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  1. J

    What makes coolant circulate through the expansion tank?

    There isn't any forced circulation of coolant through the expansion tank. The only circulation path, aside from the heater, is down through the radiator from the top hose then back through the engine by the lower hose. The level in the expansion tank is just the level of the coolant in the...
  2. J

    Does anyone have a better wiring diagram than this?

    Looked to me like its all there. Things are grouped by function not location or wire routing. Drawings of the harnesses and locations in the car body are in the parts manual. These however don't show connections or wire colors like a schematic.
  3. J

    1987 244 n.a. - fully serviced, but still lower mpg and possibly rich - adjust mass airflow?

    Glossing over the possibilities will diffidently not increase millage. Pick one thing at a time and use valid tests to eliminate them. Are you sure the millage data is correct.
  4. J

    740 vibration / misfiring (?) issue

    It's likely a mixture or ignition issue. Does it happen in neutral or when the engine is under load or both.
  5. J

    240 revs to 2200 RPM few seconds after head gasket replacement

    You should wait for responses to your test results. IAC valves are very dependable. The most unreliable thing in 240's is the wiring. The IAC controller gets its engine speed information from the pulse rate at the low side of the ignition coil.
  6. J

    Jump cables got crossed on my 89 Volvo 740 turbo intercooler... What all needs replacing?

    Pick one or more things you can trace down easily. Chances are some symptoms are related.
  7. J

    Am I doing it right?

    Check exploded views in parts manual.
  8. J

    1987 244 n.a. - fully serviced, but still lower mpg and possibly rich - adjust mass airflow?

    Smog check on dyno Install a wide band O2 sensor with monitor Plug color clogged cat brake dragging tires trans slipping odometer your driving style and habits
  9. J

    How to remove b21ft injectors...

    So why do you want to take the injectors out? If you just want to replace them for the no good reason you might want to check the price first. What you really want to know is the spray pattern. For that you leave everything connected and just stick the whole assembly into clear soda bottles...
  10. J

    Strange Running Problem

    Temperature sensitive ignition wire short. Nobody guessed that.
  11. J

    Volvo 240 struggling to turn off

    Fuel leak and glowing red hot carbon deposits.
  12. J

    1981 244 Idle Issue

    The basic idle speed and other adjustments cannot be done successfully by just unplugging something.
  13. J

    Brake hose related question

    Parking brake shoes and hardware as long as your going to remove the rear discs. Also use disc break lube on the back and edges of the caliber pads. Also easy test for brake vacuum booster
  14. J

    '81 242DL Steering Rack Adjustable?

    I also don't notice any slop in the steering.
  15. J

    '81 242DL Steering Rack Adjustable?

    I'll check those holes. I don't sense any problem in turns. Its just at speed, around 60-70 mph in a straight line. I don't drive any faster. Other traffic on either side of me don't seem to notice it. It's just a gradual weaving maybe 12" to either side and requires constant attention. I would...
  16. J

    '81 242DL Steering Rack Adjustable?

    Yes, I've downloaded every thing relevant and more just out of curiosity. When I first bought the car in '86 I went straight to the local Volvo dealer and ordered a full set of paper green manuals. Smartest thing I ever did car wise. Also searched online for every piece of Bosch literature I...
  17. J

    '81 242DL Steering Rack Adjustable?

    It's a ZF power steering.
  18. J

    '81 242DL Steering Rack Adjustable?

    For years my '81 242DL has always required too much concentration to keep it centered in the lane at speed (highway, freeway). I've owned it since '86 and changed many parts like steering U-joints, rack end joints, inner and outer, ball joints, too many to remember. Looking at an rack parts...