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  1. Matt86

    Sanity check-1983 245 Turbo

    I have the chance to purchase a 2-owner, 83 245 Turbo wagon. Very good condition, though it spent the last 6 years parked-the engine is pretty much shot. I have a complete, running and driving 1990 760 Turbo that would be a donor car...it was free like every grandpa series should be...
  2. Matt86

    240 Thermostat temp recommendations

    Earlier this year I installed a OE Wahler 87?C thermostat in my 89 245 (stock engine) while replacing the original radiator and hoses. The one I removed was a 80?C Calorstat unit. I live in Atlanta where it gets very hot, plus running a complete 93 A/C system. Engine temp has been normal as...
  3. Matt86

    240 1993 Rear axle assembly vs 1989

    I've got a 1993 245 parts wagon with low miles on it. The only thing I've got left is the complete rear end axle assembly. I've heard there is something special about the 1993 rear ends, is it worth swapping it in to my 1989 245 with 300K on it? I've got a sticking rear left caliper, a diff...
  4. Matt86

    1996 960 Money Pit Luxocruiser Project

    Back in November last year, I sold my perfect running 98 S70 base M56, and bought this tired and tattered 1-owner 96' 960 for cheap, but I didn't realize that it was on life support, despite being a well maintained car. 234,000 miles was all the head gasket could stand: Got that all back...
  5. Matt86

    240 Virgo wheel lug nut options

    I picked up a set of Virgo wheels for my 89 245, sans lug nuts. I've yet to refinish them but in the meantime I need to track down a suitable set of lug nuts for them. The factory ones are NLA and as a T-bricker I don't really want to spend $70+ on ebay for some used ones. I found the thread...
  6. Matt86

    Updates to the 245

    Finally got the newly acquired 245 in the garage. First task was to bring that 27 year old paint back to life. The car had pretty much been garage-less for the past 15 years as the previous owner just let it sit at his cabin. After many hours of buffing, polishing, scraping up tree sap...
  7. Matt86

    240 245 Aftermarket brand Tail Lights

    The original tail lights on my 89 245 are shot. The lenses are faded and cracked, the left brake light socket is broken and zip tied up in true TB fashion. Finding good used OEM ones seem to be a lost cause. From what I've researched. Volvo still sells them at nearly $180 a pop. Other...
  8. Matt86

    Regina Resurrection 1994 Grandpa Series

    What have I been up to? I miss my 940T Dearly, so I decided to adopt another Grandpa Series, except without the Turbo and add Regina, meet Frank He's a 1994 944. 167,000 Atlanta miles. Slow, full of dog hair and funny smells. His front cam seal was blown out, flame trap stopped up solid...
  9. Matt86

    S/V/C iPd Sway bar repair

    I recently picked up a parts car with iPd sway bars. The front sway bar is bent up about 3/4" on the right side (vehicle has frame damage, hit hard underneath). Has anyone successfully repaired an iPd sway bar? I was thinking about heating it up with a torch and bending it back carefully. It's...
  10. Matt86

    What I've been up to (WWD content)

    So even after saying no more FWD/AWD, a month ago I bought this on an impulse: A 98 V70R with a rod knock. I initially wanted it for parts, then it grew on me, I was going to fix it, then I realized I already have a money pit rattle trap WWD'er. So in usual Turbobricks fashion, it will...
  11. Matt86

    Malaysia 240 Classic

    And monkeys! My brother snapped this pic on a business trip in Malaysia.
  12. Matt86

    S/V/C Whiteblock rattle/ticking noise on acceleration

    Ever since I bought my R, one thing is still out there that I haven't been able to fix. It's an annoying raspy rattle sound coming from the engine compartment on acceleration. It sounds almost like an exhaust leak, or a belt pulley bearing, but only does it under acceleration. Wont do it just...
  13. Matt86

    Got the R back from the paint shop

    Had both bumpers repaired and repainted, along with the hood. Also installed the rear spoiler (Thanks Chris R), and XC grille. Just need to find some 03-04 C70 front lights and maybe some better wheels. Plus I got an entire 98 V70R with the nice black interior coming next week, going to swap...
  14. Matt86

    Fixed and cleaned the R today

    Finally, after two very slow weeks of repairing many little issues with my newly aquired 98 V70R AWD, gave it a good cleaning, wash and wax today. Got pretty much all the mechanical stuff fixed, heater core, all hoses, full tune-up, tons of broken and mis-routed vacuum lines, broken...
  15. Matt86

    940 Factory spoiler mounting clips/hardware

    Scored a factory spoiler off of a 940 SE at the yard, I plan to repaint it and mount it on my 940. However, when I pulled it off-it was missing three of the mounting clips/screws. Only held on with the factory double sided tape (strong stuff!). Also need the screw and stud that goes in spoiler...
  16. Matt86

    Steering wheel swap?

    My 95 960 has a nice leather wrapped steering wheel. Would be a nice upgrade for my 93 940. Will it bolt on to the steering shaft, and are the airbag connectors the same? Tried searching but I couldn't find an exact answer. I know the columns are different, but I figure the wheels would be the...
  17. Matt86

    Bought another brick.....oh boy 960

    Once again, I saved another brick from the crusher. This being a 1996 960 sedan. Not nearly as clean as my 93 940, but it actually runs pretty good. It was a repo, so obviously it's pretty trashed. The lower control arm bushings are toast, so the front end is out of wack, the dash is lit up like...
  18. Matt86

    Main Fuel Pump and long cranking?

    Ever since I bought my 93' 940 Turbo, I've always noticed that the main fuel pump has been quite loud, at least louder (hissing noise) then most I've come across. The car runs out and drives great with no driveability issues. Also, if the car sits for more then a few hours, it sometimes takes...
  19. Matt86

    My $300 1993 940 Turbo

    I'm Matt and I'm normally a Mopar guy, but I've always had a soft spot for old Boxy Volvo's....growing up in upper-middle class in the 1980s-1990s it seemed that every other car in the neighborhood was a 200/700/900 Volvo. I've been looking for a 91-95 940 Sedan for quite some time, because...