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  1. patrickstar

    Hardwiring 240 5-panel Taillights

    I scored a set of mint 5-panels for my LS swapped 242 project. I, stupidly, completely removed the wiring from the car when I first started this project. I'm now rewiring the car with an ARC 8000 switch panel/pdm. I came across this thread on "A Better Way to Hardwire 240 Tailights". It...
  2. patrickstar

    Volvo 1031 flange to 1310 u-joint?

    I'm trying to order a custom driveshaft and I'm struggling with the rear differential flange. I took measurements but can't find any adapters online. I was wondering what those of you with V8 or T5 swapped 240s did for the rear u-joint to flange
  3. patrickstar

    patrickstars 1983 242 4.8L/AR5 swap

    Thought I'd start a build thread now that the car is getting pretty close to complete. I started with a 87 244 back in highschool, and regretted selling it before going to college. I bought an 80 242GT a year later that was rotten, and drove it for a couple months. Traded it for a mk2 golf...
  4. patrickstar

    Patricks 1980 242 #2

    Volvo bug bit me with a 87 244 m47 Someone hit it and I sold it, but after a year or so I needed another. I picked up this 80 242GT and drove it for a while, but it was too crusty for me. I bought a Subaru after working in Alaska all summer, because my parents insisted I don't get...
  5. patrickstar

    Newest purchase, 1980 242 with 223xxx

    Hey everyone, I just bought my second volvo yesterday, just getting around to taking pictures today. My first was an 87 240dl 4door, m47, bought it for $700. Maybe you remember this picture? Yeah, that was me. Insurance paid me, I sold it. Regretted it since then. So, a few weeks ago this...