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    7xx/9xx Fuel pump wiring connectors?

    Folks, Trying to adapt a 7xx/9xx Fuel pump for another purpose and I am having trouble finding the right wiring connectors. Anyone have a source for new connectors that don't have 25 year old plastic or is my only solution to find some decent ones in the junkyard? This is the pump I have...
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    140 Tailgate glass - Defroster Wires

    Folks, I am working on putting my tailgate back together after painting my '68 145 and I noticed that the rear defroster wires come out of the sides of the glass for my '68. However, when I look on my '70 145 I see the wires come out of the bottom of the glass. Having the wires come out of...
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    Vintage 140 Rear Vent Window rubber seals

    Hello, I met someone at the most recent PDX Cars and Coffee and while chatting about my '70 145s he mentioned he was working on getting new seals made up for the rear-vent windows on the early 140s (which have been NLA for a LONG time). However with the kiddo in the back seat I didn't catch...
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    164 Adjustable seat base in 140

    Folks, A while back I picked up an adjustable seat base (adjustable for both forward/back and seat height or tilt without needing a wrench!) from what I believe is an early 164 that I am looking to mount into my '70 145. Its a slick little unit and it looks like it will bolt right up to the...
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    740 Early 7xx - Car Seat "Tether" retrofit?

    Folks, I have an '85 740 Turbo (sedan) that I want to retrofit in a mount for a forward-facing car seat "tether" . This is a simple hook that the car seat uses to hold the top of the car seat in place against the back seat. I know later 7xx/9xx sedans had provisions for this tether mount on...
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    PDX Area Fuel Injection Cleaning

    Folks, Want to get a set of fuel injectors cleaned and flow tested, and the previous place I went to in the PDX area closed down. Any recommendations on a good place in the Portland area, preferably on the west side? Thanks, Brian
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    7xx/9xx V8 Swaps - What Exhaust?

    Ok folks, finishing up my LS swap in my '85 740T and I am looking to take it to get an exhaust made up. The car previously had a 3.5" (!) over-the-axle exhaust on it that I was thinking of partially reusing, but I want to hear what other folks have done. I am in the PDX area, so a CAT is a...
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    960 '96 960 - Engine Flooded after sitting for a few weeks

    Folks, After a few weeks of sitting thanks to Covid, I went out to start my '96 960. The battery was weak but it turned over and then fired for a second or two and then died. I then tried to start it again and it now cranks like it has lost all compression. I am assuming this means it is...
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    Coolant Temp Threads Messed up - Repair options in PDX

    So frustrated! Went to fix a weeping coolant temp sensor on my wife's '94 940T. The head was previously rebuilt and I had the shop install new sensors (I think the head I used originally had the early style 1-wire sensor...converted to the later 2-wire sensor). However, apparently the shop...
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    ISO 8v Perf Head (PDX area)

    Folks, Just disassembled my engine to find my RSI CNC head was cracked and leaking coolant into the #1 oil drain from the head. To add insult to injury, when attempting to disassemble the head, it appears the valves have mushroomed and I can't get them out through the valve guides. In short...
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    940 7xx/9xx Heater Valves?

    Ok, sick of these crappy plastic parts! Heater valve split and left my wife stranded on the side of the road. Thankfully the engine didn't overheat but I'm looking for a solution that doesn't suck. Any recommendations on a replacement heater valve that isn't plastic junk?
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    '96 960 Wagon w/o Nivomat - Sagging Rear End

    Everyone, Working on a '96 960 with over 200k miles on it. The car has a definite sag in the rear end, especially if the car is loaded down. My research indicates this is a Mk2 IRS car that did NOT come with Nivomats. On the chassis identification plate, the suspension is marked with an "H"...
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    Nathaninwa Intake/Rail w/ ID1000 Injectors

    Guys, Working on upgrading my injectors to ID1000s on my 740T, with a Nathaninwa Intake/Manifold. The ID1000s are 60mm long versions with the purple adapter to get the length right. The trouble is, the purple adapter has no groove in it for the clip to attach them to the fuel rail and I am...
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    940 13c Exhaust Housing swap - Gotchas?

    Folks, Pulled the 13c off of my 940T and promptly broke off the top stud in the housing. I have a spare exhaust housing from another 13c which is in good shape. Any gotchas in swapping the exhaust housings? Or is it just loosen the clamp and swap? Thanks, Brian
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    940 '94 940 EGR removal

    Folks, Working on my '94 940T and I am hoping to remove the EGR system. The valve is clogged and I have a very nice late style manifold I want to install that does not have an EGR port, so I am hoping to remove the system. I have an updated EZK ignition computer which I believe does NOT have...
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    Vintage 140 cooling fan question

    Folks, Just a quick question on 140 cooling fans. I just finished swapping my wagon over to the 5 blade flex fan from a fixed 4 blade fan (thanks Ian!) but looking at the spacer for the 5-blade flex fan, I have a simple question...is the fixed 4 blade fan supposed to have a spacer between the...
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    960 960 E-codes?

    Folks, Playing with a new-to-me '96 960 and was wondering if folks have ever done an e-code swap on these cars. Do the European lights have different housing/reflector or is it just a different glass lens to get the E-code cutoff? Anyone have pictures of the differences? Thanks! Brian
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    Bosch 280 150 762 Dead Times?

    Everyone, Working on a Microsquirt project and we are using "yellow top" Bosch injectors from a NA 2.3L redblock. I also think they were used on the 2.9L whiteblocks. Anyway, I was able to find flow data easily enough but I wanted to see what dead times people where using for these...
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    K-jet to Microsquirt - Reference Tune Request

    Folks, Working on a new MS project with a friend's B21, converting it from K-jet to microsquirt. Its a rebuilt motor with high compression (at least 10:1) and a T-cam....no turbo plans :) I was wondering if anyone has a base tune for N/A B21 that we can use as a starting point for the...
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    940 940T Engine Pull - Leave Tranny in?

    Folks, Looking to do an engine swap in my '94 940T w/ AW71 and had a simple question...any problems leaving the tranny in the car? In the past I have always pulled the engine/tranny together since I usually have work to do on the tranny as well, but this time I don't have a any reason to do...