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122 Amazon door jamb switch?


1 throttle plate per cyl!
Dec 7, 2006
Knoxville TN
Both of mine are MIA. Does anyone know where can I source some as I can't seem to find them listed on the normal sites (VP, Swedish treasures, etc)? I assume it's just a 1 wire ground switch.
As I recall from my 122 days, there's nothing special about that switch, you can pick up a compatible one at autom?vil zona.
If you want original style switches, Volvo still sells the 140/160 version with 2 poles, but they cost over $20.00 each. The single pole switch was used on 544, 122 and 140/160 Volvos so good used ones should be available. I should have a couple of used ones for $10.00 each.


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