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1980 242 GT, Here comes the boost.


Bored Member
Dec 20, 2010
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one to +T, and assume among the powers of the earth a separate and equal station, a decent respect to the opinions of Turbobricks requires that he should declare the causes that impel him to "completely switch chassis." Well sort of anyway.

On to the eye candy.
Stole the photo from the PO,
The car is a 1980 242.
It is kinda GT-ish, meaning half of the GT interior/exterior garnish is missing or damaged. :-(

The reported history of the car is that it came to IN from CA by way of WI.
It was supposedly an on & off project for 10yrs that ended with the car being garaged in non running condition with the interior pillaged, a poorly applied white respray and a salvage title.

The car would need considerable physical & financial input to return to OEM condition.
The car is suffering from a mediocre respray, white applied over a maaco prepped 130-1 code gray. Which is now starting to peel.:grrr:
The interior was cannibalized and what was left is fairly worn.
The suspension needs basic stage 0 maintenance.
That however is where the bad news ends.:oogle:

The combination of the cars condition and limited local interest made it to cheap to pass up.
Plus for all its shortcomings aesthetically, the body is soild.:-D

So a cheap soild coupe chassis to dump all my performance goodies into,
and it was local.:nod: