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  1. brickyard92

    Is this mount too far gone?

    Yeah, that's correct.
  2. brickyard92

    No bricks to be found at junkyards!!!

    So I was wondering why I am not getting any more alerts from Pull-apart here in Atlanta. The reason is that there are no Bricks at any of the 4 locations in GA and haven't been for a while now. I've never seen this in my 20 years of owning Volvos. It's was pretty cool to be able to get small...
  3. brickyard92

    740/940 Motor mounts are not Available????

    I can?t believe I can?t source out genuine motor mounts anymore! Corteco and Hutchison are not available anymore!! All the Aftermarket mounts are Junk! I?ll have to Email scandix and inquire what brand are they carrying these days. Let me know if anyone can track down a source please!!
  4. brickyard92

    The vovlo gods has been good to me!

    I was cleaning out my shed last week and I just realize that I haven't done anything on my 92 740 in almost 9 months with the exception of regular oil changes and filter change. I guess I've gotten so used to something breaking so often. I have to admit though that I've replaced tons of parts...
  5. brickyard92

    Injectors cleaning time? Maybe?

    In my 20 years of owning 5 Volvos, I've never had the injectors clean in any of them. I'm contemplating having them clean soon on my 940 but I'm not sure it's necessary to have them done even though it's a 30year old car...:oops: What are the symptoms of dirty injectors if any?
  6. brickyard92

    What's the Best upgrade You've done on your brick?

    I finally got my Ecodes from Scandix last week. OMG, I don't know why I took so long to do it..It's worth every penny especially, having to drive to work at 5 AM every morning. You never realize how important having the correct headlights are until you HAVE the correct ones.:)
  7. brickyard92

    Ground wire again really!!!

    I'm on my way to work this morning at 5 AM on HWY 985 in Atl. 10 min into my ride; my instrument panel begins to get dimmer and dimmer. The ABS lights come on, the radio cuts out, the headlights go dim.:grrr: So I pull off the road, grab my flashlight, pop the hood. Guess WHAT it was? The...
  8. brickyard92

    Take your own advice!

    One of the spare parts that I advise people to have in our bricks is an RPM sensor. Yesterday my 92 740 wouldn't start in my driveway. I was running late for work, so I took the wife's car. Long story short, no tach movement which is a clue. It was the RPM sensor! When I got home I took it off...
  9. brickyard92

    Front wheel bearing

    Replaced the front wheel bearings (sealed wheel bearing)assemblies in my 92 740. Used correct torque specs, anti seize, etc. Made sure the heat shields are clearing the rotors... On The passenger side the bearing when on so smoothly,torque it down while turning the hub. On the driver side i...
  10. brickyard92

    Engine stumbles when A/C is turn on

    When I turn my A/C on in my 92 740 the engine stumbles.Sometimes it cut off but It doesn't do it every time.I've check the a/c ground wire and its good. I replaced the compressor due to aging (noisy)recently and it works perfectly but the problem still persist even after replacement. Has...
  11. brickyard92

    A/c compressor replace?

    I have a 1992 740,the a/c works good but makes noises when i turn it on.Its definitely the compressor.The car has 241100 miles in it. Is the compressor dying on me? Should i wait until it does or swap it out? If i swap it out what other components should be considered?
  12. brickyard92

    A spark plug wire really??

    My Volvo 740, 92 about 2 months ago started to sputter on acceleration and idle. I replaced the 02 sensor,coolant sensor,air temp sensor,Map pressure sensor,intank fuel pump,check for vacuum leaks. Today, I finally went back to the basics . I checked each spark plug wire by pulling each one of...
  13. brickyard92

    Idle problems

    I noticed when i turn my AC on there's a vibration and my car stalls almost everytime the compressor comes on.I understand that the AC will pull from the engine but it shouldn't have that great effect on the rpm like that. I replaced all the A\C bushings and there's still a vibration. The...
  14. brickyard92

    Waterpump seal

    I could not figure out why my waterpump would leak for the second time in two years I think i've figure out why.. After very close examination, these are my findings. The Hepu seals and some other aftermarket seals seems to get very brittle and leaks.I also think the one from volvo has a rounder...
  15. brickyard92

    I'm really upset but should i be?

    I've been really busy lately with my business so i don't have the time to work on my 740,940 wagons as much as i used to. I took my 740 wagon to my volvo mechanic to replace the rear engine seal.(thats one of the few jobs that i won't do my self). I asked him also to replace the tranmission...
  16. brickyard92

    Ipd lower chassis brace issue

    I need some expert advice guys.I recently installed the ipd lower brace on my 92 740 wagon.Now i can feel a vibration in the steering wheel. Would that affect my alignment or suspension in any way?I also have the 19mm sway in the rear.
  17. brickyard92

    Euro port parts

    Has anyone ever ordered parts from these guys? Many of their parts are 20-30 dollars cheaper than everyone else...Free shipping too.? I'm not complaining,just skeptical.
  18. brickyard92

    Glass Adventure!!

    So i'm on my way home from work today in my 92 wagon, all of a sudden i can feel air coming into the cabin so i look around and i see this....If you live in atlanta then you know i-985 is like the friggin autobahn.I pull over and took some pics ... Is it cheaper to buy a new glass and put it in...
  19. brickyard92

    Huray! Huray! Sway bar rocks!!

    All I can say is... Wow! WOW! Just installed my 19MM SwayBar on my 92 wagon Best money spent.(20.00 from the pull apart )Felt instant difference in how the car feels. Even in just changing lanes seems like a huge difference !! Going around corners you have soo much more control. Imo it is the...
  20. brickyard92

    strut mounts

    Next weekend i will be replacing my front strut,springs,and the bearings for the strut mount.I am prepared to buy new strut mount if needed. I have a small amount of upward movement in either the mount or bearing and was wondering which one that wears out.the bearings? the mount itself? both? Is...