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  1. jamesinc

    LH2.4 Install/Conversion. Just 4 wires to make it run

    No worries, but I would avoid taking one from a 740/940 as they do not have separate engine wiring harnesses, it is all integrated with the main body harness. The speedo question is pretty easy to answer, if you shine a torch on the diff from the rear of the car, if it's electronic speedo...
  2. jamesinc

    LH2.4 Install/Conversion. Just 4 wires to make it run

    I used this thread 10 years ago to do my first LH-2.2 to 2.4 conversion in a 740 Turbo! If you don't have an axle with a speedo sensor, you don't need one, but like OP says, without a speed signal your idle will be wacky. I thought 1987 240s had electronic speedos though. If that's the case...
  3. jamesinc

    240 World's most stubborn running issue

    I've been chasing this on and off for like two years. I have a 1991 240 wagon, M47, LH-2.4. It is hard to start when cold (takes a couple goes of long cranking), then it idles badly, like it has a miss. It smoothes out a bit at higher rpm. It jerks a lot when the throttle is just open a tiny...
  4. jamesinc

    Looking for a pinout of the 1991- 240 cruise control module

    I can't seem to find this on any of the wiring diagrams I've come across online. I'm retrofitting a cruise module from a 1991 US-spec 240. I don't have the corresponding 8-pin connector on my main harness, so I need to pin it out by hand. It is an LH-2.4 car however, so I have the speed signal...
  5. jamesinc

    240 '81 244 - normal for AC to not have a pressure switch?

    Trying to work out if the AC on this 244 has been tinkered with one too many times. The dryer doesn't have a pressure switch on it, and neither does the new one I got from FCP. I haven't seen a switch anywhere else in the system.
  6. jamesinc

    240 What brackets were used with both a York A/C compressor and early-style PS pump?

    I'm having a hard time working this out. A popular mod is to delete A/C and get the very desirable "a/c delete" power steering bracket. I actually want to do the reverse. I have a York compressor mounted down low, and I want to mount one of the early style power steering pumps above it. The...
  7. jamesinc

    S/V/C '98 V70 - removing rear quarter trim and glass

    Hi, Has anyone here removed the rear quarter panel glass from a P80 V70? If so, I'm mostly curious on how to remove the trim from the outside. How is the glass kept in place? Does it use a butyl seal that I'll need to slice with some piano wire?
  8. jamesinc

    240 Adjusting panel gaps around bonnet (hood)

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get all the panel clearances around the engine bay of my 244 right. The problem I'm having is that the driver's quarter panel is correct at the rear but too wide at the front, so the gap between the quarter panel and the hood slowly increases as you move forward. I...
  9. jamesinc

    240 Replacing evaporator core - what is the black adhesive stuff?

    Hey everyone, I am replacing a leaky out evap core in the A/C of a 244 with a good used one. I'm also replacing the rest of the system so it'll all be clean with good seals etc. Anyway the old core had this black rubbery adhesive stuck between it and the plastic end-cap that goes on the side of...
  10. jamesinc

    240 244 with York 210 compressor - how much oil for dry system?

    I've rebuilt the A/C on an old 244 I'm restoring. It has a York 210 compressor. I have 100% stripped this system bare. The compressor has been rebuilt, the dryer is new, the lines are new, the evaporator core is (okay I got cheap at this point and went for a used one). But the whole system has...
  11. jamesinc

    240 1977 trim clips - how many and which ones

    I need to replace every. single. brightwork. clip. on my 1977 244. This does not include the clips for the windscreen brightwork. I remember when tearing the car down that there are at least two types of clip. As the clips aren't so cheap that I can just buy bags and bags of them, I was...
  12. jamesinc

    240 Speedo cable length - AW71 vs M46

    Does anyone know if the AW71 and M46 speedo cables are the same length? I've swapped the trans in my 244 from BW55 to M46, but the old BW55 speedo cable is too short. I hear the AW71 cable is longer and have easy access to one, whereas I'd have to order an M46 cable from FCP. Anyone know?
  13. jamesinc

    405 head - What size thread is this?

    I guess it was originally for the EGR or something? I need to buy a plug bolt to block it but I don't know what thread it is. I'm also looking for the thread size of the flywheel diagnostic hole on the block.
  14. jamesinc

    740 740 w/ mechanical climate control - compressor always on?

    Hey guys, I've noticed in my 740 that if the A/C is on, the compressor clutch engages, even if the A/C is set to hot. Is this how it's supposed to work? Sees like in the winter I'm taking an economy hit because the compressor is compressing for no reason.
  15. jamesinc

    740 Random no-start when warm (not as in it cranks, but as in it doesn't crank)

    Okay I've been trying to hunt down the cause of this problem for ages and it is driving me round the bloody bend. When the car is warm, but not JUST DRIVEN warm, more like driven 30 minutes ago warm, it will randomly fail to start. Car turns to reds just fine, turn key for starter and zip...
  16. jamesinc

    740 Effect of no radio suppression relay

    Hey all, I've got a 740 Turbo that I converted to run LH-2.4 (from LH-2.2). To accomplish this I pinched the engine wiring harness from a 240. Now, the 240 doesn't have a radio suppression relay, so the 740 is now running with its relay disconnected. I get the odd bit of surge in idle, rich...
  17. jamesinc

    Early-style 240 clock repair

    Many owners of early-model (74-78) 240s live with broken dash clocks. What you may not know is that repairing the clock is often both easy and cheap, provided you have some basic skill with a soldering iron. In this article, we are going to replace the two 100?F/16V (that's 100 micro-Farad, 16...
  18. jamesinc

    Help me work out my painting process (1K)

    Okay so I'm restoring a '77 244DL. It's sky blue. My understanding is that the original paint is 1K acrylic. There are many places on this car that have gone back to bare metal, due to rust and welding. I'd like to first apply a coat of POR15 around the windshield seal area, and on the door...
  19. jamesinc

    240 B21F restoration - parts upgrades?

    I'm restoring a '77 244DL. I'm going to strip the B21F (K-Jet) down and do all the seals and gaskets, because, well, I'm taking it out anyway for paint, so why the hell not? Anyway, I don't know the B21 very well. While I have it out, is there anything I should pinch from other redblocks...
  20. jamesinc

    240 Anyone sell the weld-in trim clips found on early 240 windshields?

    I'm talking about the metal ones that are welded onto the body around the windscreen. I'm restoring a 244 at the moment and half of them have rusted and snapped. Mostly along the bottom. Here's a bad picture to help illustrate what I'm talking about: