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  1. andysbeta

    Green injector ballast pack impedance value

    Anyone have the value of the ballast pack for the greenie top injectors that were used in the grandmapa series 7/9's. I am running some on my b23f , cuz the original yeller caps are all bad.. car sat for 10 years and the fuel turned into some nasty goo. No pick in pulls in S/W colorado but...
  2. andysbeta

    240 Cam manual rack parts (242)

    The right bushing on my manual cam rack has crumbled apart - and well now there is a mega ton of play, due to lack of bushing dealie whopper, and oilages spilt out and such on the ol' bugger. I would like to just rebuild the rack myself, Are there any kind, gentle folks out there who might be...
  3. andysbeta

    b23f 10.3:1 snapped timing belt

    Replaced timing belt. Kjet bull**** is working, but won't fire up. Belt is 100% timed. So no lame questions asking if I am incompetant and didn't do the timing belt replacement right. Question, B cam KJet 398 head , flat top piston B23F mated to all this mess.. If the ****iing belt breaks will...
  4. andysbeta

    Black 745 death-trap (mold problem).

    So, this gorgeous cosmetic shape Regina french madness 745 is about to do me in. Literally. It has been sitting the better part of last month with failed french crap electronics. Got more replacement crap french electronics that work, by some haphazard miracle. Car is running once again under...
  5. andysbeta

    My latest beast.

    1989 745GL. Regina oddball car. Red interior. Been catching up maintenance on it. My General Grabber AT/2's finally came in today so mounted them and put them on. It has a locker fitted, and I plan on hitting alot of the jeep type trails here in Colorado with it. Pretty exciting I...
  6. andysbeta

    So much for that. Another total waste of time.

    Been working on a formerly nice 1979 527,000 k mile 244 over the winter. Just got done buffing it out last week.. Here is how it looked about 1 hour ago. And now how it looks : Totalled out. Entire rear quarter panel wiped out. My fault. I was dehydrated from being up in the...
  7. andysbeta

    oil return gaskets for t3 turbo

    The oil feed line gasket is leaking on my 760. Need one pronto, what would be a good material to make out of scratch with? I can't find any on the IPD Website, tried Rockauto. Groton has 'em but that would be 5-7 days away from me and I am not in the mood of walking that long.
  8. andysbeta

    My 131k mile 1984 245DL Awesome Wagon.

    Here is my 1984 245DL, in a beautiful midnight brown color with the complimentary , and rather tasteful tan interior. It offers great stance: Check out the nice euro turn signal lense assembly! The interior equally welcoming: Has a very nice custom exhaust with some minor modification...
  9. andysbeta

    Cleaned up the 244T some more.

    That is all. Have a good evening/day/etc.
  10. andysbeta

    And another grandpa series meets its fate.

    Put ol' Brown to work today. 1994 940T , no more! Bye bye. This is how the engine bay of any 7/9 series should look: And of course the proper home for a 7/9 series: Rock on, ol' brown you shall be tugging more and more as time goes on.
  11. andysbeta

    Mysterious cam in a rebuilt cylinder I have here.

    I have a freshly rebuilt 1983/84 LH2.0 B23F 160 head here with a slutted camshaft with the below inscription on it : 52573 , and stamped in ink P3. First digit/letter before 5 digit thingie is not legible. What the hell is this? Some mega asteroid race cam? Or the most tame emissions cam...
  12. andysbeta

    Picked up a formerly known 1983 244T today with my fantastic tow-rig.

    Some of you may recognize this black 244Ti. I picked it up today, it needs alot of stuff but oh well. Here it is. Shown featured pulling it is my 1984 245 DL that sat in the field (deja vu) since 2000 or so and I forced back into life the last few weeks: The 244Ti had a bad turbro-charger...
  13. andysbeta

    First snow of the season (and a rescue I'll be doing asap)

    Woke up to some snow this morning.. So decided I'd test drive the 242 in it. Leaving Mancos, CO towards Durango CO.. To arrive to this : [/IMG] A 1975 245 which has been sitting up here since the early 1990s, somewhere above Hesperus Colorado and between the New Mexico state line. I've...
  14. andysbeta

    760 D24T Injection pump rebuid time ..

    I'm preparing to rebuild an injection pump, or mainly reseal it. Anyone know offhand the specs of the front seal? (driven from camshaft). 20mm? Or 17mm? That's where mine is leaking at .. But can't find the spec on that single item there. And why I bought another Volvo diesel, I dunno...
  15. andysbeta

    Just my work rig 245.

    My 1992 245, isn't much to look at, clearcoat on roof , hood is gone. Has a few goodies on it. Did alot of work to it, raised suspension up slightly, bushings, HD's, rear HD springs, AW71 with accumulator mod.. E-codes, and IPD goodies. The original B230F was a worn out hunk of junk, so it...
  16. andysbeta

    My 1980 242 spring project

    Just acquired this , a 1980 242 with m46 and in a paintcode I been wanting for 10 + years. Forrest green. Came as shown, with some odd 3 piece alloys on it.. Plans are to, clean it up, and get 100%. retain the b21f / m46 and likely megasquirt it. And that's it. Just clean her up, and get...
  17. andysbeta

    240 volvo d24 maintenance parts

    Does anyone sell thse parts anymore, or am I going to have to spend a ****load of money to get the basic parts to do a timing belt from like 300 different vendors? Any diesel people here? I've tried FCPGrotons website, and that site sucks donkey dung. Too hard to navigate, you type what you...
  18. andysbeta

    240 Steering wheel shakes/shudder on '92 245

    At wits end here.. The car has a pretty bad shake above 55 mph.. Been all around the world with this one, in the last week I have replaced : *Both lower balljoints *Struts (Bilstein HD) *Control Arm bushings are almost new and tight *Outer Tie Rod Ends Replaced *Passsenger Side Brake Rotor...
  19. andysbeta

    Antichrist V2.0 (my 1976 245)

    Figured I'd share some pics of my '76 , the wagon that replaced my previous '79. Got it off Craigslist a few months back.. A low mile 245 but needing ALOT of stuff done.. Being that I really enjoyed green wagon #2, I decided to do a very simular treatment to the '76, but gave it a bit more of...
  20. andysbeta

    3 pm's every 6 minutes is harsh.

    Would a contributing member be permitted to send more PM's ? I get quite a few and it's a PITA to sit back and wait for the timer to expire - thinking I'm a spammer or whatever. Any input back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!