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  1. bobxyz

    Volvo 240+t misfiring

    1) Where does the big hose off the oil separator box go to? Do you have a small hose off the flametrap? If so, where does it go? And where does the hose off the turbo CBV go to? 2) Have you pulled off the compressor-to-intercooler hose, and the intercooler-to-throttle body hose, and checked...
  2. bobxyz

    ‘88 740T Cluster Issues..

    I've not worked on 740s, but from the wiring diagram, the main +12v power and the main ground to the gauges both come from the 3-pin speedo connector. If you're not seeing voltage on the Voltmeter Gauge, your 3-pin speedo connector or wiring is suspect. Look at the Speedo page in the greenbook...
  3. bobxyz

    Jump cables got crossed on my 89 Volvo 740 turbo intercooler... What all needs replacing?

    If the alternator is bad, it may be draining the battery, or may be so bad that it prevents the car from running. You should be able to disconnect the alternator completely (wrap each disconnected wire in electrical tape to prevent shorting), and run on just the battery for a while.
  4. bobxyz

    Fuel/Spark tuning for LH 2.4/EZK with TunerPro!

    I've never done much with TunerPro, but I expect to at some point. Does this thread or this one from gearhead-efi.com help? Edit: I did a little more reading and what you want to do may not be possible. 1) For cars that can provide a serial diagnostic data stream, TunerPro supports ADX...
  5. bobxyz

    Need radio code for Volvo 240

    ^^^ out of curiosity, do you know the code for the radio pictured? Or how the diodes map to the code?
  6. bobxyz

    Volvo 240 struggling to turn off

    Unplug your new efan relay. Does it still misbehave? If not, post a detailed wiring diagram for your efan.
  7. bobxyz

    Is there a list of MS friendly sensors from junkyard cars?

    Here's the link to the old megamanual sensors page: http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/mwire.htm BTW: the factory 240 MAFs are a "hot wire" sensor and need a periodic burnoff cycle to keep the hot wire clean and accurate. If you're going to use the the factory MAF, you may need to hose it...
  8. bobxyz

    Volvo b234f high idle

    Yup, 1-1-1 on ECU socket #2 before turning it off means no codes, so it's not the missing VSS problem. You could check for EZK codes (socket #6) but that's probably OK too. Sorry, on to the next idea....
  9. bobxyz

    New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)

    Said the man still wearing his Santa Hat
  10. bobxyz

    Volvo b234f high idle

    3-1-1 is VSS Missing code. For the US 240's, it could be due to a poor speedo wiring connection. What year/model? Does your speedo work?
  11. bobxyz

    New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)

    "New phone, who dis?" Sorry, wrong number. You want the frizzy-haired mid-life crisis euro-stance-boyz forum. :-P Sweet Ride! Now all you need is the tuner pkg that can leave no trace.
  12. bobxyz

    1981 244 Idle Issue

    You need a new harness - most likely, the IAC wires, or the sensor wires to the CIS control box are shorting out somewhere. Looks like a blue Cali plate? If so, try Dave Barton's 240turbo.com for harnesses. There's also a harness in for sale here, but I don't know if it's compatible with your...
  13. bobxyz

    Volvo b234f high idle

    LH2.4 can have a high idle if the speedometer VSS signal to the ECU isn't working. This will show up if you go over ~3K rpm with some load (or just drive around a bit with the overdrive off), and will immediately go back to a normal idle if you shut the engine off, count to 10, and restart it...
  14. bobxyz

    Swap to Maxxecu standalone, leaking headgasket, oil leak through compressor bypass cover...

    I haven't tried it, but I'd think that you could undo the filler cap and blow through the vacuum hose while listening for gurgling to see if the path is clear. Maybe use a compressor at a few psi if your lungs aren't enough.
  15. bobxyz

    Swap to Maxxecu standalone, leaking headgasket, oil leak through compressor bypass cover...

    Just to be sure, have you thoroughly cleaned out your PCV breather box, and vacuum hoses? With the vacuum hose plumbed to the turbo inlet, you don't need the flametrap disk. Did you blow through the PCV oil drain tube, or gently poke a wire through it to make sure it isn't clogged? Getting...
  16. bobxyz

    Official LH2.4 EZK Wasted Spark Conversion - Installation Instructions

    Hmm, seems like it is OK. The CEL is shared by ECU and EZK so that either box can turn it on. With the broken/burnt EZK resistors, either the ECU is turning it on before starting (which is normal, proper operation), or the CEL has been cross wired to something else (like the alternator wire)...
  17. bobxyz

    Official LH2.4 EZK Wasted Spark Conversion - Installation Instructions

    Somebody has mucked with your MIL / CEL dashboard light. The only reason that those resistors, and the equivalent resistors in your ECU, would be toasted is if someone tied the CEL wire to +12v to keep it off. (Or at least they tied it to +12v long enough to blow out the resistors.) I'd be...
  18. bobxyz

    Strange Running Problem

    I had an old Land Rover where a previous owner had epoxy coated the fuel tank. For whatever reason, the epoxy didn't stick and came off in big flakes, 1/2" to 1" wide. Every once in a while, a flake would block the tank pickup tube (no screen sock installed), the car would buck and start to...
  19. bobxyz

    1986 Volvo 240 future +T... NA for now (long)

    There's some greenbook documentation available for the LH2.4 ECU/EZK - search ozvolvo.org/archive/ for 31361 and 31397. From https://ipdown.net/documents.html, you can download partial datasheets for the Bosch LH2.2/LH2.4 MAFs (amm_012 and amm_016 files). In a MAF based system, the MAF...