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  1. benflynn

    Anyone know of a 215mm disc w/20 spline m90 hub

    Need to match up to my oh so old 8.5? v-power 9lb flywheel and pending M90 swapp
  2. benflynn

    how big is too big on injectors?

    anyone? the volvo sees more dollars than miles. i have bought nice new balanced inj before, and would like this to be the last time, so i was thinking 100lbers, the 42's max out at 10psi im not sure where it is going to idle, pretty high im sure
  3. benflynn

    xtra connector

    any ideas on another connector to pin out more outputs?
  4. benflynn

    rwd 5cyl 700 or 780 maybe

    ok, so 960 mounts, early intake, somethinkg on the ex mani, so.. is the tranny the biggest problem? since auto is out of the question and will a 960 cross member fit in a 780?
  5. benflynn

    36-1 on cam

    any reason not? too sloppy w/belt?
  6. benflynn

    msns 850

    have we figured out this one yet? my freind has an N/A 850, and i am going to build him a harness if we can run the 5cyl so what's up w/the 5cyl? i guess it has 2 trigger inputs? ever been a dizzy for the 850? am i gonna need 5 coil outputs and a real cop setup?
  7. benflynn

    v2.2 fuel pump circut

    i have someone's board for msns-ebc mods anyways, it was assembled a bit shoddy, and the fpump output is down, anyone know the componants of the fpump before i go digging in the msefi site? only thing that looks out of place is some joints and c19 was replaced at some point
  8. benflynn

    the 700 getrag swapp

    well i guess i am going to start this weekend, i think i have it all figured out, but what about; shifter posistion in the 700? and bearing in the rear main(can't remember it's name right now)? thanks
  9. benflynn

    m47 kicks the dust

    i think it has been in there 3 mos, chunked 3rd gear coming up the hill, the other still work i need another m47 or a getrag plate makes some fun noises, i wonder if it will make it to work one more time
  10. benflynn

    i broke my key off in the ign this morning

    and the ex manifolds for my rover are in the MS, so i guess i am calling in sick(unlimited paid sick days rock!!) how do i get the ign lock off? i guess it is; pull the wheel, pull the turn/wiper arms and such, and drill it out i bet any advice?
  11. benflynn

    rearend ghetto mods?

    sound off w/the weld on rear end flexipeices strenghting bits, show us what ya got if you can't afoord dem triangles, since i think i am going to pull and beef up a 3.31 rear end, i mght as well weld on some help back there, i want to see dem 11's too
  12. benflynn

    whall the new rods around

    will any of them allow us to use some super avail(cheaper, mass produced) piston?
  13. benflynn

    shifter vibration

    i have a wobble at med tq levals, low speed it has new engine mounts, new tranny mt w/i put in the m47,also new center bearing at the same time the only play i can find is in the hanger bearing, but i suspect that the rear end might be loose, or atleast i have never done any mait. to it other...
  14. benflynn

    my crossmember is jacked up

    nice little split in the 'curve', i wonder if we can weld it, or if it has to come out, now that i have seen it i swear i can tell, i guess i am going to work on my land rover and can the 960 c member mate w/redblock?
  15. benflynn

    why ms2-e?

  16. benflynn

    benflynn msns v2.2 board

    if you get a msns v2.2 board set up for hall in, and ign mod(like 139/124 mods) use this to wire up a 2.2 dizzy, this is how i set up all the std boxes(and ms-edis boxes) unless you wanted something else(like toothed wheel or direct coil/wasted)
  17. benflynn


    or something on a hydra? i have 225-50-16 on there now, they are free and potenza
  18. benflynn

    feeler-complete harness-msns

    what if we fabbed a complete harnesss, using a harness and putting all the ends on, plug for lh dizzy, w/a wire you would nee to plug into a pin on a ign mod, wired fro the inj, w/a 4-1 12v wire for inj would be dizzy in, trigger set up for a volv or saab ign mod and a plug fro a nissan tps...
  19. benflynn

    log headers

    some one fab us some up, i want an ex gate something feirce anyone think it would be worse than a 90+?
  20. benflynn

    3.55s+7750 rev limiter=crappy vid content

    and easy 100 in third Click here to watch 355m477k a little down on power(30-40 butt dyno hp) since i pulled about 6* so i could ease up on the high octane, but still fun for 10-12psi