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  1. Fjergus

    240 Buzzing turn signal relay and related electrical ****ery

    '85 240DL wagon Sometimes when I flip the turn signal switch, the blinkers... don't. Instead, the signal relay starts buzzing, the seat belt warning light comes on, the door ajar beeper thing dings for a second or two, the battery warning light dimly comes on, and the tach wildly swings around...
  2. Fjergus

    240 Idle issues and wonky vacuum gauge reading

    1985 240DL with a freshly rebuilt NA B230 and a K cam (about 10k miles on the rebuild). The engine is out of a later 240 (a 1993, if I recall correctly). LH2.2 ECU, Chrysler ignition, and an M46. I swapped my tired old engine out for a freshly rebuilt one last year, and the damn thing has never...
  3. Fjergus

    240 Electrical Black Magic ****ery

    Car deets: 1985 240DL wagon with a freshly rebuilt B230F and LH2.2 w/ Chrysler ignition (no EZK yet) Things I've tried/checked: The ignition timing is set to roughly 15?, the valve timing is correct, and I've been searching for vacuum leaks for days without finding any. The idle air control...
  4. Fjergus

    Anyone familiar with 123 ignition control systems??

    Have any of you used one of these before? http://www.123ignition.nl/product.phtml?id=240 I'm not planning on buying one or anything, I'm just curious because I've never heard of that company.
  5. Fjergus

    For those wondering if they should pull the trigger on a set of IPD sway bars...

    ...do it. Just do it. I just sprung for a set of 25/25's on my 240, and I'm seriously pissed at myself that I didn't do it years ago. I got them used, but they're worth every penny even new. Yes, it really does make that much of a difference. Just do it.
  6. Fjergus

    Intermittent power lock failure ('85 240 wagon)

    This has been going on for a while, and I was wondering if anyone else has run into it; every so often, the power door locks refuse to activate. When I turn off the car and try to lock it with the key or by pushing down the door lock, the driver's door locks normally, but none of the other doors...
  7. Fjergus

    Turbo exhaust valve questions

    I'm rebuilding a late B230F, and I'm wondering if I should install the sodium filled valves from a turbo motor while I have it apart. I'll probably end up putting a turbo on it at some point, although I'm not planning on doing it at the moment (too much other stuff going on). Anyhoo, on to the...
  8. Fjergus

    240 Driveshaft Donut Question

    1985 240DL (wagon), B230F, M46 Long story short, my carrier bearing donut keeps twisting around inside the crossmember. I replaced the donut and the bearing 15,000 or so miles ago (it had fallen apart), and since then the stupid thing doesn't seem to want to stay put. Since then, I've replaced...
  9. Fjergus

    240 Super Stealth Wideband AFR Display

    '85 240DL wagon (NA at the moment), B230F, M46 I've been meaning to get a wideband sensor for a while, but I didn't really like the idea of mounting the display in one of the normal gauge locations. Call me silly, but most of the ones I've seen clash with the brown 80's aesthetic of the 240...
  10. Fjergus

    Reasonable price for a Penta AQ151C?

    The B230F in my '85 is getting pretty tired. In the interest of having enough time to fiddle with the engine/not having to drive the motorcycle for a few weeks in the middle of winter, I'm tossing around picking up a second engine. I popped on to craigslist, and lo and behold, there's someone...
  11. Fjergus

    Valve Seal Replacement

    I've been smelling what I believe to be burning oil for a while now, but there was never enough of it to be 100% sure. I was coasting down a big hill near my house the other day though, and to my great surprise and annoyance, a gigantic plume of blue smoke erupted from my tailpipe the second I...
  12. Fjergus

    Intermittent no start.

    SOLVED! Bad fuel pump relay. 1985 240DL, B230F w/ M46 Every so often (seems to happen more when the engine was run briefly before it was parked), the engine will crank over but will not start. It doesn't matter how long I crank it, and it doesn't matter if I let it sit for a few minutes; it...
  13. Fjergus

    Sounds of impending failure from my fuel pump

    My fuel pump is making a very unhappy squealing, grinding noise. I noticed it today in the drive through at Taco Bell. I'm wondering if it's the pump itself, or if it's a clogged filter or the pump relay doing something strange. Anyone else noticed horrible noises coming from their pump? What...
  14. Fjergus

    :help: Replaced just about everything, still have idle problems

    I've got an '85 240 with a B230F, stock LH2.2 with the Chrysler ignition module. Even with the idle speed adjustment screw all the way in, it idles at roughly 1100RPM warm, and 1500RPM for a minute or so after startup. Another exceedingly odd problem is that it falls flat on it's face at full...
  15. Fjergus

    TPS Strangeness

    I recently replaced my wiring harness, and I've developed a weird issue. It drives fine and acts more or less like it should (minus a high idle, which I'm thinking is a bad IAC), but when I open the throttle all the way, it stalls. If I let off the throttle even a little bit (just enough to...
  16. Fjergus

    Wiring Problems (haaaaaalp!)

    So, I just replaced the engine wiring harnesses (ECU and ICU) on my stock LH 2.2 (with that piece of **** Chrysler box). The old one was falling apart and had been spliced in several places and I was worried it would leave me stranded/catch on fire/start developing gremlins. The installation...
  17. Fjergus

    Vacuum pump?

    Random thought: it is well known that 240's in particular are prone to vacuum leaks, and that they have a ton of vacuum operated accessories. All of the various Jetronic versions these cars came with are very sensitive to vacuum leaks. What about running an electric vacuum pump for the...
  18. Fjergus

    Jetronic LH 2.2 Strangeness

    I'm trying to track down the cause of a hunting idle and intermittent intake backfire issue I've been having. My first thought was a vacuum leak, but I want able to find any. I capped off the lines to the nonessential accessories, but it didn't change. Next I pulled the throttle body off and...
  19. Fjergus

    240 Rear End Clunk?

    I have a moderate clunk in the rear end of my '85 (~260,000 mi) whenever I let off or step on the throttle. It's louder when I change the throttle position suddenly and is accompanied by a small but perceptible jolt throughout the car. In traffic, letting off the clutch fairly rapidly (not doing...
  20. Fjergus

    240 Clutch Cockups: How Not to Spend All Weekend Under Your Volvo

    Some observations I made during a recent clutch job. This was in a 1985 240DL with the M46 transmission, but I suspect the same is true for most manual transmissions mated to redblocks. First, when you pull the bell housing off to replace the input shaft seal, DO NOT ALLOW THE OUTPUT SHAFT TO...