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    No direction - the build saga of an 82 242 DL

    Nicely done! My son's 81 sedan had some serious cancer in that area due to battery failure. I pieced it back together with plate and MIG.... but your repair is much cleaner and proper. I need to gut the engine bay of my 242 to see if I've got any damage to deal with.... just no time right now...
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    Canadian 1984 244 DL B21A/B6304 project log.

    I remain amazed at the plethora of small tubular tree-like engine mounts that folks fabricate/buy..... and then are amazed that the engine vibes are transmitted into the chassis from same? Look at the factory engine mount perches which came with your LS..... I'd have grabbed those from the...
  3. D

    SquareD's slow and steady 945 tarbo project

    I had a mental guesstimate of $16K, and you essentially achieved that. Nice work! I can't recall a 9 series bringing more, so you are the current record holder (AFAIK).
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    DET17's "Project cheap thrills" - '92 944T

    Well, I honestly can't recall that it was thicker? I know the standard versions were galvanized finish and the 95+ servo/booster is painted black. Might have been a skosh thicker, but I can't provide you a dimension. Given the benefit of the 95 system, I'd run it and modify the power plant to...
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    SquareD's slow and steady 945 tarbo project

    Just saw my favorite 9 series vaggen on BaT. Best of luck..... for sure the 9's have been underappreciated. Perhaps the "straight up hood" has finally been discovered? Great machines, it will be fun to see how much this one brings. What's next for you when this one sells? Kid's tuition, or...
  6. D

    DET17's "Project cheap thrills" - '92 944T

    Yes. There are some differences in the switches that mount above the revised brake pedal mechanism (ratio changed). I replaced the entire thing with what came with the 95 setup. Brake booster/servo is painted black, from memory.... produced 95-98 worldwide. Direct bolt on.
  7. D

    DET17's "Project cheap thrills" - '92 944T

    Finally, the "Lessons Learned" from my 940 sedan project. Take heed from the voice of experience! 1. Survivor Car - As hindsight is 20-20, I now know that I should have waited for a much better vehicle as a starting point. I know these cars are now ~ 30 years old, but I continually see proof...
  8. D

    DET17's "Project cheap thrills" - '92 944T

    Just recently, the buyer of my old 940 sedan messaged me. Shared that the car was running great.... thanked me again for it. Right after that, I realized that while I had intended to write up a final "lessons learned" segment, that I likely had forgotten to do so. Well I'm just about to do...
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    Another vote for coilovers and "tuned suspension"

    Time for some testimony. For the previous 10 years, I've run several lowering spring systems on my 940 sedan. The first rendition was IPD blue "sport springs" matched with Bils HD; this arrangement gave the car a sporty stance for sure, but underwhelmed on handling and suspension manners...
  10. D

    940 Replace auto trans shifter selector switch - 9 series

    I've just purchased an NOS switch to resolve an intermittent no start condition on my sedan. Takes some jiggling on occasion to get start enable in P or N. As it's currently hotter than Hades in GA, I plan to R&R in situ. Simply pry off the flat star spring locks and remove, right? Sure...
  11. D

    How to remove the Volvo SLASH from a 7/9 grille?

    Anyone had success with this? I'm having to cannibalize a couple grilles to build one decent DD version. In particular, the stainless "chinese handcuffs" spring washers that engage the male pins are the obstacle. I've tried a few of these in the past, but no joy. Thanks folks.
  12. D

    Volvo images of B234 fuel rails

    None of my typical vendor sites have images of any of the following fuel rails; all NLA in North America. If you have the isometric projection views showing the differences, please put them in this thread. Thanks in advance....... 3547933 6842437
  13. D

    940 Anyone put the late ALT & AC mount on the 92 model?

    I'm sure 2manyturbos knows the answer, but throwing it out there. I still run the 92 version of the red block ALT & AC compressor mount, what with the 15 odd (hyperbole) isolation bushings, and I'm considering to swap to the late version (94+ I think). The Engineers removed most all of the...
  14. D

    One of our own? The Perfect V8 Swapped Volvo.....

  15. D

    740 Late 7/9 series windshield trim install

    Well I fought the 92 745 last night before bailing, for fear of bending the fragile 92 trim (I previously had to combine the 92 740 & 940 pieces to get a full straight set - all pieces identical between the 7 & 9). I lightly lubricated all the clips at engagement point with soap film, and tried...
  16. D

    Hot Rod Drag Week 2018 - pair of 245's in the IMPORT section

    Any of these 245's belong to our own TB lunatics? Loving the roof racks..... Drag Week a hardcore event, just check out the rules. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/imports-hot-rod-drag-week-2018/?wc_mid=4035:13599&wc_rid=4035:1018374&_wcsid=054F26E256A90777ABA32727DA6C69B9B6060120CC607FBB
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    LS conversion Amazon Wagon article in current HotRod issue

    https://www.hotrod.com/articles/v8-swapped-volvo-wagon-street-rod-scandinavian-style/ Owner claims he grew up with Swedish cars.... and his kids all drove 240 wagons
  18. D

    Tips for late 7 / 9 series windshield installation?

    I've got to buy replacement windshields for a pair of 92s..... my 745T and the DD 944T To get a proper flush edge trim condition, do I need to buy any of the factory clips? I'm going to have to make one last order from the online store, so I can add those items IF it will give me a nice flush...
  19. D

    '92 ZEXEL AC compressor clutch change in situ?

    Any experience with just a clutch change? Charged system in my 92 745T, clutch is dead shorted to ground, a goner. I read the clutch can be pulled off with the 3 each M5 threaded holes to "jack it off" the shaft..... but after that the trail goes cold. I've got a perfect donor clutch from...
  20. D

    Late 7/9 wagon rear side window lower trim

    I've got a stick of the pass. side trim which appears to have a broken clip for attachment. From the online store, here is the clip part in question: https://www.volvopartswebstore.com/products/Volvo/Clip/1141882/1392392.html Item #21 in the exploded view. The question: has anyone installed...