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  1. terrortore

    aux shaft interchange

    is it ok to put a b21a aux shaft in a b230? b230 is from 1988 (rear thrust verified) b21a=1980 model problem is i used this engines (b230) aux shaft in my 1996b230ft and i only have one b21 spare aux shaft. is there a tolerance spec between aux shaft and cover? (caulk instead of a...
  2. terrortore

    Hawt volvo turbo pic tread

    keep posting danger to manifold1111
  3. terrortore

    flywheel fail

    some new update here some other poor fella has blown up his m90 in a 700/900 car more here http://forum.volvoforum.no/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4293
  4. terrortore

    17" steelies,

    5x108 65.1 7x17 ET48 Stahlr?der front H&R TRAK+ 25mm DRM Spurverbreiterungen rear Volvo OEM 20mm Spurverbreiterungen Rear 225/45R17 Front 215/45R17 Coils=cut diesels front rear=cut camper overload ill upload some photos lat0r http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5487301575304351339
  5. terrortore

    for sale in norwegen (B21+m51 transmission)

    http://finn.no/finn/viewimage?finnkode=13010239&reference=9/130/102/39_-1366106661.jpg&adheading=GRUPPE+A+TURBOMOTOR+TILSALGS&sid=xz7cba0E33R853527&adTypeId=67&WT.svl=Minibilde looking at the pics i see some interesting parts M51 magnesium bellhousing m51 getrag GrpA K-jet...
  6. terrortore

    Gear calc m45 m47 Getrag etc

  7. terrortore

    volvo Titan wheels=magnesium?

    are 7x17 Titan`s magnesium? or just as heavy as Eikers? :grrr:
  8. terrortore

    16v stock turbo manifold

    spotted this today,,,, looks a bit different from the b204ft mani if anyone know there is 2 different b204ft manifolds chime in
  9. terrortore

    Nice 1031 Full floating conversion kit

    http://sellholm.se/default3.asp?cid=SET7777 Boost`s axle aviable from sellholm tuning in schweden roughly 2300-2400 USD $
  10. terrortore

    Throttle body

    onybody know where to get one of these sexy 80mm throttlebodys
  11. terrortore

    B21 ETL install manual

  12. terrortore

    can anyone identify these wheels