm pretty sure this head just has stock valve springs lmao

    Texas 240 sugmotor cooling system

    My high comp 8 valve stays cool with a factory clutch fan and 3 row rad. YMMV, I just like to have fun on backroads and hay fields so if you're tracking the car or something you might need more.

    240 240 Replacement Windshield

    Anybody had luck getting a 240 windshield lately? If so, where did you get it? My 85's is leaking and it's got a couple little bullseye cracks, but the guy at the collision repair place in town couldn't get one to replace it with, early or later style.

    MS2 timing advancing with RPMs in fixed mode

    Working on MSing my 245 and I've run into an issue. Ignition timing is advancing as RPMs increase with the advance set to fixed mode. I'm using MS2 V3.0, LH2.2 distributor hall sensor for crank signal, Bosch 124 ignition module, and the stock coil. I'm using the resistor method for spark output...