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    242 GT register

    Got another one here in Modesto, California. VIN VC2425M1144521

    Davis photo thread

    Pics incoming! Going to take me a couple minutes to post them all. Lets see yours in the meantime :cool: Thank you Walt, Mary, and the family for hosting the BBQ! :nod: Here are my Saturday photos

    Bulb integrity light on, but no light out?

    The car is a 1986 745. The bulb integrity light is coming on when I apply the brake pedal, but none of the brake lights are out. The Bulb integrity light goes out when I turn on the headlights. I am not sure where to check, other than my current action: Inspect all the bulbs, sockets, and...

    90 volvo 740 Brakes MC lube?

    I am swapping out the bad master cylinder on my 90 740 and wanted to know if I should grease/lube the rod that interfaces with the master cylinder? The rod in question is pictured below. Thanks TB maintenance!

    90 volvo 740 E fan temp sensor

    Hi all, I am working on my 90 740 turbo. I am installing a Spal fan and want to install a new temperature sensor in the radiator. My radiator is from a 1981 242 turbo with the threaded temp sensor. Can anyone point me to a good thread that tells me the temp sensor degrees and part numbers? TIA!

    90 740 ticking after new wheel bearings

    Replaced the front wheel bearing assemblies in my 90 740. Used correct torque specs, anti seize, etc. Made sure the heat shields are clearing the rotors... I can hear a ticking sound related to wheel speed, and braking does NOT seem to affect the noise. Can't feel anything through the steering...

    90 740 front wheel bearing tq?

    Replaced the front wheel bearing assemblies in my 90 740 turbo. I can't seem to find a solid answer for the torque specs on the large spindle nut. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    Davis 2018 photo thread

    It's going to take me a little while to copy and past all the links, most of which will be in the second post. Had a great time and was SO stoked at the big turnout :nod: Can't wait for next year! Meeting up with Mom and Dad in his LT1 powered 265 The 240s scored a primo BBQ spot :nod:

    Modesto area carvan to Davis 4/29

    We'll be meeting up in Modesto at ~6AM at the Starbucks on Briggsmore Ave by the freeway. Have 4 Volvos from Modesto going so far. Anyone else in the area want to meet up with us or have us collect you on the way up? :nod: We plan on rolling out before 6:30 so we can make the show by 8 :cool:
  10. BR1CKHOUS3

    Modesto, CA Euro Sunday photos (monthly update)

    Hey all :wave: I have been attending the Modesto Euro Sunday meets for the last several years, and thought I should share some of what comes out. The meet is the 3rd Sunday of every month in Mchenry Village shopping center if anyone wants to come join us! I will make a few posts of the last few...
  11. BR1CKHOUS3

    1990 740 motor mounts

    Before I go hurting my back any further doing Davis prep... It seems my 1990 calls for hydraulic motor mounts...
  12. BR1CKHOUS3

    90 740 turbo died after WOT. Can't make boost now

    Car is a 1990 740 turbo. Rebuilt 15g, mbc, otherwise stock. Did a WOT pull last night and when it hit redline in 2nd gear, the car bucked a little and then lost power. Now the car will start and move, but will die immediately when it crosses from vacuum into boost. Had a little trouble...
  13. BR1CKHOUS3

    The O.G. Volvette (R.I.P. Bill Boyle)

    I'm going to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Dug's TTls1 740 wagon, but I am here to share a car that is *technically* one of the original Volvettes. To make a looong story short, this car is currently a 1976 Volvo 265 from the front doors forward, and a 1990 245 from there back. The...
  14. BR1CKHOUS3

    13c -> 15g part interchangability?

    My 13c is dying and I have a 15g on the shelf, so it's time for the swap/upgrade. I would like to retain my conical exhaust flange from the 13c so I can keep using my current exhaust. Can the 13c exhaust housing be swapped onto the 15g, or do I need to have it machined? I am rebuilding/re...
  15. BR1CKHOUS3

    Modesto Mini Meet

  16. BR1CKHOUS3

    What RSI cam do I have?

    I bought an RSI stage I Cam sometime in 2011, and since then I have seen comments that say the early stage I is "similar to a newer stage II". Non-slotted I believe and installed in my 242 Turbo. Starting my Megasquirt project so knowing the cam profile *may* help me during tuning. Would a ~mid...
  17. BR1CKHOUS3

    940 IC in 740. What am I missing?

    Car is a 1990 740 Turbo I bought a setup for a 93 940 turbo from ButterflyBrackeChecker knowing I would need a few bits to make it work. I have: 940 IC with middle outlets Piping (solid and rubber) Plastic air guides for inside radiator support 940 Efan setup W/ relay It seems like I need a 940...
  18. BR1CKHOUS3

    I was too legit. Too legit to quit.

    This is my dumping ground for whatever Volvo related content I feel like sharing Instead of making new threads for each DD :nod: Welcome to my current 745 daily driver: The 744 was such a good car to me over the years. For $1200 it rocked and had cold A/C. I thought it deserved some love, so...
  19. BR1CKHOUS3

    Steel vs Aluminum control arms. What should I do?

    1990 Volvo 740 Turbo. Cut prings (~1"lower) bone stock otherwise. It's time to do the bushing in the front suspension. As far as I can tell, the car has the original, aluminum lower control arms. The only available replacement is to buy the bushings individually, or buy a steel replacement...