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1981 245 alternator adjuster


New member
Sep 23, 2019
Recently I have started to get a bit of belt squeal when starting my car which I found odd since I had just had all of my belts replaced when I got a new alternator recently. Car was in the shop for another reason when my mechanic pointed out that the adjuster was nowhere to be found. My guess is it was left off by my former mechanic, whom I stopped going to after I found their work to be negligent and over priced. So now I am stuck without an alternator adjuster and can not find one for the life of me online. Does anyone know if there is any compatibility issues with the adjuster from other years? As of now I am just constantly checking the pick a parts near me hoping that one of my years comes in. Thanks in advance!


Board Member
Aug 29, 2014
Boulder CO
Name that tensioner bracket

The earlier brackets for the small 55Amp alternator don't have an adjuster (#3). From underneath, I just wedge a big screwdriver, or tire iron, between the alt and the block bracket, and wedge it over carefully with one hand while tightening the position lock bolt with the other hand.

Here's a old pic of various different brackets:

1 - ?
2 - AC rear
3 - B21 Alt - arm goes on back of alt boss
4 - B230 Alt (curved slot not visible) - arm goes on front of alt boss, single rubber bushing next to block
5 - AC front, adj bolt goes to rear, Also PS pump?, adj bolt goes to front
6 - Abused version of #5
7 - 740/940 Alt, when alt is on driver top side

Here's a pic of a 55Amp alternator with both older and newer brackets installed - both keep the same pulley alignment:

Here's a pic of the 55Amp vs 80Amp alternator - it sure looks like the belt alignment is different.