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    The "never-getting-done" 16VT 242

    So I believe I made mention of this in my past build thread for the "Back burner 242" which is now actually the junkyard shell 242 (I.e. it's crushed... bye :oops:). The old:(https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=203720) The new: (but also, very old) Got this on October 9th, 2011 and...
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    Barney's very own coilovers

    From this: to this: FIN: Shortened ~2 inches used a pipe cutter to do the sectioning and cut the stop rings. What color springs should I go with? I was thinking neon green might be kind of nice. :nod:
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    Is this hole going to be an issue?

    Ok back story, got this stupid turbo Precision GT3255R with a 5 bolt, but didn't want to go through the hassle of working a new revision for the EWG. So I figured I could drill a WG hole in the 5 bolt. It worked actually. But I should have angled it: Essentially, I went a little too far...
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    4 bolt turbine housing to the CHRA

    So I acquired a turbo, supposedly a GT3255 thing, and it looks like this: Has anyone seen that 4 bolt to the CHRA type housing before? I need a .63 A/R So far, however I have not been able to find anything about the housing and where to buy a new one.
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    242 on the dyno should I hit 242 HP?!

    Had the 242 on the dyno today... did pretty well as far as I'm concerned haha. Pictures: Also the sheet to prove the 242 HP lol Uploading the video now, will have soon!
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    Chinabay turboing on my 8v 242

    So the garret bit the dust the other day and started puffing smoke like a dragon. While it looks cool, the environment probably hates it I'm sure. Picked up a Chinabay .50 trim (actual .44trim) .50 Compressor/.63 A/R Thar she blows: Chinabay Gate (38mm Emusa... power purple.) Old turbo...
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    Ikea October 8th. Schuamburg, IL

    10AM start time. Pretty much unofficial. Show up if you are around. May have a decent turn out. Any questions, ask.
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    uppipe on a FWD car...

    Well we decided to try and mount this big turbo on Justus's (Fischmama) car. This is what we came up with. We will be putting an external WG on this up pipe as well. What y'all think? -Joe
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    No brake fluid from driver side rear

    1984 242. Replaced the master with a known working master. All other calipers get fluid. Primary and secondary halves seem to work properly in general (while bleeding front calipers). Tested output for rear left side at the distribution block, and it flows out fine when the pedal is pressed...
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    At my end with this car :-( can anyone help?

    Ok the setup: B21FT kjet head, kjet ports plugged with the old injectors running a B230ft intake MSnS 1 V2.2 -S70 injectors -Hall sensor disty from a newer car Car runs, and idles fine. But almost has some sort of miss. When I'm driving it get's worse. I don't notice anything off in the...
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    stock tach gauge output on kjet -> MS car

    Ok... last stupid question for a little bit I hope. So now that I'm using an LH2.2 dizzy to get the tach input for MS... where do I pull the signal for the tach in my gauge cluster? Sucks not having a tach in the car aside of the laptop, and that only works half the time as I usually have...
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    Logs are showing me hitting 19psi... but I only hit 5.

    So my logs are showing that I hit around 133KPA, but my boost gauge is only reading ~5PSI What's the deal? Is it an atmospheric pressure issue? Ironically enough, if I take 133 and subtract atmospheric pressure, (100KPA) I get 4.7 PSI Thanks in advance!! -Joe
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    Can't seem to access or find my datalogs :-(

    So I have done three datalogs which I can see when I go to save another datalog in MegaTune, but I can not access them or see them any other way (i.e browsing the save location or even looking through Megalog viewer.) Os = win 7 pro 32bit They are being sved as excel .xls files. Any ideas...
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    WRX seat!!

    Teaser sort of. Driver side is still going in. They sit a bit higher, but I will be doing the driver side a bit differently to account for that. I just welded the old 240 seat rails onto the WRX sliders which caused it to sit ~1 inch higher than if the WRX were just sitting in the car. The...
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    Have RPM and spark. No fuel...

    I just can't win with this car. Here is the run down. Finally got RPM, and then with that came spark. Spent a long time cranking the car trying to nail down the trigger angle. I'm at the point where I'm thinking about putting the old ignition back in. So in preparation for that, I decided...
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    No RPM output for MS

    Hall sensor has been checked (Pull up resistor is wired in as well as the 10 ohm resistor on the feed) When we spin the engine by hand the hall sensor knows when there is a clear window or a blocked window. But we still get nothing in megatune or tunerstudio. When the window is blocked, we...
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    July 17th Spring Grove Illinois

    Hey guys, cross post from vspeed. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/135429-july-17th-meet-at-fox-lake-chain-olakes-park/ Chain - o - lakes park. We plan on grilling so we need to know how many people roughly are going to be there so we can plan for how much food we need. Thanks!
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    Those of you with custom coilovers on the front (240)

    So I will be doing this soon. I have 2.5" shorter strut inserts commin. My plan is to obvoiusly shorten the strut tubes 2.5 inches. But how low should I mount the adjuster sleeve? Where have you guys been putting the adjuster? I figure the lower you go, if it is too low you can just add a...
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    GTI and 242 - Beauty and the beast?

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    1984 242 the "back burner"

    OK, so I said I would do a project thread, and I'm doin it. Now. The reason I'm calling it the back burner right now is because the whole back end was in an awesome fire! It burned very hot and fairly quick from what I can tell. (We believe someone flung a cocktail at the window. Ultimately...