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  1. mschultz373

    960 upgrades?

    Are there any common performance mods to the 960 platform? I know that is less popular platform but I actually quite like the way it drives and the engine response. But more power would be more fun. My first thought is scoring a manifold from a turbo charged BMW 6cyl if there’s any that might...
  2. mschultz373

    960 AC revamp

    Could I add oil to the dryer itself rather than drain from compressor? I have all new o-ring set so i planed to get some PAG oil to lubricate those.
  3. mschultz373

    960 AC revamp

    Ok, i got my parts, two last questions - i got a pre-oiled compressor, so does that mean it's good to bolt up? RockAuto included additional instructions indicating that the oil should be drained, then refilled to 50% and put the remaining 50% "throughout the system"? - is it best to go from...
  4. mschultz373

    960 moon roof fix

    the current 960 I have had the common leaking moon roof problem - some of the headliner is even sagging in the back due to the leak. However, one previous owner caulked over the outside of the glass as shown: so I'm wondering if I can unseal the glass and repair this? it would be sweet to fix...
  5. mschultz373

    960 AC revamp

    strangely FCP doesn't have any compressors currently. I know they used - even a few a weeks, if I recall correctly. I'll keep my eye out.
  6. mschultz373

    960 AC revamp

    Is there a particular brand of compressor that is more reputable than others, or all pretty equal?
  7. mschultz373

    960 AC revamp

    Hi all, The AC went out on my 960 late last year. I diagnosed that the AC Clutch was drawing too much power and blowing the 15A fuses repeatedly. Freon level was constant and good. The only other minor issue while the AC worked was occasionally, the climate control would take several minutes to...
  8. mschultz373

    940 engine fit into 240

    thank you for your help as always white855.
  9. mschultz373

    940 engine fit into 240

    i ended up cutting the sheet metal flaps under the front cross member to fit the intercooler beneath it; i missplaced the longer brackets shown in your pic Anthony. in my foolish disorganized, i have to ask two additional n00b questions: which linkage should I use to connect the 240 gearbox...
  10. mschultz373

    960 stuck AC clutch

    Is there anything else I should replace with compressor to help AC run best? I ask because since AC went out, my climate control doesn't work - fan doesn't really blow anything regardless of temp setting/recycle air toggled. this is with AC OFF engaged.
  11. mschultz373

    940 engine fit into 240

    I'm in the middle of swapping a B230FT from a 94 940 into my 85 240 and can't get the turbo engine to drop in. it appears that the back of the cylinder head has no more room to move rearward so the engine can drop onto the motor mounts. I put the motor mount brackets from the 240 engine onto...
  12. mschultz373

    960 stuck AC clutch

    the inner wheel on my AC compressor is not turning regardless of the AC being on or off. My AC was just working and then suddenly stopped blowing cold. It was blowing at 35F while driving beforehand. This is what the compressor looks like with the AC on and the fan on; belt is turning and...
  13. mschultz373

    960 no crank/no start

    960 sat for five days and now suddenly won't crank. All accessories turn on, but car only clicks when turning the key to crank/start the car. car started and drove normally before. the issue is intermittent. it started up fine early today several times - now it won't start again. battery is at...
  14. mschultz373

    whiteblock coolant use

    my 96 960 seems to 'use' coolant every 1500-2k miles. Will drain from max seam to the bottom, with the dash light kicking on. No leaks in the engine bay that I can find. is this common on these and other whiteblock engines?
  15. mschultz373

    960 body work, panel replacement

    I got T'd at an intersection in my 960 recently. Took the hit at the right wheel well and have body damage I'd like to possibly attempt to repair myself. I've never done body work, but I like the car and want to keep it! Here's the photos: <a href="https://ibb.co/HVn4Nk4"><img...
  16. mschultz373

    b230FT/aw71 from 940 into 240

    My 94 940T got wrecked pretty bad last month after I got rear-ended on the hwy, so i figured- why not swap the engine and trans into my 85 240? so I'm wanting to plan out the swaps and have a few questions: - will the LH2.4/EZK boxes work with the 240 fuse block? is there any special...
  17. mschultz373

    240 R134 conversion and blower

    Two years ago I had a local mechanic shop allegedly do a conversion on my 240s air conditioning to run r134. However it’s not blowing cold and only blew cold for maybe a couple months, and they only charged me like $130 to do it. So I’m wondering what components to look at or what I need to...
  18. mschultz373

    240 and 940: recommendations for performance

    hi all, I have an 85 240 (143k miles) in pretty good overall shape and a 94 940T (~228k miles) in okay shape. I can only justify keeping one and would like to make whichever I keep my performance project car. so - what would y'all recommend given your experiences? my goal is to have a fast...
  19. mschultz373

    240 drove thru water, car died

    mild street flooding is a common thing here in SE louisiana, so the other day during a storm, I drove through 2-3in of water on the street - probably around 10-15mph. fast enough that it splashed in an arc away from my tires... but apparently also into the engine compartment. immediately...
  20. mschultz373

    940 no brake, back-up lights

    i am not getting any brake or back-up lights on my 94 940. Fuses are good. not getting any bulb failure indicators. bulbs are all good. Voltage at brake light with pedal depressed is like 134mV, where the runners and turn signals get like 3-4V. So I assume the stop light switch at the pedal is...