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    240 Rear differential swap/speedo issue

    Hello, I just picked up another 245 to become my new daily driver and a previous owner did a re-gearing to the differential which caused the speedo/odometer to go crazy. The speedometer winds up to the 120mph mark when I am driving normal speeds. I am not very familiar with the differences...
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    240 lh2.2 randomly stalls while driving

    As the title states, my '85 245 NA with lh2.2 stalls randomly and suddenly without stumbling. When it stalls, it will crank but not start again for a few minutes. However it is not fuel related so it must be spark/ignition. It seems to happen after the car is warmed up. My wiring harness is...
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    nrdub's 855

    Yes, I know it is fwd and not turbo but I have sold the 244 and this is my current daily so I am going to document it. If you don't like it, go play with yourself :-P. Anyway, I have had my 855 since about October of 2011. It currently has 275,000 miles and has no sign of slowing down. It is...
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    240 Fuel issue...please help!

    So my '88 244 with b230ft swap decided to stop working the other day. I sourced the issue to it not getting fuel. It's a 2.2 car btw. I have replaced both pumps, filter, relay and i am sure other important fuel goodies I cannot think of right now within the last few thousand miles. One clue...
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    nrdub's 244 B230ft "Clarence"

    I finally got around to finishing up my B230ft swap in my '88 244, so I figured I would make a project thread. My plan for this car is to make a fairly quick but still very drivable and reliable DD. This is a pic from when I got the car from my brother in August 2010. I threw on the rikens...
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    What to do about my seats?

    First of all, I am not sure if this should be in showroom or not. I have a set of racing seats (have no idea what brand) and they just happened to be two toned black and hot fu***** PINK! :roll: My brother gott hem for the cheap from someone and they have rails welded to bolt right in my 240...
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    Mechanical fan + intercooler help!

    I am almost done with my B230ft swap in my 244 (it's my first time:-P ). I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to mount my radiator with my intercooler. Actually mounting it is nnot my problem, but the intercooler makes the shroud stick out further and in turn it gets in the way of the...
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    16v injectors for my 8v turbo swap?

    I am swapping a turbo engine from an '89 740 into my '88 240. For now I am going to leave the N/A harness and computers in the 244. Instead of wiring in resistors for the greentops would 16v injectors work?(i think they are the white ones)? My bro has an exta set and he told me that it should...
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    clutch question

    Im swapping a B230 turbo from an '88 740 into my '88 240. Without thinking I bought an N/A 240 clutch. Will this clutch hold up or do I have to purchase a 740 turbo clutch? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Engine swappage!

    I am swapping a turbo engine from an '88 740 into my '88 244 N/A. Can someone post a link to either a good write up on this subject or a nice project thread? Thanks I just want to make sure I have everything in order before the 244 goes under the knife.
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    Oil-based paint

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but can anyone tell me how well oil-based paint would hold up on an engine block. The idea popped into my head eralier and I am kind of curious to try. Thanks
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    Por-15? Is it really any good?

    Hey guys. My car is in need of some bodywork and I was wondering if por-15 is as good as it says it is. Also, are there any other options that are good quality rust preventitives? Thanks
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    My rims be moar GOLD!

    My rims needed a repaint so I decided to go with the color I used for my old wagon's wheels. I think it looks sick. The pics make it look a bit orange, but it is indeed bright gold. <a href="http://s697.photobucket.com/albums/vv337/nrdub/?action=view&current=198.jpg" target="_blank"><img...
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    P-shop my wheels, PLEASE!

    I need to refinish my rikens soon. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please feel free to photoshop whatever color you want. Also, if it isn't too mach hassle can you lower the front about an inch ot two. Thanks :) <br> <a...
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    New to me 244

    Hello there, just thought I would share some pics of my new car. Well its not exactly new to me, it was my bro's car haha. My dad is giving him his 850R because he doesn't need it anymore so my bro is giving me his 244 because he doesn't want three cars. And lets just say he didn't really...
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    Photoshop my wheel color please!

    hello photoshop gods, Would someone be kind enough to photoshop my steelies either yellow or red, or whatever else you think would look cool :) Sorry for the crappy pics. Shop whichever one you want. Oh and leave the hubcaps chrome, please. <a...
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    fender lips

    So I was wondering what some opinions are about cutting off the fender lips on 244's. Mine are rusted and I was thinking maybe I would just cut them rather than deal with unwanted bodywork. any pics of this done? or other suggestions?
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    My new winter wheels :)

    I am sorry but I did not feel like putting this in the winter mode thread. I decided to use my 15" riken mesh wheels to support my new snowtires. I think they look great and I am sorry for anyone who was interested in them when they were for sale. Pics are not too great but here they are...
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    okay, so i was thinking about repainting my 245 in the spring. it is a denim metalic blue right now( i forget the paint code), but i am negotiating painting it something else that will still go with the navy blue interior. any reasonable suggestions?
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    my 245 update

    My car been going through a process of changes since I bought it a year ago, and it is not anywhere near how I would like it to be but I just wanted to share some pics of it. I have recently replaced the front valance with a '93 850 lip, I rattle-canned some primer on the sun-burnt roof, and I...