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    poor starting on low tank (its not the pump)

    yes ive already changed the in-tank pump my '92 240 wagon (+T LH 2.4 with a TLAO chip) is frequently hard to start when the tank is low. but runs fine otherwise. I swapped the in tank pump for new last week and still have the issue. Often i can get it going with some gas pedal input. I am...
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    uneven running, fuel pressure issue?

    having an annoying issue but so far it hasnt left me stranded. In normal driving on the road, the engine in my '92 240 will occasionally stumble a little, its most noticeable between 1500-2000 rpm. Idle is smooth and above 2000 rpm the stumble is either not there or not noticeable both fuel...
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    240 AC system woes

    The AC in my 92 240 wagon is causing me sadness. It works for about 1 cycle then won?t come back on. If been trying to verify that the pressure switch at the drier is bad or sticking. -if I tap the switch the compressor cycles on -whenever I test the switch for continuity it is always closed...
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    Need measurements for OEM hitch hardware

    I have the hard to find bolts but not the spacers. If anyone can measure and share the length of the spacers that would be a help for fabing some from tube stock
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    Quieting on the highway

    I'm driving a '92 240 wagon with a +T and intercooler. Currently intake is through a tapered canister filter behind the pass headlight. Exhaust is a 2.5" catless system. In general I like the sound of the car, but on the highway it's just loud in an unsexy way I had been thinking I would...
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    Setting up a 15g for rwd, how much to stretch wg arm?

    I'm.uograding my +T 240 from a 13c to a 15g. I have the yoshifab bracket for wastegate actuator and the adjustable wastegate they sell. When it's all bolted together I need to pull the arm about 1.5 cm to reach the wastegate lever. Is that ok? It seems like there isn't much range left in the...
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    high idle on cold start

    its still kinda cold in new england and the issue is only medium annoying so i havnt dug in yet. But any tips or suggestions are appreciated... '92 240 wagon, B230F with a +T, intercooler and TLAO ecu & ezk chips When i first start up on a cold morning, or after sitting a long time. the car...
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    need some help confirming turbine housing fit

    im trying to find a replacement turbinehousing for a td04hl-15G This ebay auction lists a housing under the part # which matches the parts list on turbomaster.com but describes it as a TD04 housing, which i understand to be different can anyone help me confirm from the casting #'s that this is...
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    Charcoal canister hookup

    Tried to resurrect and old thread but couldn?t. My fuel sender (92 240 wagon) has 3 barbs, but one is capped. Is there meant to be a hose there for the charcoal canister? I?m chasing gas fumes in the cabin and trying to be thorough while it?s all apart
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    hose size for fuel return line?

    in my quest to rid my '92 240 wagon of fuel vapors i am replacing all the hoses between the tank and rail. I thought I had everything on hand but the hose i bought to replace the return line is clearly too small. i'm planning on running fresh hose all the way and not using the hardline which...
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    Horn = rear wiper

    On my 92 240 wagon the horn is unreliable, if I got the right spot it usually beeps. Often when it does work the rear wiper triggers as well. I've started tracing the wires back but so far not finding any obvious crossed wires. If anyone has solved similar issues I'd love a pointer in the...
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    Switched/ACC power under hood?

    Hooking up some aftermarket DRL?s. Is there any source for switched power under the hood I can tap to control the relay? Or do I have to run one from the cabin?
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    Ac compressor duty cycle after R134 upgrade

    I have just replaced my compressor and resealed the system with the correct o-rings filled with 6oz of pg100 and charged with r134. The system works but the compressor cycles every 10-20 seconds Is this normal? It?s a bit disconcerting to feel the compressor constantly starting up while driving
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    240 please help me diagnose fault codes after engine swap

    I just finished swapping a new B230F into my 240 after the last one threw a rod out of both sides of the case. It drives well, but idles rough and consistently turns on the check engine light with codes... 1-1-3 ? Lambda control ? engine running too rich/lean 2-3-2 ? Lambda control ? too lean...
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    are turbine housings interchangeable on TD04HL turbos?

    I have a TD04HL-15g i am rebuilding to swap into my +t 240. The turbine housing has cracks around the wastegate, and before i attempted to fix them i found a used housing on ebay that claims to be from a TD04HL. A respectable amount of googling seemed to indicate that all TD04HL turbos share...
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    dark oil stains on middle-most valves. problem or nah?

    Im new to this level of engine work, but Im going through a B230F squirter engine before putting it in my '92 wagon to resurrect it. The engine has been sitting so i cant do a compression or leakdown test, the story with the engine was thiat is has around 160k and ran fine when pulled. I...
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    oil pump rebuild

    I got the blown engine out of my wagon yesterday and am going through the new engine to replace it. My oil pump is out of spec in backlash by a few thou, but otherwise fine. The bentley manual says replace the gears, but they dont seem to be available. Money IS an object so... whats the best...
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    buyautoparts AC compressor?

    anyone have any experience with the cheap AC compressors sold thought amazon? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JXZKKOO/?coliid=I27U2EHPD1G2BK&colid=3QE71MOCT446A&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it yest, i understand the obvious reasons why its "probably" a bad idea, was wondering if anyone has actual...
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    best cam for a b230F +t, daily driving

    at the risk of asking "how much boost can stock support" I have a B230F squirter engine that is going to into my LH2.4 +t wagon, is there any consensus on the best cam for spirited daily driving?
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    Conrod big end bolts, what head?

    What is the head style for the big end bolts on the rods in a b230? My new engine has some kind of star headed bolts. Looks similar to hardware on me e61 BMW, but not exactly. Very hesitant to try something that "seems to fit" to loosen them. Did some searching and couldnt find the answer...