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  1. y-bot

    240 Power window stuck down '81 262C

    Yesterday my windows were a little flaky and then the driver's side wouldn't roll up. Passenger was working with the switch in the passenger door but now not at all. Fuses are good, swapped a few around with no change. Not getting power to the window motor with the switch in either position...
  2. y-bot

    240 wiring help, blowing fuel pump relay fuse

    1981 262C with an '89 B230FT. The car died at 70 mph on the freeway the other day. Fuse #12 was blown. I replaced the fuse, tried to start the car and it blew again immediately. I had this exact same problem some time ago and I thought it was sorted out. The manual says fuse #12 is for back...
  3. y-bot

    15g turbo compressor wheel nut came off

    I bought this turbo several months ago from someone on Turbobricks and just got it installed on my car back a few days ago. Yesterday I noticed it was smoking from the exhaust badly when you gave it some gas. I took this pics of the turbo and it looks to me like the nut is gone and the...
  4. y-bot

    240 '81 262C water leaks in passenger foot area

    My passenger foot area is totally soaked. Today I took the seat out and pulled back the carpet. All of the drains along the seam below the door are clear. If I pour water in the cowl vent it runs out of those drains quickly. I also tried pouring water along the bottom of the windshield and I...
  5. y-bot

    Emergency help: #12 fuse 81 262C B230ft

    My car died and now blows the number 12 fuse and won't stay running.
  6. y-bot

    1981 262C windshield replacement/re-sealing

    My car leaks from the windshield and rear window. The guy I'm talking to about fixing it says according to his computer the windshield is standard 240 and can be replaced with the newer style (667 I think he said) windshield. Anyone know for sure if this is correct or not? My glass is fine...
  7. y-bot

    240 need some audio recommendations please

    The car is a 1981 262C with the stock radio/cassette and speakers in the front doors only. I need a CD player that is Ipod compatible and has Bluetooth that will work with my Iphone 3GS. I had a 90's Sony radio/cassette in there so I'm pretty sure I still have some kind of mounting plate that...
  8. y-bot

    my 1981 242Cti (formerly 262C)

    Here's my old thread to see what it used to look like: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=165558&page=2 I just got the car back a couple of days ago after some extensive work at RSI. Painted Virgos w/new Falken tires, Bilstein HDs, IPD 25mm anti-sway bars, IPD lowering springs...
  9. y-bot

    which tire should I get

    1981 262C that is stock right now. I'm working on getting some Virgos and everything I've read says 205/60/15 or 205/55/15. Soon I would like to get Bilstein HD shocks/struts, IPD springs and sway bars. Eventually I would like to have about a 200 hp turbo 4 and a manual transmission. The car...
  10. y-bot

    advice needed: Portland peeps especially

    Know anything about this car or Volvo's Only? I just read the reviews on Citysearch and they are not good. I drove the car and it runs and drives well. Several little things are wrong like a burnt out headlight and flakey window switches. After I drove it and it was sitting for a minute...
  11. y-bot

    240 BW55 transmission leak + driveshaft center bearing

    The car is an '81 262C with a B28F and BW55. I have a bad transmission fluid leak. Like 1/2 to 1 quart a week or so. I had a mechanic that was doing some work for me but I think he has flaked since he hasn't returned my calls in a week. He replaced the transmission rear seal but I'm not sure...
  12. y-bot

    262C springs/shocks/struts same as 240?

    I've got a bone stock '81 262C with a B28F V6. Someday it will probably get a 4-cylinder turbo but I was thinking of upgrading some suspension stuff soon. What I was wondering is since it is a V6 are the springs or anything else different than a 240? Any reason not to get Bilstein HD...
  13. y-bot

    262C/B28F vacuum lines & hoses/cruise control

    I've got an '81 262C with a B28F V6 and all the vacuum lines and small hoses are hard and break if you mess with them too much. I was trying to fix the cruise control tonight and noticed that the hoses that go to the oil filler cap are cracked/broken and some vacuum lines were off. I broke a...
  14. y-bot

    best junkyards in Portland?

    best junkyards in Portland, OR? I'm looking for some parts for my '81 262C. Beige interior pieces that are common to other 200 series, cruise control parts, turn signal lenses and some other stuff. Where is my best bet? I was at the Vancouver U-Pull-It the other day and they have a 200...
  15. y-bot

    240 interior light door switch '81 262C

    I've got an '81 262C and I'm assuming this switch is standard Volvo of the era. The interior light that come on when the door is open weren't working at all but I fixed it so the work when the passenger door is open. The driver's side switch is different and causing me trouble. There are two...
  16. y-bot

    1981 262C w/B28F which spark plugs?

    The owner's manual says Bosch HR6 DS. Should I go with those or something else? Thanks, y-bot
  17. y-bot

    water in the engine, what did I do

    water in the engine/NEW PROBLEM 4/5/09 I've got an '81 262C with a B28F engine and today I sprayed some foaming engine degreaser on the engine, started the car and hosed it off at the car wash. It started running rough and then died. I let it sit for a few minutes and then I was able to drive...
  18. y-bot

    Anyone going to the Portland Swap Meet?

    I have a semi-retarded customer at my work who keeps begging me to with him and his slightly higher functioning friend on Saturday. Anyone else going? y-bot
  19. y-bot

    new Volvo Owner/1981 262C

    new Volvo Owner/1981 262C (now w/pics!) Howdy! My grandmother and great aunt just gave me the 1981 Volvo Bertone Coupe (262C) that my grandmother bought new. It's got 151,000 miles on it and has probably never left Oregon. It needs a heater core and the front driver's seat is pretty...