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    96 850R Windshield Glass

    What is the best replacement choice? Pilkington, Sekurit, or PPG?
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    Recommendation Needed: '92 740 Dash Mat

    Anybody have a good brand or website with good quality and fair price for a dash mat for '92 740? Dash is in excellent shape but will be subject to some Arizona Sun if son forgets to use sun shade...thanks for any suggestions...
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    '92 745T a/c help needed in Arizona

    Summer is looming here in the desert, and my a/c compressor and condenser are leaking. My shop said the cost would be $1300-$1500 to repair. I believe the car already has a conversion kit. The car has 127,000 miles so there's lots of life left, but a/c is a must. Does anybody know somebody...
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    '92 745 Radiator Question

    Yesterday I had billowing white smoke pouring out from under my hood while at a stop light. When looking at the radiator, the passenger side top looks like a plug might have popped off, diameter size of about a quarter. I think that's where the coolant shot out from. Will radiator likely need...
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    740 turbo wagon tire question

    Will need to replace tires soon--wondering what size is favored on the oem 15x6 alloy rims, and any particular brand that gets great reviews here...any help or suggestions much appreciated, thanks in advance.