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  1. didenpx

    Project Snoevit - 1973 1800ES Restoration

    I called my previous 1800 restoration project Roedluvan (Google tells me that this is Swedish for Little Red Riding Hood) because it is little and red (http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=286525&highlight=roedluvan). I decided to keep with the Brothers Grimm theme and call this latest...
  2. didenpx

    Vintage P1800E Horn Wiring

    Trying to figure out where the steering gear end of the wire from the horn pad is supposed to terminate. Despite all the photos I took and all of the online resources (e.g. parts catalog) I don't see an obvious answer.
  3. didenpx

    D-Jet No Start Help

    Posted in Project and Restorations as well: 1970 1800E -30 psi at fuel rail -injectors are triggering in pairs when the engine is rotated manually -cold start injector is firing and the engine will start and then immediately die. -engine will run if you spray starter fluid into intake...
  4. didenpx

    Stealth Engine Management Systems

    Considering fuel delivery options for an 1800E restoration. I'm for a correct restoration but not sure I want to sort through the D-Jet. The Stealth Engine Management Systems (http://stealthems.com) looks attractive (especially the OEM look). Does anyone have direct experience with the...
  5. didenpx

    240 Seat Styles - Year Changes

    I'm trying to figure out whether some reproduction R-Sport seat covers (http://www.volvorsport.com/) will work for my 77 242 with the original seats. What year did the 240 swap over from the original style seats to the plusher ones? Was it in 79 when the body style was tweaked?
  6. didenpx

    Early 740 E-Code Step by Step

    It's probably here somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it. Looking for a step by step for installing e-codes and wiper motors on an early 740. Especially the wiper motor connections. Something along these lines: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=218193 Thanks!
  7. didenpx

    1800E Rear Rotors Rubbing Backing Plate

    Based on several searches it seemed that rear rotors for a 1970 1800E would be common to several models. I bought these: [/url]Untitled by didenpx, on Flickr[/IMG] When I fitted the new rotors and spun the axle there was a good bit of resistance and rubbing on portions of the backing plate...
  8. didenpx

    Tracing Constant Power to Antenna

    I'm having problems getting the power antenna in an 88 740 to work. I've got a known good antenna with a good ground. I've got switched power going to one terminal on the connector via terminal C of the radio harness http://www.installdr.com/installdocs/volvo/pdf/865001.pdf). However, I have...
  9. didenpx

    Early 740 Glove Box Removal

    This is probably on the site somewhere but I can't find it. Also looked in the green books (book 8, group 88) and didn't find what I need. I'm sorting out a badly botched up 88 740 Turbo interior. Somewhere along the line someone decided to pry apart the plastic fascia piece above the glove...
  10. didenpx

    88 740 Turbo Overboost

    My brother-in-law's 88 740 Turbo (all stock) is over-boosting. If you stomp on the gas it will boost until the cut off kicks in. After reading some of the threads here I thought it might be the vacuum line to the wastgate actuator but that seems to be ok. I did find that the clamp between the...
  11. didenpx

    East German Volvos

    Long shot here, but does anyone have photos they'd like to share of East German Volvos (especially of the 244s with "Volkspolizei" markings that were used for VIP vehicle convoy escort)? The civilian models that were allowed into the country were badged as "244 DLS" and seem to have been...
  12. didenpx

    B30E vs B30F Head Differences

    According to the factory maintenance manual (Volvo service manual, 164, 1973, page 0:3) the difference between a B30E head (with 10.0:1 compression ratio) and a B30F head (with 8.7:1 compression ratio) is: -Height measured from cylinder head contact face to face for bolt...
  13. didenpx

    Volvo Sports of America 2015 Meet Photos

    Mods - if this belongs somewhere else, please direct it there. Events threads says "upcoming events," otherwise I'd have dropped it in there. Anyway, digital photos of yesterday's VSA national meet in Newport RI. Weather was not so great in the morning but it turned out to be a great day...
  14. didenpx

    NH Event - Moultonborough 11 Jul 15

    Any New England folks thinking about/interested in participating in the Castle in the Clouds car show on 11 Jul?? Any cars produced prior to 1980 are welcome (I'm thinking of going in my vanilla 77 242DL). General plan would be to rally in Concord NH near the State House 0745-0815 and then...
  15. didenpx

    Overdrive Piston/Seal Question

    I had a local and reputable dealer in my area service my the overdrive on my M46 (~82/83 M46 swapped into my 77 242DL). It had been engaging sporadically and when engaged cycling in/out when the oil was warm. One issue was the OD switch (early type) which was fritzy. Has been replaced along...
  16. didenpx

    Early 240 Glovebox Lock Questions

    The latch on my 77 240 glovebox finally gave up the ghost. The glove box is open but I can't figure out how to remove the lock. I'm assuming that I can somehow remove the spring loaded plastic escutcheon on the front of the glove box door but don't want to break it. What's the proper...
  17. didenpx

    88 B230F Pinging

    Car is an 88 245 with a bone stock B230F with M47. Did a full tune up in December (rotor, cap, wires, plugs, air filter) but didn't check timing at that time (car was running OK though). In February I started to notice pinging under load (accelerating while in 5th, accelerating from stop...
  18. didenpx

    240 Odometer - Setting Miles

    This is probably covered somewhere but I looked and couldn't find it. I'm going swap in a new (to me) speedometer and want to set the odometer to my car's correct mileage. What's the easiest way to do this? TIA
  19. didenpx

    Photos of Inner Rockers?

    Trying to figure out what the forward section of the inner rockers should look in the area from the door opening to just behind the front wheel well. Specifically trying to figure out whether and exactly where/how the perpendicular piece that extends below the A-pillar ties into the middle...
  20. didenpx

    1977 240 Instrument Cluster Wiring

    I have pulled my R-sport cluster to get some stuff sorted out and am trying to swap in a 1979 instrument cluster so that the car can be driven in the meantime. I have the circular and half moon plugs connected but am getting no idiot lights when the ignition is switched on and also no readout...