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  1. volvowagoon

    New board, new host, new year

    I stopped by to check out the new digs! Nice update!
  2. volvowagoon

    Understanding wheel measurments

    I'm a wheel newb, but I don't want to buy another set of tires for 14" wheels. This might be a long shot. It's already not looking promising, but I figured I would ask for tips. I have a set of 15" smoothies from my GN. If I could get them to fit nicely with adapters and smaller tires, I'd...
  3. volvowagoon

    240 No Start (with diag) No Crank Signal

    I got everything I needed to start tackling the intake gaskets in the 240 ('89 LH2.4), but ended up with a non-running car. I checked for spark at number 1 and the coil. Neither were giving me anything. I then found out that I no longer have a noid light, so I called it quits for a bit while...
  4. volvowagoon

    240 Vacuum Leaks and Wrong Hoses?

    Hi All, I've been getting pickier with the car's (1989 245) functionality, and the intermittent cruise control has really been driving me crazy. I replaced the cracked vacuum lines which solved some problems, but the cruise control is still very erratic. Sometimes it won't hold speed going up...
  5. volvowagoon

    240 Vacuum leaks wrong hoses

    Hi All, I've been getting pickier with the car's (1989 245) functionality, and the intermittent cruise control has really been driving me crazy. I replaced the cracked vacuum lines which solved some problems, but the cruise control is still very erratic. Sometimes it won't hold speed going up...
  6. volvowagoon

    I've been waiting for this moment for years. Blue Taco comparison.

    Finally! We were driving the 240 to our favorite brewery, and happened to see an open spot next to a Cavalry Blue Tacoma. I always thought that this color looked remarkably similar to to our Volvo's, but never had a chance to get them side by side to really judge it. They're far from a...
  7. volvowagoon

    Spotted in Southern Indiana of all places.

    I was floored. I never expect to see nice Volvos where I live, but a decent 122? Dang! Does anybody know the owner? I'd like to hang out!
  8. volvowagoon

    240 NA header pipe bracket? Hanger?

    I'm replacing the header pipe on our '89 245 because the original rusted through in a couple spots. In fact, the plate that runs across with the threaded hole in it is completely missing. What parts am I missing here? I've searched exhaust components on a couple sites and I've come up short...
  9. volvowagoon

    240 Over cooling?

    1989 245 DL LH2.4 with temp faker bypass I was in my cluster for the billionth time. This time it was replace the odometer motor. While it finally fixed my issue, a new one immediately arose. This time it was the temp display you see above. Coincidence? I think not. My first reaction was...
  10. volvowagoon

    240 Fun with heated seats

    I have a 1989 245 DL with inoperable heated seats. Neither of the switched illuminate when they are turned on which tells me that there is a bad ground to the system, a bad power wire wire to the driver seat switch (fuse confirmed good), or some other crazy thing going on involving a botched...
  11. volvowagoon

    Engine swapping foresight with AC unknowns

    Hey guys, I was poking around the projects section and came out pretty shocked to find little to no information about AC compressor retrofitting. Eventually, I'm hoping to swap a 3800 and 4l60e into the '89 245 whenever it decides to roast its transmission or chuck a rod. What I want to know...
  12. volvowagoon

    S/V/C C30 Control Arm Shopping

    Hello, I have a nasty clunk in my 2010 C30 T5 at low speeds. I think the control arm bushings are shot, but I'll check soon. I have torn ball joint boots anyway so replacing the arm wouldn't be a waste of time either way. When shopping on RockAuto, the descriptions specify parts fitting...
  13. volvowagoon

    240 Botched Small Tach Installation or Bad Gauge?

    I just got around to installing a very nice looking small tach which I bought here on the board. Sadly, it doesn't work all the time. :-( Sometimes it works just fine and then it drops in and out randomly. During my commute this morning, it came to life for about 5 seconds before dropping out...
  14. volvowagoon

    D?j? Vu Mid-Blue - 1989 Volvo 245 DL

    I?ve been lurking around here again for the past year or so trying to get a feel for how things have changed. I see that it?s mostly the same old T-bricks! After posting a few times about some issues I?ve faced on the new wagon, I was quickly reminded of why the Volvo community is so great...
  15. volvowagoon

    240 The Casual Volvo Enthusiast's Guide to Bumper Rigging

    Both my SO and I love our 240 to death. If there was no other way, we would shell out the $500 for an NOS impact bar and another couple hundred for new bumper shocks. However, that's a lot of cash for a cheap midwestern daily driver that is likely to suffer this same type of damage in the...
  16. volvowagoon

    240 Tailgate Strut Pin Loose

    1989 245 DL Anybody ever seen the lift support pin come loose from the body? I went to shut the tail gate and heard a loud pop. I just spent the whole day fixing things on this car, and this was how it rewarded me. lol How do I get it tight again? It looks like it's just supposed to thread...
  17. volvowagoon

    240 AC Controls

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get a head start on repairing the HVAC issues in my girlfriends 240. I actually started thread about wanting to get the AC working months ago, but it didn't quite pertain to the issue I'm addressing here. I'll update that one once I can deem my electrical system...
  18. volvowagoon

    The P1 is a 240 now.

    I just ran across this picture and thought it was humorous. Kinda cool but also super tbrix. Recently learning AutoCad makes me want to get into 3d printing.
  19. volvowagoon

    240 Restoring Speakers to Stock

    Hey everyone, I bought some 5 1/4" speaker grills and brackets on ebay. They looked nice but arrived with the actual grill sections separated from the surrounds, but I figured that it wasn't a huge deal and could be fixed. So far I have failed with that. I don't know what's wrong, but the...
  20. volvowagoon

    240 Close match to 1989 Mid Blue 213

    Hey guys, I'm getting to the point where I need to paint the new section I welded into my girlfriends car. I thought I had a line on some spray touch up through Volvo, but the dealership told me that they won't ship it to the US. Lame. Has anybody found a "close enough" matching spray paint...